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Sco Dub T
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Hi, I'm Sco Dub T (Scott) and I am the new poster for this site.

For my first post I have a HUGE story to tell of my KICK ASS WEEKEND.

Friday Night/Saturday Mornig: Shane (Zero), Brian, Max, Chris, and I are planing on going to an all night (12-6) laser quest game with two girls by the names of Carrie (who I adore) and Kristina (who Shane likes). I call Carrie, who is on three way with Kristina, to ask her if everything is going as planned, but it's not because her dad will not let her. I have Carrie put me on with her dad so me and Kristina can convince him to let Carrie go, and he would not bend. He says no for the tenth time and hangs up on me. Carrie calls me back and says sorry and is just about to say bye when her dad comes back down stairs and says she can go. I leave to pick her up, no questions asked and we all go to laser quest. Under the name of P.O.G. (take the name however you want) I play the first round of the night, which was an every man for himself game and get 15th place. In-between round one and two we all relax and play arcade games and air hockey, accept for Shane and Kristina who are "snugaling" on a bench. I think to myself "that's cool for Shane and all, but he has only known Kristina for like a week, and I have known Carrie for two years, why wasent it me and her on that bench too?" After the next round we all had pizza and pop. Then after the third round I go sit on the bench and clear a big nice area for Carrie to sit next to me. She comes and sits on the other side of the junk I cleared out of the way. This makes me mad so for the next double up round I asked Chris to be my partner right as Carrie is about to ask me. After that round Shane asks me why I'm pissed and tells Carrie. She gets all of our score cards and hands them out to all of us. She hands mine to me last and just stares at me with that angelic smile I can't stay mad at. We start talking and she tells me I should not be so criticle, I agree. There is a moment of silence for me to think of what to do, and I decide to give up on her due to my fear of rejection. I tell her this and there is another moment of silence. She then says "are you sure you want to give up on me?" I say "No, what do you think I should do?" She replies "I don't think you should give up on me." This ladies and jents was a very nice thing to hear. We then go talk in private. I ask her what she thinks, and she says she likes me more every time we hang out together. The sun came up and it was eventualy time to leave. I had maintained 15th place the whole night, which is not good, just strange. My friend Max asks me to let him drive my car home so Carry and I can make out in back. Of course I say "K". All I really wanted though was her in my arms. Good thing too, because if we would have made out I would have bit her tongue off due to the driving of Max. We all get home and I go to bed.

Saturday: Shane and Brian call and then come over to tell me a little story of what happend with Kristina and Shane after laser quest. Instead of going home they all went to Brian's place. Shane got to sleep (just SLEEP) with Kristina in his arms while Brian just lay there watching stupified. They wake up and Carrie goes over to Brian's wearing a nice shirt with NO BRA! Then she leaves for work. I was sleaping at home while all this happend. Afterwards, Shane tells me the story and we go pick Kristina up and head to the mall to visit Carrie at work(Orange Julius). While there, a group of three gangstas walk by giving us a dirty look. Kristina says "Crap, that's my x boyfried."
I ask her if it was the one who threatend to shoot up her neighborhood when she broke up with him. She says yes. He then walks by again and calls Shane a faget for giving him a "I'm gonna kill you" look. This is going to get good I think to myself, and so does Brian. His friend comes up to us and says that we all need to step outside to "talk". Then he comes up and suggests the same. Me and Brian ask them what they could not "talk" to us inside about. With nothing to say the dumb asses walk off and call us babies. This makes me mad so I walk towards after them and ask them why we are babies. The x comes up to me and gets in my face. I felt very enraged but also felt like laughing, this kid was a flipin slimgim. I was about to pick him up with one hand and throw his accross the mall by his little pencil neck, when Kristina pulled me back and started yelling at him in Russian. He then walked outside and waited for us. Brian, Shane and I were ready to walk out to my car and grab the weapons in my trunk whitch I had been trained to kill with in my Aikido class, but Kristina kept on telling us that there was going to be no fight. They eventually went home, and shortly after we did too. This kid works at the same mall that Carrie works at, so this story is not done with yet. I will post a story on him as soon as we beat him down. After the mall Shane, Brian and I went to the Depeche Mode concert. This is my favorite band so needless to say, I thought the concert kicked. My mom introduced us to this really pretty friend of hers who is 25, and strictly for comicle value I started hitting on her (trust me, I am totaly falling in love with Carrie). My mom came and sat next to me and started talking. After telling her to be quite because I could not heat the music I suggested her friend sat next to me instead, they both laughed. The rest of the concert was really fun, then we all went home.

Sunday: Brian had spent the night and Shane came over, then Carry and Kristina came over. We all then went to go see J.P 3 whitch had a bad story but good suspense. After the movie we all went to a school parking lot and I taught Carrie how to drive a stick, which actually went pretty well. Then we all went to my house. Carrie rest in-between my thighs and let me give her a Shiatzu. Then she layed on my floor, stomache first and I continued my Shiatzu with one leg on each side of her incredibly nice ass. Then we sat on my couch again with her head on my inner shoulder next to my head. Her and Kristina then had to leave. I took Brian home and so ended my day.

This was the best weekend of my life.

I hope you enjoyed my first post, sorry it was so long but so much cool stuf happened. Catch ya on the fip side-Sco Dub T

P.S. Forgive my spelling, it is a weakness of mine that I will fix.
spelling/grammer corrected by Zero :)
I can't understand what makes a man hate another man-Depeche Mode
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