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Re: Dial-up connectors not allowed?

Originally Said by Dg View Post
Some days i aspire to be a fat, middle-aged, conservative Midwesterner, and currently spend most of my life downloading music from back when life was fun.
When I first came to this site almost 15 years ago (holy SHIT), I was looking for music from when I was about 35 years old, which is NOT when life was all that fun. At that time I was married with an approximately 10-year-old demonic child and life kind of sucked. Music from when life was fun would have been from the 70's - early 80's.

I'm still conservative, still married, kid is 30 years old now, I'm no longer fat (yay!), and still a Midwesterner. I'm 56 years old now (past middle-age) so probably not the demographic this site is looking for LOL. I just thought I'd stop back in and say hi. Just the fact that this thread has "dial-up" in the title is cracking me up.

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