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Tala 04-30-2009 10:47 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Penelope got off the pegasus which instantly spontaneously combusted in the spot. "Ewwwwe..." Penelope murmured at the death of the creature.

Soda was prancing down the demon path, dragging the clown by the hand along with her. "I'm so glad we're heading down this creepy looking path of doom and darkness. Maybe we will DIE! DIIIIIEEEEEE!!!" The caffeine had set in. She starts skipping "off to see the wizard" ("TRAALALA!") down the path, pulling the soda machine clown with her.

Simon once again started up his search for the proper desert to fit his slug meal. He spied an observation tower ahead and headed for it, hoping to spy a desert from there.

Barth was disgruntled to have lost Larry and Simon...again. After briefly searching for Simon, he figured he should give up and search instead for Larry. He thought it best to hunt down the brain-frizzled janitor first for the janitor's own safety. Simon could handle his own; the janitor...not so much.

Larry had begun to wander around the maze. He saw a crow atop a nearby corn stalk and instinctively tried to shoo it away from the crops. The crow flew away and landed a few corn stalks away. Larry again made to scare the crow and the same thing happened. "Waader ya playin at yer sturpid berd?! Shooooo!!!" In this fashion, Larry progressed through the maze.

Zanahoria_Picante 05-01-2009 02:58 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
(In The Land of Sparkles where the sunbeams lie, Pegasus--like all balloons who transform into mythical creatures, only to die in inexplicable implosions--appeared. The Land was sprinkled with gumdrop paths and glitter-grass and rivers of high fructose corn syrup. At this, what would be a horrifyingly cloying scene to any sober human being [or balloon], Pegasus delighted. He soared epically into the fuchsia-colored sky with tangerine clouds, only to be swallowed whole in the instant of his ascent by a T-Rex, transporting him [Pegasus] to a lower circle of the afterlife.)

Meanwhile (:paranoid:)...Penelope stood awkwardly and alone again in the clearing. She heard giggling--a girl's giggling--and trudged quickly, yet whining at her barefooted-ness, in that direction. Halfway down a passage, the giggling abruptly stopped.
"Oh my gosh, what-ever!" She squealed in frustration, sinking her teeth into her other pump, which she was still carrying for some reason.

Even the demon clown was losing his patience. Soda, with soda-induced glee, dragged him along "the yellow brick road," as she saw it. With a stereotypical "honk!" he squeezed his big, red nose, causing a hole to appear beneath them. They toppled into the "unknown."

Simon reached the top of the observation tower. There, he saw a microphone, the one Larry had been using; he picked it up.

Barth heard what sounded like a crow and an old man squawking back and forth, almost as if in conversation. Closing his eyes like a complete idiot, he bolted full tilt through the corn walls, slamming directly into Larry. The crow flew away.
"I got the stuff!" Larry reassured, Barth's elbow crushing his pancreas.
"Dude..." Barth moaned.

psychoDiablo 05-10-2009 03:32 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Hey guys. This is serious, okay? This is Simon. I'm alright and I just need to know where the nearest pay phone is? I need to call home okay? I forgot my meds. Everybody." Ending his message he put the mic down on the table and walked out of the observation tower. Climbed down a ladder and began foot on the cornstalk row.

Barth ran up to the ladder where Simon had just been. Out of breath he puffed and guffed.
"Uh, god damn, uhhh, can't breathe right... this air, what the fuck dude?!"
"Darn ol be getttin, I yea I bet, they got to you okayalright." Snarled Larry.
"What does that even mean dude?!" Barth wanted to know.
"Ah ha ha ha. I say, kids, be gettin ur own way, deezdayz, back wen- then i was yeah." Larry shook his head thinking about his past. "Yeep, thas it."
Barth just stood there ready to slap himself.

"So what say you and me dive down this hole into the mysterious unknown hole in the ground Clown?"
The clown, unfortunate for his happy-sad face, the only thing Soda could work out was the clown was happy. Already getting tired of Soda, he tried a last ditch effort to just lose her and forget the whole plan. He rolled up his sleeves and Soda drank a gulp. "Ahhhhhh" "okay clown, are you ready?!"

