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psychoDiablo 10-20-2008 08:05 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"What a bunch of clowns..." Serg was standing outside a shop with a tv. He was watching the news. Ma's gang and the huge hole in the road, along with the exploding buildings were the headlines.
"Hey isn't that where we just were?" Alana asked the obvious.
"Yeah exactly. Not too far from here, we should get going." Serg commanded. Alana was struck with that sense of something bad about to happen. She stood and walked closely with Serg.
They got on their bike and Serg drove them to The Building. It looked like a government military building. Well an old shot-out government military building with paint stripped everywhere and the walls peeling.
"Is this...This is it aint it?" Alana asked in amazement. "It sure isn't much..."
Serg looked at her with a secret he knew. Of course everyone knew the secret, they just didn't believe it. No one ever heard of or even seen a rocket ship that can blast off into space. But Serg knew. A bead of sweat dripped from his forehead. He looked at the thermostat on his bike. 105 degrees and raising.
"Hot ass weather for OX, dont you think?" Serg asked Alana.
"You know, I was just thinking that."
"I saw on the news earlier that the weather has been getting hotter all over the place. The whole damn region was up by 10 degrees."
Serg recalled the moment he began his journey to OX House. An old fortune teller gave him some truth he'd rather forget. For the most part he had been forgetting it this whole time. But now it was remembered and it struck him hard inside his brain. The god damn sun was moving ever closer to their planet. He closed his eyes and pushed pressure on his temples.
"It's okay Sergio, I know it's hot. Let's get inside here and see if we can't find you anything to drink." Alana pushed open the big double front doors. They walked inside.

psychoDiablo 11-03-2008 12:49 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Surprised, the inside of this giant building was rather pleasant. They entered into a giant, green lobby. The tile and paneling looked like marble, but the dust was built up so bad, if it was marble no one would ever know.
"I don't think anyone has been in here, Serg." Alana pointed out. She looked around for a clue as to where to go.
Just then a noise from deep inside the building groaned out.
"What is that?" Alana looked to Serg. He tried to resist smiling, but his lips cracked.
"What Serg? You know what it is, why won't you tell me?"
"I need water Alana. My temples are killing me." Serg bit down and clenched his teeth so the pressure would counter the throbbing headache.
Alana grabbed his arm and lead them down the mighty hallway. Locked doors, dust and cobwebs in the air, and very very dry.
It occurred to Sergio just then as they walked down the hallway and heard a noise coming from one of the rooms.
"Um, hello. Is someone there?" Alana blurted out, asking for help.
A man with his head down and rusty looking white lab coat came out of the room. Alana looked him down mysteriously. She moved toward the man.
"Hey. We came from the desert and we're thirsty, could you offer us some water?" She held her hands out for a plea bargain.
The burner leaped at Alana slashing it's hands at her. It didn't have time to bite her, Sergio was on top of it in no time. Ambushed it from behind and snapped it's neck.
"Jesus Christ you were fast Serg. I had no idea..."
"Apparently, not fast enough." Serg said hastily as he noticed Alana's arm had been slashed.
She looked down at her arm, "Oh fuck!"

Zanahoria_Picante 11-05-2008 02:52 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Sergio rushed Alana into an office and opened a First Aid kit. He bandaged her arm as best he could. Alana, in the rare, cool air of the office, shivered.

They heard another noise, a rattle from a distant room.

"Don't worry," Serg stared menacingly, "I won't let another Burner touch you."
Alana smiled and leaned on his shoulder. They began sneaking after the noise. Serg flipped on the light of what looked like a large hanger bay as they entered. There, they gasped, beholding quite a majestic sight, indeed.

cstoll 11-07-2008 12:50 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Rufee would have his revenge. He was on the back of Dax's bike, rolling through the hallways of OX House, his trident arm all strapped and dangerous.
"Justice. Trident-style. That's what I'll be serving up today, Dax. Serg took my hands, man. You take a man's hands, you take away his dignity. You know what I'm saying."
Dax grunted over the motorcycle rumble.
Rufee kept rambling, slipping into a frothy insanity. "No hands, no shooting. No hands, no punching. No hands, no dignity man. How can a man pee like that, man, I ask you?"
"Dude, don't remind me."
They weren't far from the hangar bay where Serg and Alana stood in awe.

