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Re: "Smoke And Mirrors"

Originally Said by xspikeyhairx View Post
I dont know about you but I think global warming is bs... It may be real but it is going to take thousands of years before it will actualy hurt anyone...
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the disinformed.

Basically, on a VERY superficial level, the Chemistry of it works as follows:

-Greenhouse gases (Carbon dioxide; methane; among others) are NOT the cause of global warming, greenhouse gases are a naturally occurring phenomenon. However, the supersaturation of greenhouse gases due to factories, automobiles, and animal flatulence (among other things =P) is a main contributor to global warming, due to the greenhouse gas's ability to absorb energy and trap it on the earths surface.

-The release of chemicals into the air, such as Chlorofluorocarbons, deplete the ozone layer and do not allow it time to regenerate back. What was once 2 ozone molecules will, for the most part, become 3 regular oxygen molecules with the aid of Chlorine. Thus, you have no ozone layer to absorb the ultraviolet radiation and therefore we have both UV rays and Infrared rays blasting around us, being absorbed by greenhouse gases and ground-level ozone from car pollution etc...

It's really not a fantastic ordeal. People who say global warming isn't gonna affect us for a few thousand years are wrong, we can already see the signs of it happening. Give it a decade and you guys will be slapping yourselves. Able is right, this is OUR world. It's not like we can rely on other people to fix it, we're talking about SURVIVAL.

I'll sign up for the UCS.
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