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Re: Xbox Live (360)

I meant in this generation. the original Xbox never inspired me to go and buy it, I don't know but I still prefer my PS2 over it. even with Ninja Gaiden, Conker, Halo and the others, I didn't like the console for an odd reason. But, with the 360 it's vice versa, all I'm seeing is real next gen games, next gen gaming experience and never endless fun -at least for me. the problem with the 360 is, well how can I say that ..... we're getting FUBAR'ed every now and then, sometimes an annoying 'Clean the disc' pop up, or your console starts getting nerves and all you can say is 'Fuck You Microsoft'. and really, the PS3 is not a must-have console for me, all the great titles are now heading to the 360, and the 'OMGBLURAYCELLRSX' propaganda is nothing but a pain in the ass, have you tried Oblivion or SC:Double Agent? the loading is real failure. that does not mean the console is gonna fail, but in my point of view, the 360 will rule this generation -excluding Wii, it's not a real next gen console.

You may want to wait for the 360 Elite, or just save for a PS3 when it's exclusive titles appear on the surface.
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