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The Columbus Day Conspiracy

Christopher Columbus was probably no angel. There aren't many historical figures that are. But maybe we should be thankful that his adventures helped bring Christianity to the new world, ending much mass genocide and violence, as well as human sacrifice and cannabalism committed by the "Indigenous people."

This narrative about Columbus being a genocidal maniac started in Howard Zinn's book "The People of the United States." The book itself really has no sources to back its claims other than a note from a disgruntle shipmate. Zinn has admitted that he wants youth to be converted to Communism. He was a Marxist. The Sioux tribe were especially violent and genocidal toward other tribes. The only truth that these Marxist tell when propagating this marrative is that the europeans did unintentionally bring over diseases that the Native Americans were not prepared to handle. But the Marxist Left aould like us to think that was intentional too of course.

The first tribe he encountered routinely captured children from neighboring tribes to fatten them up and eat them. On his second voyage, he freed one of these. Then there were the nearby Aztecs who took women and children from defeated enemies, ripped out their living hearts, and ate them. Up to 20,000 every year. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of native slaves who were owned by other natives. Columbus didn't enslave natives, so that's just false. But he definitely encountered slavery. And cannibalism. And constant ritualistic wars to capture people for human sacrifices.

"The Sioux originally lived as Woodland Indians along the upper Mississippi River. It is known from early records of Jesuit explorers of the 1600s that the Sioux once dominated territory that now comprises the southern two-thirds of Minnesota, as well as nearby parts of Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. By the mid-1700s,some Sioux were migrating westward toward and across the Missouri River. The reason: Their traditional enemies, the Chippewa, were now armed with French guns, making warfare with them much more dangerous. Moreover, with the European demand for furs, game in the Sioux’s prairie country was becoming scarcer.

Sioux Indian Tribe Of North Dakota | Native American Encyclopedia

the Pawnee Nation could boast of a population of some 10,000, in three tribal sections. They were considered among the most advanced of the Nebraska Indian peoples in farming, handicrafts, music, medicine and religion...The Pawnee tribes were reduced in numbers by a series of disasters — cholera, drought, and continuing attacks from their traditional enemies, the Sioux. Pawnee women, who did most of the farming, were in constant danger of attack while attending their fields.

By the 1870's the Pawnee Nation numbered no more than 4,000. Their tribal land, which had at one time included most of what is now Nebraska, had been reduced to only the land between the Platte the Republican Rivers, and even the right to this land was challenged by the larger Plains tribes, the Comanche, Cheyenne, Utes, Arapahoes — and especially the Sioux.

Sky Chief (Pawnee Tribe) | Native American Encyclopedia

In 1873, a Sioux war party ambushed a Pawnee hunting party in southern Nebraska and killed a reported 150 of their enemy, including Sky Chief, before an army detachment came to the rescue. The site of this incident became known as Massacre Canyon.

Children are taught about Columbus as a simple historical hero, because that's how heroes are taught to children. It's the responsibility of adults to learn more and figure out what made people heroic despite their flaws. It's a shame that instead of that simple process, we now have to go and destroy our heroes and raise up cultures that were the literal embodiment of evil just so we can have anachronistic multiculturalism everywhere we look.

Too much US history has been filtered through writings by Marxists such as Howard Zinn in our schools today. It's true that this book has been responsible for brainwashing many people high school and college age into an anti-American sentiment. It is also true, that this book is extremely fraudulent and revisionist. The work of Zinn and other revisionists informs the media as well. Here is a good article about that:

Columbus Day. Remember, Columbus didn't even discover or settle here in the states, but what is South Amerca. In keeping with the lie that Columbus discovered America as we know it, Howard Zinn’s book that many school teachers have used to teach children history with, deceptively titled, “the People’s History of the United States.” has been successfully deceiving generations to use Columbus as a tool of Anti-American sentiment. The fact is the Native Americans were warring and conquering each other (the same charge made to Columbus). The Sioux as an example were wiping out other tribes quite heavily (as well as the Aztecs in other parts of the world). Also, the Native Americans were subjected to many plagues that were continuing to wipe out many. If London experienced a high death rate from the bubonic plague in the mid to late 1600s, what makes us think that Native Americans knew how to overcome the same tragedies over 200 years before that?

(Zinn's book argues by citing a letter from a disgruntle shipmate that Columbus was a “mean evil guy” and it extrapolates from that, that he more than likely committed genocide on Native Americans.)
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