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Bush Knew

President Bush and his closest confidants knew exactly what fucked up shit was going to go on on September eleventh. There have been documents declassified that proved that the CIA had been sending warnings to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield; also to Vice President Dick Cheney. These documents warn the presidential staff that the CIA had apprehended many terrorist cells and confiscated materials suggested that these terrorists were planning a massive coordinated attack on a target considered very important and very vulnerable by the terrorists.
Other documents now declassified showed that Cheney and Rumsfield told the CIA that it was President Bush's idea to not do anything about the threat, and that the terrorists will probably wind themselves down. This is where the shit gets fucked up...
Hundreds of politicians in the Republican party began selling off their stock in United Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, America West, etc.. THe Republican administration leaked the information that the airlines were going to crash to their best friends; this information was worth billions of dollars.
You see, the Republicans were able to unload trillions of shares in Airline corporations at full price before our recession began. They made a fortune on it, but disconnected themselves from our economy. Then the attack they knew was coming hit; the market value of stock in every airline dropped; in fact a recession began in earnest after that day. Many investors bought stock off of the Republican politicans at full price; at the time they thought they were getting a great deal . The thing is, all this stock dropped price like it was Black Thursday, 1929. These investors sold off the stock as fast as they could. THe investors took massive financial blowbacks. The airlines got hit up really harshly. THe Republicans stayed on top.
Bush had used this immense crisis to make more money with it! Then he acted outraged, he cried over it, he made a big deal about getting revenge on those responsible. And then he went on and used the opportunity to take over oil reserves in the Middle East, using the opportunity to fill his pockets some more.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.
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well Roosevelt knew too that the japaneses was going to attack pearl harbour and he let them attack that place only to have an excuse to enter in the second world war.

and bush well he only wants oil and the control of the middle east.
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Thx for the memories
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yeah. what a horrible, terrible way to get money. i can just see him making a book on how to get money. JUST BECOME A PRES to the USA and you can do whatever you want behind the peeps back cuz they dont have a clue on Earth what the fuck is happening in this world anyway.
and since no one assassinated his ass, he keeps on taking our money. as if he didnt get enough thru taxes and other bullshit.

what an asshole.
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That story is right up there with the famous "Jews knew about it, and stayed away from the World Trade Center that day." Seriously though, if these are truely declassified documents do you know where they can be viewed? My experience tells me that most TS or Secret documents are not available to the public for at least 20 years.

I find it hard to believe that Republicans new about the attack. Ted Olsen's wife Barbara was on the plane that hit the Pentagon. He is Solicitor General for the administration.

The CIA which has been decimated by cut backs and lack of human intelligence (embedded agents) probably got word of something through monitoring of phones, but the lack of credible human intelligence kept us from knowing anything in detail.

As far as oil, the refinery's are not even running right now. Nobody is getting rich off it.
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sounds like a good story but i dont buy it.
where are you getting your information from? Is the source reliable? Is there conflicting evidence? etc.?
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