Penelope was walking barefoot, stabbing her feet on the pointy strands of hay. "I can't believe there is no carpeting in this place. God it stinks like a zoo and I don't even see no animals."

Zanahoria_Picante 05-15-2009 04:15 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys! Guys?!" Barth's voice cracked over the mic, "Dudes, if you can hear this, meet us at the observation tower. It's me! And ol' stupid Larry!"
"Yee lul whipper snappers outta geet!" Larry objected.
"Please! Hurry, dudes!" Barth wept.

Simon, under the influence of some evil and also going through withdrawal from his "meds" (wintergreen tic tacs, as it happened), completely ignored Barth. He kept pursuing his current favorite hallucination: A dancing, bipedal elasmobranch. Simon was so delusional at this point that he could not tell what sub-classification the creature was (was it a ray? A shark? A torpedo? Well, ol' Simon couldn't tell! All he knew was it bore a hat and cane and danced somethin' fierce). He kept stumbling forward...

...directly into Penelope.
"LIKE, OH MY GOSH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" She shrieked so loudly and high-pitched-ly that Simon actually couldn't hear it.

The clown merely stared at Soda. Being quite a clever clown-demon, it decided a different approach. It waved an ice cold Tab in Soda's face with a taunting and robotic "hee hee hee hee hee!" then pitched the beverage into the "cartoon" hole. Soda, of course, being an utter fool, hopped in after it. With a casual, real slow 'n' easy, nod, the demon clown then strolled off toward the observation tower.

psychoDiablo 05-15-2009 07:28 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Bob-idy Bop bop... Bop!" Larry bopped in Barth's face, annoying him to no end with what Barth referred to as revolting singing.
"Stop singing Larry! It's revolting dude!" Barth tried to cover his ears with his hands, squeezing his own head and shutting his eyes closed. Larry just laughed and continued his jam.
"Boop, bop biddy bop bop bah boodo boodo boodo, bing! bop bop, BARTH!" Larry finished his song and busted up a crackling of laughter.
Barth couldn't take it. He turned away from Larry and climbed down the ladder to the observation tower. On his way down he couldn't stop thinking about Larry and his dumb song. He crushed his foot on every step, trying to break the rung. Finally he stomped his feet on the ground and looked up. He took some steps and stared out into the cornstalk field.
"Where am I gonna find these guys?" He wondered about his friends.
"Bout ther off, yeh." Larry said standing right next to Barth, scaring the crap out of him.
"OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!" Barth jumped back out of his pants and shoes. He stood frozen there in his polkadot boxers and his black socks. Larry on the other hand fell backward, rolling onto his back and began laughing his ass off.
Barth got angry and was extremely embarrassed.

"Hee hee hee hee!" The clown stood before the standing Barth and rolling Larry with a sinister look in his happy sad eyes.

"Simon don't you think you can call somebody to pick me up?" Penelope asked and Simon didn't listen. He just kept walking away from her.
"Hey! Simon! I'm asking you to do something for me! You can't just walk away from me!" Penelope raised her voice.
Simon continued walking and eventually lost her in the mist.
She stood there and threw her second pump at Simon's position and it came right down on Simon like an artillery shell.

The pump exploded and everyone in the cornstalk field felt it and could see the fire.

Tala 05-17-2009 01:08 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Barth stood glaring at Larry and did not immediately notice the clown. He quickly dressed again so as not to be indecent. It was then that he noticed the laughter and turned to see that it was a clown. In a split second, all of his anger-management-toward-clowns training disappeared. He lunged at the clown, ready to pulverize every inch of him. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should not traumatize your children...

Simon was instantaneously lit on fire but was in no other way harmed.

Penelope, having so much hair product in her hair, had her head lit on fire. She ran around in circles while head-banging, attempting to put out the flames. Fortunately for her, her previous high-pitched and inaudible scream to Simon was detected by a pack of wandering dogs. Thanks to their urine, drool, and 'other' bodily fluids, the fire on Penelope's head was extinguished.

