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Re: Xbox Live (360)

What was your Gamerscore back then?
It would be lame if it was good and they just shut it out :\
And after MS last statement, I'm afraid that I may get my self a ban account. I'm in Kuwait, using 'Canada' as my country, and buying 'MS Points' from the Market Place using my Visa, which obviously from Kuwait. if, by any matter, they liked to screw the day for some gamers, my day gonna be screwed too.

I don't know if it's temporary, but I'm hating all the consoles right now. Last time I played my 360 was 2 days ago, hunger for SC. before that, I may stayed a whole month playing nothing -after getting the full % in SOTN. if it wasn't for PM Pearl, I'd be dead by now =_=
I think Forza 2 will pull me back and re-settle my mood

Should I add you in your 'Razored Wired' or is it temporary?
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