"Impressive, isn't it?" asked Dr. Spiner.
Serg and Alana turned away from the rocketship.
Alana nodded dumbly.
Serg got down to business: "Burners are in the building, Doc. And Ma's gang will be here soon. Planet's damn hot and a little crowded for my taste."
Then, a bus burst through the wall on far side of the hangar.
"What now?" Serg asked.

psychoDiablo 11-07-2008 11:14 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Tearing ass across the hanger, this bus spit out rubble from it's wheels. It was armoured to the fullest and had spikes on the rims. There was a machine gun on top of the bus.
Sergio, Alana, and the doctor were in their hangar room 3 floors up, looking down on the bafoons.

"You idiot! You stupid fucking idiot!" Ma screamed at his driver. He started hitting him in the back of the head.
"Get! Get the fuck out the wheel! Get your ass up on the machine gun and shoot them out of the room!" Ma screamed some more and planted his fat ass into the driver's seat. His goon climbed to the machine gun and opened fire on Serg.

Bullets smashed into the window as everyone in the room ducked in action.
"Jesus Christ!"
"Can this window hold?"
"Not for much longer Serg." The doctor seemed calmed under panic.
Sergio mouthed the words to the doc, "Watch her for me." Then Serg eyed Alana and took off down a hallway.
"Serg! Sergio!!!" Alana yelled as bullets started entering the room.
"Stay down!" The doctor yelled and motioned, "follow me please..." They crawled out the room.

As Sergio left, the bus came screeching into a crash and there was a big bang.

Zanahoria_Picante 11-10-2008 03:43 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Serg!" Alana shrieked; but her voice was but a whisper under the roaring explosion below. She and Dr. Brent Spiner bolted up the rocketship's ramp and dove inside onto the not-diving-friendly metal floor. Smoke seeped into the hangar and reeked the air.
Alana, mostly from dehydration, fainted.
Dr. Spiner stood, trotted down the ship's ramp, pulled a large, red-handled, and important-looking lever near a wall, and trotted back up the ship's ramp. He sighed as he sat in the cockpit. The hangar bay door began opening in a slow and dramatic way that would have worked pretty well in a movie, but really sucked when in a practical hurry, as Dr. Spiner was.
"What are you doing?" Alana groaned, waking up and scowling at him.
"We have to get off this planet; everyone is going mad!"
"Serg could still be alive! We have to go find him!"
"I repeat, 'no,'" he slapped a lever, closing the ship door.
Alana almost casually approached the cockpit, pulled a knife, and held it under his throat, "open the door. Please."
"Or, I could do that," he gulped, obeying.

There, as the ship door clanged open, stood Serg, breathing and sweating and spotted with blood and ash.
"Let's blow this popsicle stand!" he said.
"Good timing!" Dr. Spiner observed.
Serg boarded the ship and Dr. Spiner began initiating the launch sequence and such.
Ma and his gang, seemingly and shockingly only mildly scathed, then crowded into the hangar.
"I thought they died in the crash! What were you doing out there, Serg, if not finishing them off?!" Alana's eyes went from loving relief to really big and stern and scary.
"I, uh...How 'bout them rocketships, huh?"
The engines fired (just in time to cover the awkwardness).

psychoDiablo 11-10-2008 06:10 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"No! I want to know right now! We've got a gang shooting at me, You leave the room and there's mother fucking rocketships!!!" Alana was furious. Her face was all red and Dr. Spiner backed up against the door behind Serg, taking cover. Sergio was even a bit intimidated.
An alarm rang throughout the hangar. Red lights flashed inside the rocket. Serg pushed the doctor out of the way and looked out the window, down at the gang.
"You MotherFucker!!" Serg punched the window and struggled to get the rocket door opened.
"Wait, what are you doing?" Asked Dr. Spiner.
"Sergio...!" Alana was being ignored.
"I left to deal with those assholes...Now they're back. I was gonna ambush them with these grenades I found on the way. Well I got to use one. It didn't attack him like it should have!" Sergio began getting angry as he retold the story.
"So I was waiting for that bus to come around and a god damn burner jumps on my back out of nowhere. Nasty fuckin things. I threw it off of me and I looked for the bus and I missed my fuckin chance! Ha, but Ma's bus was ambushed by a dozen or so burners. Swarmed the bus, lost control and crashed into some other hangar door. God damn fire spewed everywhere and the burners were all squealing. I left and came back here, and now I'm gonna finish the job." As Serg finished his sentence the door magically opened for him and he jumped out.
"Serg, there's only five minutes before this thing takes off!" The Doctor screamed at him. Alana pushed the doctor out of the way of the door and she stood in it. She looked back at Serg and he smiled at her.
"I'll meet you in the stars baby!" He winked at her and moved on to deal with Ma.