Soda landed a little rough on a hard tile floor. Regrettably, the Tab can that was thrown in the it to entice her had hit the hard floor and exploded. She was to go Soda-less from here. Upon surveying her surroundings, she found a light switch and flicked it on. Before her lye a large stealthy black car with many gizmos and gadgets. She had found the bat cave.

psychoDiablo 07-04-2009 03:08 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"What in the hell are you doing here!?" Yelled a voice from the ceiling. And like a bat, Batman came flying from the top of the cave.
"Death from above bitch!" Batman yelled at Soda. He swooped down at her, but Soda with her anxious, hyper from too much sugar reflexes saved her neck as she ducked from Batman.
She dove behind the bat car. Batman flew back into the air to make another swoop. Soda sat with her back against the car, she scanned her area.
"Ah hah!" Her eyes lit up and she spied a refridgerator. She had to make a run for it. She got up, peered above the car and didn't see Batman anywhere. She made a dash for the fridge. She ran as fast as she could but Batman came flying in behind her.
"I have you!" Batman yelled out to her.
Soda felt Batman getting closer. She was at the refridgerator, she just needed to open the door. Batman had his arms extended just inches away from grasp. She opened the door, flung it open, Batman flew right in but had to veer right to avoid crashing into the fridge. He grabbed a knot of her hair. Soda's head jerked back and her arm shot out forward. She grabbed a tall can of carbonation as Batman flew up into the air carrying Soda by her hair.

Zanahoria_Picante 07-04-2009 03:45 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
(Oops. I didn't even notice that *Shelby* had brought Batman into this! How tragic. :nervous::sad: But I'm glad this is continuing. Thanks, pD. :smile:)

Soda squealed like a small child in Walmart (which is the same, exact sound as a rare, tropical monkey, as it happens), while Batman roared for no reason (other than an overflow from the intensity within) as he soared high into the cave. She (Soda) then wrenched the fizzy, deliciously cool beverage into the exposed section of his jaw.
"RWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Batman replied, dropping her and sending her flailing helplessly into a "cave crevasse."
"Like...NO!" She cried.
Batman, slightly more heroic than territorial, swooped after her.

Meanwhile, back in the corn maze, all fire had been extinguished by the various fluids. So followed an awkward silence between Penelope and Simon.
"So..." Simon coughed, "wanna go find the others?"
"NO!" Penelope bolted into the corn.
"O-okay," Simon bolted, without purpose, in the opposite direction.

Barth beat the clown with might charged by many years of methodically repressed rage. Larry, yucking it up...yucked it up. Then, quite arbitrarily, Larry's senility and general madness dissolved, and he began trying to tear Barth away from the demon clown--who suddenly burst into flames as a defense mechanism. On fire, Larry, Barth and the demon clown went their separate ways, the former two more urgently. Bored by this and to make the story less confusing, the clown formed holes beneath the two, sending them into the Batcave, still on fire.

cstoll 07-10-2009 01:00 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Larry and Barth were on fire more than they would have expected when they had gotten up that morning. If they had been asked, "Do you think you'll catch on fire some time this evening?" they would have responded like this: Barth probably would have laughed and replied with a failed Juno-esque wit. Larry probably would have laughed, coughed something up, eaten it again, and then replied in the voice and character of a raccoon wizard who was on the run for tax fraud and bicycle theft.

Such were the qualities of the two men who fell into the Batcave. They rolled around to extinguish the flames after striking a very uncomfortable stone floor. Barth groaned. Larry said something weird.

Batman had grabbed the plummeting Soda, using a Bat-device to stop their fall and bring them back up to safe ground in an unexciting and anticlimactic way.
"Thank you, Batman," Soda exhaled.
"It's not what you say, but what you do that matters," Batman rasped.
"Does that...hurt your voice to talk like that?"

