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Re: Xbox Live (360)

So all you XBOX fiends out there.... What are some good games that I should try out? I'm down for all types of strategy and most types of roleplaying games. I only care for a first person shooter if it's a really really good one. But I despise sports games (except basketball) and racing games.

Gears of War: 3rd Person Shooter. By far, one of the best games that have been made in the gaming industry, ever. The game play is enthusiastically awesome, the options you got to kill your enemies\opponents are fantastic, and the weapons are cool, too. Also, the Multi player is SPECTACULAR, it's one of the few games that I keep playing online since day one -inspite of hating the online gaming, I couldn't stop playing it. Epic knows how to treat us.

Lost Planet: 3rd Person Shooter from Capcom. I trust Capcom ATW, and this title has done some blowjob for the console.

Enchanted Arms: RPG game from Ubi Soft, the game play is kinda unique, I recommend renting it rather buying it. I didn't like it a lot, but you may.

Rainbow Six: Vegas: Ubi Soft at it's best. FPS game running in Vegas, the graphics is top notch, the sounds are realistic indeed, and the game play is, I wouldn't say 'Unique in it's own' but it's fantastic. worth every penny ;)

Splinter Cell: Double Agent: Action\Stealth game from Ubi Soft (I think Montreal studios?). I, for my self, like it a lot. As usual with Ubi, the graphics are splendid, every thing's so wonderful, but it's up to you whether to like it or no -depending on the game play. worth a rent, at first.

This is for now, lol
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