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Re: Windows 10

In my very opinionated belief, it is not worth the upgrade.

My reasoning for saying this is largely due to my mistrust in microsoft to do the morally right thing with the model they've designed. I firmly believe that Microsoft will do the economically correct thing, and begin to charge as a service, despite their statements saying they will not swap to that style.

From an operational sense, the upgrade brings few welcome things, such as directx upgrades, backend optimizations, and the revamped start menu, but packages them together with items that are limited in scope and appeal, such as cortana, windows store apps, and forced automatic updates (and a style that makes me wish I could fire whomever created it, but that's more personal taste). If you regularly use touchscreen components, optimizations in that area have been hinted at, but I've yet to find substantial evidence that they exist in an observable fashion.

I suppose the best way of wording my argument into one coherent statement would read something along the lines of: "If you can handle the threat of microsoft holding your OS hostage, and don't rely on complete control of your system, then Windows 10 upgrade is worthwhile."

As a footnote, it's worth noting that pro (or whatever their higher upgrade version is called) does include the ability to swap back to manual upgrades. Similarly worth noting, I have no actual experience using the OS. This is all research and conjecture.
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