"Ah ha!" Larry erupted, jumping to a standing position. "We meet again, Batman!"
"I don't know you," Batman said.
"Oh yeah. Sorry. I thought I was someone else," Larry muttered, snorted, and then folded an imaginary map.
"Who did this to you? Who set you on fire?" Batman asked.
"A clown," Barth mumbled.
"A clown?" Batman was suddenly interested. From out of nowhere, a strange kind of music, like the sound of violin being played with a razor. He got into his tank-like car and sped out of the cave, leaving them alone.

Somewhere above the cave, Penelope and Simon were running to nowhere in particular, in opposite directions.

Zanahoria_Picante 07-10-2009 05:01 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Simon was definitely getting worried. As it turned out, as he was running without aim, he had began transforming into a T-Rex. His hands and arms shrank and curled; he flexed 'em; tested 'em out. Scales sprouted over his entire body and his head swelled to more than four times its original size. His tail grew. His teeth became sharper, longer, and more awesome. When he was "all set," he had a sudden and painful craving for 5800 hamburgers.
"Oh no!" He could only think, his eyes sad and worried.

Little did Simon know (even less so now, his brain "the size of a large walnut") the demon clown had been running right behind him and waving his "wizarding fingers" to complete this punctuated human-to-dinosaur evolution.
Nonetheless, the clown propelled Simon-Rex after Penelope.

Meanwhile, in the Batcave...

"Don'tcha worry! Heh heh heh!" Larry comforted, charting their next, invisible course while swatting floating cereal animals from his view.
"Boy, what you swattin' at?" Barth asked, leaning to see what Larry saw.
"You guys, we should get out of here before Batman comes back!" Soda said.
"Why? Who cares?" Barth said bitterly.
"Oh, oh my!" Alfred said, dropping a tray as he came down the stairs.
"SWEET, FREE EATS!" Barth dove towards the floor, eating whatever looked like food and one fork.
Alfred did a double take at this, then asked, "how in the world did you get down here?"
There was a short, stunned silence, aside from the grotesque snorts and such emanating from Barth, until the Batmobile's headlights appeared in the cave again.

cstoll 07-24-2009 11:21 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The Batmobile stopped. Mechanical gears crunched and other devices whirred and popped and made other technology-on-the-move sounds as the hatch opened and Batman climbed out. With a bag.
"I brought donuts!" He yelled, much chipper and not raspy at all.
Barth tore into a variety of donuts, biting and chewing and spilling them all over himself, with some bits actually going into his mouth.
Alfred watched, horrified.
"I do say, Master Barth, were you raised by wolves? Or perhaps a circus family?"
"Circus family?" Batman seemed strangely worried. "Alfred, I don't want a sidekick."
Barth gobbled a jelly in response, aware only of a world of donuts.

Soda piped up, "We haven't eaten in a while. And we've been chased by magical clowns. And we got lost in a maze. And we got set on fire--"
"That's delightful, dear. Have a cinnamon roll."

"Master Wayne, shouldn't we get these children and this man who looks like a destitute Mark Twain out of the Batcave?"
"I'm not sure I want to give up on them just yet. Do you?"
Alfred gave an Oscar-winning look. "Nev-ah."
"Dude! We forgot about Simon and Penelope!" Barth yelled, spraying jelly donut all over Larry's shoes. Larry tap danced.

Simon, a dinosaur with a wizard clown behind him, was tired of being possessed.
Penelope, running from the Simon Rex, was tired of the world.
"Like MY GOSH! This is SO what I get for being a Scorpio!" She yelled nonsense in utter rage. Then, she yelled in beat with her racing footsteps. "I swear! When I get out! My father! Is going to burn! All of this! To the ground! And set up! A mall!"

Zanahoria_Picante 07-25-2009 10:42 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The demon clown, being an elitist at heart, now found all this "terribly tiresome." Covering a yawn, he transformed Simon, without transition or apology, into a human-sized spaghetti squash with neat, white legs and arms and four-fingered Mickey Mouse gloves on his hands. A little, casual giggle escaped from the clown's weirdly shiny, red lips. He took another moment to turn Penelope into a professional-looking, white, porcelain dish filled with oregano. To "it," this made perfect sense. Making name tags appear on them so as to avoid confusion, it then tossed the two flippantly into the Batcave with the others.

