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college?? UNIVERSITY!!

Here in Australia, colleges are called universities.
Soooo does this mean this site is presenting a form of bias?!
Anyways, I don't go to university yet so maybe I shouldn't be writing in this forum, but I "had something to say" so this is where I'm putting it. I go to a school called Santa Sabina COLLEGE (which is a highschool...) and yes. Nothing great ever happens there but what goes on NEAR the school is sometimes pretty cool.
Take for example, last Friday.
There's this little café on the corner of the street my school is on. In the past, it has had problems with this guy who would always be really aggressive towards the staff in the café and he ended up getting barred from it (ie he was allowed to go in there). On Friday, he went into the café even though he wasn't allowed to and he went berserk. He pulled the coffee machine thingo off the counter and smashed plates and mugs etc. He was throwing the tables and chairs around as well. THEN the mighty police come to save the day (coughcoughcough) they chased him up The Boulevarde (my school's street) and into the side street off it. They caught him and yeh.
So that was my story which I can't tell very well because I have a very bad ability with re-telling cool stuff, I always make it sound boring....damnnnnnnnnn. Oh well.
But it was cool cos there were sooooooo many police dudes around Strathfield train station and they had cute lil sniffer-dogs.
Haha oh yeah then on Friday afternoon, my best friend and I were walking to the station to catch the train home and two police were walking towards us. There was one of those little motorised chair thingos that old people use (discrimination!!!) parked ILLEGALLY on the footpath. Anyways, one of the policemen said to us "Did you girls park that there?" (he was being a jerk...) and I go "Pfft, yeaaaaah." and they laughed and walked away. Then my friend said "Did you guys have your dicks hangin outta your pants?" and we both said "Yeahhhhhhhhh!!" and laughed and it was very entertaining indeed.
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Yeah pretty rad. But listen to my story. One time i went to a party and i met up with some girls. I got pretty drunk, then we went back to their place. That's all i can remember. The next thing i know i woke up in an empty bed with no pubic hair and no wallet.

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haha "Sniffer dogs" I like that word. Oki, if we're reacconting stories about college from people who aren't actaully IN college. I was at Purdue (college in Indiana) for some summer gifted dealy. Sunday there was no class, so i got a bag of individually wrapped Twizzlers and sat in the elvator w/ a friend handin them out to people. That started this little war of the "best" elevator. Some other girls just sat in the elevator and stared at people, but then there were two guys with a guitar, we saw them first and were all angry "YOU STOLE OUR FREAKING IDEA!! **twizzler throwing**" yeah. and then we ran out of twizzlers.
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