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ALD girl
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Material safety Data sheetcoffee

Material Safety Data Sheet - Coffee

Date of Preparation: September 1, 1996
MSDS No. 001

Section 1 - Chemical Product and Company Identification
Product/Chemical Name: COFFEE
Chemical Formula: C8-H10-N4-O2
CAS Number: 58-08-2
Other Designations: Café Ole, Koffee, Klutch-time Drink General Use: Wake-up drink, Stay awake, Working Late, Pre-exam Students, Sobering Up Drink, Excuse
to Talk and Have Meetings, Soil Mixture
Manufacturer: Primarily: Juan Valdez, The Mountains, Colombia Phone: Don’t need, He will be around when you need him. Look for him in grocery store aisles.
Hours of operation: All day picking beans with his burro. Emergency phone number: Look on the label of the most popular brands and bother them, Juan's
busy making commercials.

Emergency Overview

Section 2 - Composition / Information on Ingredients

Ingredient Name


% wt. or % vol.

First Ingredient: Caffeine


Depends on what it is mixed with

Other Ingredients:
Milk, Water, Whiskey,
Cream, Saccharin,
Aspartamine, or Sugar


If you're Irish, Coffee 1%, Whiskey 99%
If you're French, Mexican, or Cajun, Coffee 50%/Milk 50%

Trace Impurities: Depends on where it is purchased. Definitely check can or burlap bag if it is imported from Colombia









First Ingredient

No established limits

Second Ingredient

Remember what Mother Nature says: Everything in moderation

Toxicity Data: 192 mg/kg oral-human LDLo; 14700 ug/kg oral-infant (Aghast! In a baby bottle? Whose child was used as a test, and what balloon are they in
now?) 320 mg/kg oral-childLDLo (More Ritalin needed for these kids); TDLo; 13 mg/kg oral-man TDLo; 96 mg/kg/1 day intermittent oral-woman TDLo; 1 gm/kg
oral-woman LDLo; 192 mg/kg oral-rat LD50127 mg/kg oral-mouse LD50; 224 mg/kg oral-rabbit LD50; 100 mg/kg oral-cat LDLo; 140 mg/kg oral-dog LD50; 230 oral-guinea
pig LD50; 230 mg/kg oral-hamster LD50; (No Wonder So Many Cities Are Animal Infested and Others There’s No Trace Of ‘Em)
Carcinogen Status: Human Inadequate Evidence, Animal Inadequate Evidence (IARC Group-3).
Acute Toxicity Level: Toxic by ingestion. (So we drink it every morning, afternoon and night?)
Target Effects: Poisoning may affect the central nervous system and heart. At Increased Risk From Exposure: Persons with glaucoma, duodenal ulcers, liver,
cardiovascular, renal or psychological disorders.
Additional Data: May cross the placenta. May be excreted in breast milk. Alcohol may enhance the toxic effects. (Why do we use coffee to counteract the
effects?) Interactions with medications have been reported.

Section 3 - Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical State: Beans, grinds
Appearance and Odor: Light Brown to Black
Odor Threshold: When the whole office or neighborhood thinks of Eggs and Bacon
Vapor Pressure: 760 mm Hg at 178 °C)
Vapor Density (Air=1): 6.7
Specific Gravity (H2O=1, at 4 °C): 1.2
Evaporation Rate: Overnight, if you leave it on your desk.
Water Solubility: 2.17%
Solvent Solubility: Soluble in chloroform, pyrimidine, petroleum ether, benzene, alcohol, acetone, pyrrole, tetrahydrofuran.
Boiling Point: 352 F (178C)
Freezing/Melting Point: 460 F (238 C)%
Volatile: 0.5%, but depends on psychological state of consumer.

Section 4 - Fire-Fighting Measures
Autoignition Temperature: 1697F (925 °C)
Flammability Classification: On the contrary, can be used to extinguish offensive cigars and, if aimed correctly, in the lap of rude and ardent suitors.
Extinguishing Media: Ask chef to put bananas on top and make Bananas Foster.
Unusual Fire or Explosion Hazards: Usually only in After Dinner Drinks.
Hazardous Combustion Products: Bourbon and Whiskey, maybe Irish Cream Fire-Fighting Instructions: Rule out the use of tabasco in coffee in southern regions.
Rule out the use of alcohol in all geographical territories. Remove container from area, if possible, without risk. See Extinguishing medium above.
Fire-Fighting Equipment: Use Date’s water glass.

Section 5 - Stability and Reactivity
Stability: Stable under normal conditions, watch out in aircraft, fast cars, bars, restaurants and mental hospitals.
Polymerization: Hazardous polymerization has been reported in the late sixties and seventies with those wearing synthetic polyester suits.
Chemical Incompatibilities: Acids, Chlorine, Oxidyzers. Suggest you don’t ingest these by themselves, either.
Conditions to Avoid: Fast Food Restaurants, unless you have a litigious personality.
Hazardous Decomposition Products: Thermal oxidative decomposition of product can produce toxic oxides of carbon and nitrogen, but okay with garden plants.

