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cloud nine
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i'm stoked, i am for sure going to the TOOL concert on october 23rd, with my dad. i think this will be an interesting event.
i've been thinking alot about why people decide to become religious.

its obvious the primary reason to having "faith" is fear of death, and the unknown that follows. this is understandable... for some people (unlike me), death is a big threat. Not knowing what happens after you "die" is scary to alot of people... they don't want to think that this life is all you get, so they say that the get another one after this... then they are telling me (basically) that this life is a pre-test to the "wonderful existence with god" planned after we die. I personally know what i know: Every single person on Earth is clueless as to what occurs after death. No one knows for sure, and thats it. I don't care what your religion tells you. Now, fear of death is nothing new, but not accepting "death" is just foolish. Now, another reason for religion is "roots". Some people refuse to belive that we ~might~ have evolved from lesser beings. I, personally, have no problem thinking of myself as an educated monkey... i mean, society looks like a big group of chimps' if you ask me. (just look at school spirit... monkeys with banners... nothing more.) IF you look at it this way, we are all made up of the same elements... why is it so damn hard to concieve that we are all from the same puddle? I'm not saying i belive in evolution, but i'm not denying the possiblity.
Ok, for those of you who are thinking "i know what i know" about "god" let me state a PERSONAL OPINION:
And that being my personal opinion, i'll explain a bit... get the most religious person(any large, organized religion) in the world and have them answer this ONE little question of mine: "who wrote your holy book?" Who? I mean, for all you know, some drunk, opium loving desert madman tripped out one night and started writing what he called the "bible" (just for instance). How do you know thats not what happened? How do you know? You say god is real and that he speaks to you... well sure, i mean shit, i talk to myself all the time. I'm not calling myself god i'm just saying that i talk to myself about decision prior to making my choice. Basically, what i'm saying is that if you break it down to as simple as it gets, the whole reason for having religion is to create a set of morales and lifestlye habbits that are widespread and accepted in society today. All you have to do is look at morales, call it "religion" and BAM, you are your own minister.

Thats, basically, organized religion in a nut shell.

I have no problem with an individual beliving that a higher power has placed them here for a specific purpose, and living a specific design. You have the freedom to believe what you want, who am i to tell you what to belive in? And who are you to do so to me?

Belive what you want to belive, i know i do. And i'll be a bit more specific... this is what i belive:

i am going to live this life to the fullest, because i don't know (100%) that i am going to be given another life. Why waste this life trying to achieve "perfectness" by not ever doing things that aren't accepted by your religion? What if it turns out that after all your "hard work" on being a good, religious person... is all for nothing? I don't know whats going to happen when i die, but i do know that i would rather have lived this life knowing that i had fun while i was here, than to have lived my life by someone else's rules. Because i am liviving MY life, and that is the only real right anyone has.

To the people who live in countries where religion is forced upon you, you have my simpathy... you have no other choice but to conform, or die... and that makes me sick. When religion get to the point where either:
"you belive what i belive, or your going to die"
thats just plain madness.

And for my fellow Americans who are being pressured into religion by your parents or community or peers, i say to you:



... i fear i must cut this post short, as i am low on time... i plan on talking a bit more about this at a later date. - cloud nine
"... Don't just call me pessimistic
Try and read between the lines!

I can't imagine why you wouldn't
Welcome any change, my friend..." - TOOL - Aenima
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