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think of it as a wall between your computer and the internet.

This wall only allows certain traffic through, such as web pages or email. The aim is to stop your computer getting fuxord by nasty hax0rs on the net, and in the case of the firewally im sitting behind, stoping me using all the uni's bandwidth uploading music to almostsmart.

Chubbie, I think you cant upload from dialup connections coz the php uploading thingy times out (due to the age it takes to upload), you may still be able to upload over ftp, weasel will let u know for sure.

Some days i aspire to be a fat, middle-aged, conservative Midwesterner, and currently spend most of my life downloading music from back when life was fun.
Originally posted by Guttermouth
Christ, how many suicidal people do you know?! I mean, I've met a couple, but I never really pay attention to them because I figure if they were really suicidal, they'd be killing themselves instead of whining. It's the quiet ones you gotta worry about...
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