Section 6 - Health Hazard Information

Potential Health Effects

Primary Entry Routes: Mouth, however, policemen in donut houses may ingest through nose.
Acute Effects
Inhalation: Great way to wake up in the morning, or anytime for that matter.
Eye: Caffetieres look good in the kitchen Wash eyes for 15 minutes if you get it in your eyes instead of your mouth.
Skin: Could stain skin a dark color. Use if you are out of suntan lotion.
Ingestion: Can be toxic if that is all you drink. Remember mother nature. No deaths were reported in rats exposed to 55 ppm for 4 hours.
Carcinogenicity: IARC, NTP, and OSHA do not list coffee as a carcinogen.
Chronic Effects and Medical Conditions Aggravated by Long-Term Exposure: Disturbed sleep, psychosis, heartburn, hyperventilation. Respiratory failure and
cardiopulmonary arrest may occur. Prolonged use can result in dependence. Withdrawal symptoms can occur following abrupt cessation, such as bad mood bosses
and complaining employees.

Emergency and First Aid Procedures

Inhalation: Get fresh air, have your coffee under a tree.
Eye Contact: Buy boring American coffee machines instead of having the fancy cappuccino contraptions.
Skin Contact: Take a bath, whether you need it or not, but not after an incident at a fast food restaurant; you may need it as evidence.
Ingestion: Dilute with whiskey.
Note to Physicians: You ought to have more coffee in your waiting rooms.
Special Precautions/Procedures: If you find white packets in your coffee cans, notify the police.

Section 7 - Spill, Leak, and Disposal Procedures
Spill /Leak Procedures: If you are in a fast food restaurant, call Joe Lawyer at (713) 555-1212.
Small Spills: Brawney towels
Large Spills: Bring in the dog to lick it up.
Containment: For large spills, dike far ahead of liquid spill for later disposal. Let the kids play in it while you are waiting for rescue. Do not release
into sewers or waterways.
Container Cleaning and Disposal: Collect cans and use them to collect poker chips and pennies, or get grandma to make a nice little cotton ball holder for
the wife or a crayon case for the kids.
Ecological Information: Grinds are good for gardens.

EPA Regulations:
RCRA Hazardous Waste Number: Not listed (40 CFR 261.33)
RCRA Hazardous Waste Classification (40 CFR 261) Not classified
CERCLA Hazardous Substance (40 CFR 302.4) listed/unlisted specific per RCRA, Sec. 3001; CWA, Sec. 311 (b)(4); CWA, Sec. 307(a), CAA, Sec. 112 - None
CERCLA Reportable Quantity (RQ) None SARA 311/312 Codes:
SARA Toxic Chemical (40 CFR 372.65): Not listed
SARA EHS (Extremely Hazardous Substance) (40 CFR 355): Not listed, Threshold Planning Quantity (TPQ) None.

OSHA Regulations:
Air Contaminant (29 CFR 1910.1000, Table Z-1, Z-1-A): Not listed OSHA Specifically Regulated Substance (29CFR 1910.)
State Regulations: None, except anything weaker than Community Coffee is generally and publically unacceptable in Louisiana, unless of course, you come
with your own can of Chock Full of Nuts; then we’ll negotiate and as long as you don’t tell Boudreaux.

Section 8 - Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
Engineering Controls: Make iced coffee or ask your secretary to get it.
Ventilation: Keep all windows shut when brewing, otherwise you’ll ruin the effect with the eggs and bacon.
Administrative Controls: Do not allow purchase of the decaffeinated version if you want it to wake up.
Respiratory Protection: ditto on ventilation
Protective Clothing/Equipment: Make sure you put a coffee filter in the machine, unless you have digestive problems, then if so, leave it out.
Safety Stations: Put a paper towel under your cup so you don’t leave a ring on the counter or your table. If you want to impress you boss or a client, disregard
this so they will think you stayed up late and being sloppy is okay; at least you did the job.
Contaminated Equipment: Keep if you were on an airline or at a fast food restaurant…might need evidence.

Section 9 - Special Precautions and Comments
Handling Precautions: Buy a bigger scoop at the grocery store. The ones that come in the containers are never big enough.
Storage Requirements: Buy bigger discount cans at discount stores and fill up smaller cans as needed. Don’t pay a prank on the pipe smoking uncle by storing
in his pouch. He might fly around when you’re visiting.

DOT Transportation Data (49 CFR 172.101):

Packaging Authorizations Bulk Packaging: Best not to pack it with shipments by yacht or small water craft from Colombia.

Quantity Limitations
a) Passenger, Aircraft, or Railcar: Must have supplies enough for 5 times the flight or trip, otherwise the pilot or engineer could turn back without a
moments notice.

Vessel Stowage Requirements
a) Vessel Stowage: Make sure it is in plain view, so the above doesn’t occur.

Prepared By: Suzanne Bell, The HSE Group, Inc. and Coffee Aficionado, 1996
Lauren AKA ALD girl
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cloud nine
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Re: Material safety Data sheetcoffee


my brain hurts.

i'd give you negative rep for posting such a drawn out joke that wasn't very funny... but i'm too dizzy from the mental stress of trying to figure out the punchline.

"... Don't just call me pessimistic
Try and read between the lines!

I can't imagine why you wouldn't
Welcome any change, my friend..." - TOOL - Aenima
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