"Perhaps it's some sort of dimensional rift, sir," Alfred inferred, "if we are to find the source of these--"
The clown's "gifts" then flopped onto the floor with a painful-sounding "splat!"
The specific sound effect made The Batman twitch; then,
"HOW 'BOUT THIS?!" Intense, throbbing music then accompanied his thrashing and inexplicably savage attacks on the giant squash. The dish of oregano, Penelope, beat her white, caricatured hands into Batman's capéd back.
Barth's donut binge raged on; razing the pastries to dough gore and plunging their souls into his esophagus. Unsurprisingly, he began to choke.

Menacing, shrill laughter then entered the cave; along with exactly one demon clown.

psychoDiablo 08-06-2009 07:54 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Can't stop eating! Donuts! RAMRAMRAMR." Barth was going to explode if he kept scarfing down the donuts.
"S-s-saay there sonny!" Larry was watching Barth with a glint in his eye and the kind of smile that says he almost admires the guy.
"Ramramram..." Barth took a moment to belch. "What you want old man? Ohhh no, none of these. Rarmamram." Barth continued to down the incredibly large baker's dozen.
"Bah ah ha ha! Dare be it! Ah ha-ha! Yup." Larry slapped his ol' knee in excitement. He was getting a kick out of Barth turning into a big fat ass.
"Whaaa? Hey, what's this!?" Barth started to feel his body morph. He felt his stomach tingling and began rubbing, as he did his skin started to grow. He was inflating rapidly.
"Ohh..." Barth now the size of the peach for James, reached as far as he could to grab one last donut. He stretched as far as his round body would let him without rolling over. He grabbed it. He was so relieved. He went to non chalantly eat the donut, but his arms wouldn't reach his face. He panicked! His brain started thinking, his eyes scoped the area, he wondered where Batman was.
"Batman! BATMAN! Fly this donut into my mouth man! God damn I'm hungry! I Need this! Ahhhhh!!!!!" Barth's stomach started grumbling like a volcano about to blow it's top.
"Bat...Batman!....ohhhh....batman, please....ahhhhh." The grumblings continued and Batman was no where to be seen.

"Ha-HA Well I'll be ol bat n bart, pa haha! Whooopy! Whoopidy!" Larry grabbed his hat and threw it in the air as he jumped after it. He had never ever felt like this in all his 86 years of janitorial services.

cstoll 08-07-2009 12:44 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Batman was too busy fighting Simon the Squash and Penelope the Oregano Dish to notice what was happening to Barth the Ever-Inflating Teen. Larry was enjoying Barth's situation, and if he had seen Batman's situation, he probably would have thought he was having flashbacks from the 1960s.

Soda and Alfred were paralyzed by fear of the demon clown that floated into the Batcave.
The clown chortled when he took in the view of his accomplishments.
Alfred muttered, "That must be the source of the dimensional rift."
"And that knowledge will help us how?" Soda replied with no inflection.
"No idea."
Soda sighed. "This must be a Tuesday."

Zanahoria_Picante 08-08-2009 01:28 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Barth's eyes started watering. He was about to blow.
And as he cried out, the most soul-piercing fart ever freed from a human being set its cry into the air. As it did, it propelled Barth high and around the Batcave with continuous "peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffff fffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" sounds.

