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Re: "Smoke And Mirrors"

Originally Said by ablethevoice View Post
I am a member of an organization called The Union Of Concerned Scientists which is exactly that: a group of scientists in many fields working with the help of regular citizens like me and you to promote honesty in science, accuracy in product labelling, clean energy, and other issues of global importance. I get regular e-mails from the UCS asking me to sign petitions (which I do!!) to be sent to representatives and congressmen for a variety of actions to be taken, but I havn't gotten anything as important as what I got this morning. This email said, in part:

Now, I know I've posted stuff (Truth At Its Purest) which has light heartedly (but truthfully) showed just exactly how ExxonMobile has been "fueling" the disinformation machine (pun intended), but it's time to stop laughing and start shouting and here's your chance. CLICK HERE to go to a page where you can fill out your information and have your voice heard. I will say that thay are asking you to sign up for the UCS (as I am) and there are several levels of membership ranging from free to a few dozen dollars per month but in order to sign the petition you DO NOT need to pay a thing. I'm a (non paying) member and I've signed many petitions which have been forwarded to Washington and I feel that I have made a difference by doing so. I am asking you to do so as well...I'm 46- almost 47. Most of you are in your 20s if even that. This is YOUR WORLD we are talking about... yours and your as yet unborn kids. Don't you think you have some responsibility to act? Hell... its great that you have an opportunity to and if I were you, I'd jump on it. Oh, and a PDF of the actual report can be found here.

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