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Re: Hillary LIED, People Died!

Partially true, and half truths. Ford did pardon Nixon. Reagan sold arms in "Iran Contra." Remember the Ollie North hearings? Bush 41 broke his "no new taxes" campaign promise, and was a one-term president because of it. However, a New York Times investigation revealed that there HAD BEEN WMD. The outing of Valerie Plame, the CIA agent is spin as she was no longer in the CIA by that time. Their conclusion is all wrong though. They conveniently compare "Hillary's server" against the deeds of multiple Republicans over decades only one of which, Iran Contra, was illegal, while neglecting all the treachery by multiple Democrats. That's a FALSE comparison.

Iran contra democats refused to provide aid, that Reagan wanted for anticommunist forces in Nicaragua. The Democrats supported the Communist Sandinistas. Reagan made deals to get them arms. The population was against the Democrats, they didn't care. as not aware of Iran Contra when it happened. When the facts came out he made a primetime national speech on all the TV stations apologizing to the American people and more than a dozen of the people involved in the scandal were sent to prison.You can find Reagan's speech on YouTube.

Nixon erased 33 seconds of voice recordings. Hillary deleted 33,000 emails. Hillary used an illegal private server and refused to turn it over.

George W Bush did not ever say Iraq had a role in 9/11. Remember liberals hated his pre-emptive war? You know that one where all the crazy Islamic radicals went to Iraq, as compared to now when they are spreading across Europe and coming here.

Also, Dick Cheney did not out an agent. Richard Armitage accidentally revealed her employment by the CIA. She worked at the CIA HQ in Langley, VA. Hard to imagine that she was extremely covert if she parks in their parking lot.

Reagan ended the Cold War, stopped Communist s spread in South America.......True story.

Bush Sr raised taxes and was not reelected. GW Bush tax relief on the first $6,000 of taxable income for individuals and the first $12,000 of income for couples. Unfortunately, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG later that summer destroyed confidence in the global banking system.

Bush jr's military strategy in the Afghanistan and Iraq War was working and it wasn't until Obama and Hillary not only pulled out troops but told the world public when and how many they were going to pull out.

GW Bush even warned of this in 2007...

Iraq was stabilizing until Obama pulled troops out and even worse announced publicly how many and when. Sadam did have wmds. The intel was there. The fact that even the liberal mainstream media the time we went into Iraq was confirming themselves that Saddam had tons upon tons of yellow cake uranium (among other chemical weapons)...

Prior to Bush becoming president there was much talk about WMD by the Clinton administration and that included Nancy Pelosi...

Not to mention, that it was also located recently too...

As to the Senate Committee report -

- cited by Mr. Chait, actually, pre-war statements by the Bush administration were found to be largely "substantiated by intelligence" with no manipulated intelligence nor political pressure placed on intelligence analysts.

The casus belli for Operation Iraqi Freedom was Iraq's material breach of the Gulf War ceasefire.
Saddam's noncompliance with the UNSC resolutions, including the disarmament mandates of UNSCR 687, was evidently true.

See explanation of the law and policy, fact basis for Operation Iraqi Freedom:

Obama sending millions upon millions of US tax dollars to the greater of two evils in the Middle East...




Iraq: President Obama told the American people and the world that we were leaving a stable Iraq behind - sadly, he was wrong. Instead President Obama not only pulling troops from Iraq prematurely, he announced the timeline and how many troops he's pulling out of there to the enemy.
This created a power vacuum that ended up destabilizing the entire region and birthed the terrorist group known as ISIS.

Eight months after the last Republican President, George W. Bush, took office, on 9/10/01 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reported that $2.3 TRILLION was missing from the Pentagon during the Clinton Administration, then the next day 911 occurred.

What will happen after the Obama adminstration leaves office (How much worse than 911?) and how much money did they embezzle from the American people?

Ted Kennedy left a woman in a car for 11 hours while in drunken stupor, Robert Byrd a Grand Wizard in the KKK. Gov Faubus defied Federal troops blocking desegregation in Little Rock, Gov Wallace same same in Alabama, LBJ saying when he signed the Civil Rights Act " we'll have them GD Ns voting for us for the next 200 years."

FDR rounded up all Japanese and put them in concentration camps...just like Hitler did to the Jews. Operation Paperclip where the Democratic President Truman's administration basically gave asylum to high-ranking Nazis and brought them into the US to live comfortable lives working for the government including NASA (Wernher von Braun).

Hillary Clinton was fired from the Watergate investigation for ethical violations, and has been lying ever since. She voted to declare war on Iraq.
She campaigned for DOMA, NAFTA, and supported other laws her husband slick willy the sexual predator signed. She adamantly opposed same sex so-called "marriage" until it became trendy about 4 years ago. The story about the server came out, because Hillary destroyed all the e'mails about benghazi.

It's what Hillary DID on her home server by handling classified material, not just that she had her own server. Plus, something NO ONE is talking about, is that this directly implicates BHO. Hillary had to have been communicating with him via email. He had to have known she was using a private server. Therefore, the president himself is likely guilty of breaking the same law Hillary did. This to me IS "the smoking gun" in the Hillary server issue. Now Obama is incentivizing and enabling hostage-taking with ransom deals to terrorism enabling governments.

Using the "Private Server" was the part that could be proven. The Data was the REAL issue. If the DOJ and FBI weren't SO corrupt, they would have raided the location immediately and confiscated all of the evidence instead of giving Her MONTHS to disburse and delete the incriminating parts. If you were thought to be committing traitorous dealings on your computer, how long would it take them to break your door down?

One big difference is those things happened after they were elected. We already know about the things that Hillary has done, which go beyond just the email server already. This should all really make us concerned about what she will do if given even more power.
(I'm also against Trump too, btw. I'm NeverTrump and NeverHillary. I won't take part in voting for either one of them).
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