"Golleh! WAHOO! EEE HEE!" Larry delighted, hopping about and grinning like an old fool.
"Oh dear..." Alfred said to himself, his eyes welling.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?! A-RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Batman interjected, abruptly turning his action-packed rage from Oregano Dish Penelope and Squash Simon towards Flatulent Barth. When Barth coursed close enough, Batman leaped onto his rotund back and stabbed a sharp Bat-thing deep into Barth's (now pleasantly balloon-like) flesh, causing him to deflate more rapidly--and, to Batman's thoughtlessness-culminated surprise, downward--slamming them both horrifically into the cave floor.
They lay still in a heap,
only the sound of Barth's subsiding flatulence and the rofling Demon Clown echoed about.
Soda sighed.
Alfred wiped a tear.
SS-Simon and OD-Penelope's battle raged.
The lights flickered out in the Batcave.
"OH, S!" Barth's muffled shout.

cstoll 08-10-2009 12:14 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Darkness. It was as dark as David Lynch's original children's theater production of "Dora the Explorer in Dante's Inferno."

Barth's subsiding flatulence slowly wheezed out, filling empty space with a noxious gas that could at the very least remove the paint from walls and slow the growth of life, if not make a barren wasteland of everything it passed over. As the sound died in the dark, Alfred had a passing thought of what the end of the universe might be like.

(Somewhere across the dimensional void, Salvador the Quasi-Flatulent heard Barth's eruption and shuddered, and he then wrote a blog entry about wounded pride).

All movement stopped in the Batcave. Except for Larry. He kept walking into things and apologizing to long dead aristocrats and goats that never existed. The Demon Clown looked into the minds of his prey to determine what would make them most afraid.

EmperorChaos 08-10-2009 02:12 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story

It was as dark as David Lynch's original children's theater production of "Dora the Explorer in Dante's Inferno."
This is great! Epic, even!

psychoDiablo 02-18-2010 04:47 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Barth had a clog.
"Uh-oh!" His tummy rumbled. Force and pressure started to build up inside his ass.
"Ahhhh man!!! I need.....Uhhh!!.... Need something else to puuuuuuuuuuush it down.....Oooowww God!" Barth wss not feeling well at all!
The Bat Cave started to rumble.
Alfred hurried out a secret exit screaming, "Forget you all! This is the most insane shit I've ever encountered!" And he disappeared.
Larry said out loud with a hiccup, "Earth-hic...Quake-hic!" He hadn't any alcohol to drink but he thought he did so he was indeed drunk, except his stumbling around became fast paced straight walking. He noticed the exit Alfred took and followed in that direction.

Batman was battling Squash Simon and Oregano Penelope, when he noticed his Bat Ceiling Lights rattling and becoming loose.
"Damn it Alfred, I thought I told your old ass to tighten the bolts!" Penelope got in a sucker punch and Batman fell down to the ground. He hit the ground hard and the ground started to split right underneath him.
"Whoooa, whoa!" Batman got up as quick as he could but the ground swallowed him up into pitch darkness. He used his rapelling device and escaped through a whole in the ceiling.

Simon and Penelope decided to become friends and joined each other as a meal. They landed right in front of Barth. His smile grew wide. He opened his mouth and sucked up the meal. Yes, he ate Simon and Penelope.
"Ahhh much better!" The rumbling stopped. For a moment. And in that moment Soda appeared with a fizzy in her hand asking where everyone went and who turned out the lights. Barth saw her Soda's soda.
"Gimmie...give it to me Soda!"
"What? Hell no! No way!"
Barth became angry that she wouldn't share. The rumbling started up.
"RAAAARRR I NEED FIZZZZ!!!!" Barth was foaming at his mouth. Something was happening inside his belly. Soda just looked at him sipping on her soda. She backed up slowly until her back was against the wall.
Then out of the ground the demon clown showed up with his evil laughter and his hair on fire. Bad time to show up as he was lined up directly behind Barth's ass. Barth's eyes opened wide and it happened.


