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Re: Xbox Live (360)

^ I'm planning to get a Wii, Nintendo is my first choice in everything, but truth has got to be told, Wii is 'Cube with a new controller'. I played Wii Sport and Wario Ware in my friend's console, it's pretty awesome, fun to play. but -including every game that is out- in terms of graphics, Wii made me LOL. Far Cry and Red Steel are good examples, I finished Far Cry Instincts in my 360 and it was AWESOME, when I tried -just tried!- to play Far Cry on Wii, my eyes got hurt @_@ the graphics was tremendously BAD. yeah I know, the console is still fresh, and they MUST give it time to rise with it's sequels, such as Mario Galaxy, Super Smash, Metroid and all of the great stuff.
Still, even with the bad factors; Nintendo owned MS and Sony, and I believe that Wii is going to outsell both the 360 and the PS3. I still recall the first time they introduced the DS, everyone was 'WHAT? TOUCH? NAAAAH', but when the system went to the market, it blew everything away. the PSP, at first glance, looks good and stuff, but when it hits the market, man it just suck. how many GOOD PSP games are out? 5, 7, maybe 10? well the DS got a whole history in 'Perfection'. and that's why I trust Nintendo, they know how to deal with stuff, even though I didn't like GC as much as I liked my other consoles, but I still believe in Nin guys, aand waiting for their exclusives on the console.
Until that day, I'm gonna stick to my beauty, the 360 as long as I can. with Forza2 kicking out this month, it's gonna be real great.
Sorry for the long reply, though.
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