Barth exploded the giantest fart in the history of man kind. The stench had burned itself onto the walls of the Batcave. Then the batcave caved in, collapsing in on itself. The clown was ambushed and disintegrated. Everyone who made it out was alive and walking away from this wretched place. After the dust settled, Soda was standing in the one spot that didn't break. She sipped her soda and climbed her way out of the rubble, leaving behind Barth's disgusting carcass.
"Weird..." She said sipping her soda, walking back home.


psychoDiablo 02-19-2010 10:06 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story

The homeboys: Jack & Quick. (friends since high school, 25 y/o)
The homegirls: Nina (Jack's prospect), Mary & Kerry (twins, friends of Nina. 26 y/o)

The Story: Homeboys brew new beers (amatuer brewers- 5 years) and are on the path of alcoholic destruction. Jack has been trying to get Nina to go out with him. Quick thinks they've almost got the receipe right to make millions $$$. That's when Homegirls come into the mix. Mary the conniver, Kerry the lover. Twins, yet complete opposites, personality wise. Nina is your basic girl, but can stand up for herself no doubt.

Open scene, Jack and Quick down in Jack's basement (his grandfather's house.)

"Jacky boy!" Quick called.
"Don't call me that."
"Aw, come on Jacky, get the motor running..."
"Damn it Quick, what did I say?"
Quick just laughed trying to fix the motor on their generator to get the lights working properly down in the dark basement. Jack stepped over to help him and his cell phone rang.
"Aw come on Jack, answer that shit later. No one wants to talk to you anyway!" Quick was becoming impatient. They had been trying to get it running for 3 weeks now.
"No. It's Nina. I have to talk to her. Step by step man...You wouldn't know anything about it, you're gay."
"Fuck you asshole."
"See you wanna fuck my ass, you fag." Jack answered the phone too early and said it to Nina.
"Oh my god you pig!" Nina hung up quickly. Jack's face fell. Quick laughed at him...
"Fuckin ladies man you are alright...What did I say Jacky boy? No one wants to talk to you." Quick busted up laughing. "Now get over here and connect the damn wire hick."
Jack was angry. He immediately called Nina back, who of course, was not answering the call now.

Zanahoria_Picante 02-21-2010 12:34 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"See what you did, you idiot?!" Jack jabbed his cell off, then shoved Quick too roughly, causing Quick to stumble backward into the generator.
"Son of a--!" Quick shouted, followed by a fireworks of expletives that would make the writers of South Park blush.
When Quick's kidneys impacted the derelict generator, it slid and crashed into a brick wall, and the power flickered out completely.
In the dark, James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" began playing--Jack's ringtone for Nina.
Quick moaned, arguably somewhere near the floor.
A pause.
The generator then groaned and shuttered abruptly--back to life.
Jack didn't notice; for Nina answered this time (with a sarcastic tone): "Hello?"
Jack: "He-hello! Nina? Girl, I'm sorry. I--"
"What is your problem, stalker? Are you done harassing me, or imma have to block your number?"
"No, no. It's Quick. I was screaming at Quick when you answered."
"He's still alive?" Nina snapped.
Jack observed Quick writhing on the dirty cement floor.
"Yep. For the moment," Jack answered.
Quick managed to display his favorite finger to Jack.
"Hey!! At least that fixed the power!" Jack grinned, finally noticing he could see again. Then, he noticed the buttons weren't glowing on his cell.
Swearing, Jack started redialing; Quick enjoyed Jack's panic.

Back with the "homegirls" (:wink:) at Nina's apartment...

"He is SO annoying!" Kerry said, after Nina had hung up, "how can you stand either of them?"
Nina smirked, "I don't know; probably the same reason I tolerate you two."
Kerry smacked her pseudo-chidingly.
They both stopped; they saw that Mary was staring, staring intently at nothing (a potted cactus, in this case).
They both leaned toward her questioningly, in silence.
"Marrrrrry?" Nina waved a hand in front of Mary's face.
After a delay, Mary, distantly: "Yeah?"
"Are you okay?" Kerry asked.
"Yeah. Yeah, I was just thinking...."
"Oh, that can't be good," Nina knew.
"Yeah, I was just thinking; why don't we just go over there? Then, you can confront those two; well, confront Jack. Maybe we could even scare the crap out of them," Mary suggested, quite connivingly--and mischievously--and a little drunkenly.
Nina and Kerry seemed amused at the idea.
"I'll get the cloaks," Nina shouted, running into her closet.

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