Serg climbed up a beam and into a catwalk. He stood up and looked down on Ma Hegg.
"You're supposed to be dead!"
Ma looked up and ordered his men to kill him.
Serg was on a mission. He dodged bullets and took out half of Ma's men before they stopped shooting. Everyone was tired, taking cover from Serg.
"God damn Slug..." Ma said to himself, breathing hard. The frustration got to him and Ma exposed himself. Sergio saw his chance to end Ma's life once and for all, but he didn't shoot.
Instead 6 or 7 burners showed up behind Ma and his gang. The burners quickly gathered around the gang and devoured them. The gang screamed as the burners slashed and bit off their flesh. The last of Ma's bullets were fired before he dropped to the ground dead. Sergio holstered his guns and ran back to the rocketship.
"God damn ship better still be there!" He said to himself. He got there and sure enough, just his luck, the ship was still there. Only thing was the cockpit was scorching with flames.

Zanahoria_Picante 12-06-2008 11:15 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"What the...?" But every time Sergio tried to finish his sentence, a small explosion set off inside the rocketship. Serg flailed towards the ship, then flailed back to glom a fire extinguisher, then sprinted towards the ship.
"Despite all appearances, this machine is old 'n' busted and dusty and, thus, quite flammable! Sorry, my bad!" Dr. Spiner babbled loudly over the noise, as Serg doused the fire with the extinguisher. Slowly, but surely, the flames subsided.
"Honestly, does everything have to explode or combust when we're around?!" Alana shrieked.
"17 seconds 'til launch," the doctor quickly jabbed some buttons and closed the door, "you might want to find a seat and strap in!"
"It's not my fault, Alana," Sergio barked, "chaos just seems to follow a wild bird like me."
"'A wild bird'? Sergio..."
"Look, can we talk about thi--" Sergio started, but they both jolted back and flopped into the back wall as the ship fired and burst upward. They arduously climbed up into a seat and strapped themselves in.
"Told you," Dr. Spiner smirked a nerdy smirk.

psychoDiablo 01-15-2009 08:56 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The ship took off, as Serg fought himself against the thrust to sit down. Dr. Spiner started yelling to them.
"We are exiting the stratosphere..." He looked at the radar data and turned some knobs. "Oh dear..."
"What is it Doc?!" Serg yelling, very excited.
The doctor sat there and the whole rocket ship began to shake. The doc started bouncing up and down as he spoke.
"I-...I don--Th-think....We-ne-ne-ed... FASTER!"
Serg took a stern look at him and panicked. For the first time in his life Serg felt afraid. He yelled at the doctor to get it up to speed. Serg flipped out of his seat and started hitting buttons.
"What?!" Dr. Spiner freaked out about Serg doing that.
Just then the rockets built up even more speed sending Sergio all the way rolling to the back of the ship. He slammed into the cargo door and it was lights out for him.
Dr. Spiner sat there embracing with his eyes closed that they make it. It sounded and felt like the ship was breaking up. Alana sat in prayer, she didn't know what was happening.
Then the rocket ship stopped shaking and all was felt light.

Back on Earth, Ma was laying amongst his own men; all of whom were dead. His eyes opened fast as his brain started taking in information. What just happened? He shifted his eyes back and forth. Blood, bodies, and fire. He lay in the middle of it. His bus was destroyed. He remembered driving it. How'd he make it out alive? The burners...They ambushed him and his gang...His gang...He sat up and looked around.
All his men were dead. It was just him. Him and his forever hatred for Slug. He got up, took a couple steps, found a gun and picked it up. It was pay back time.
Ma walked through the blast doors into the silo rocket area. He looked up and saw the trails of a rocket ship.

Zanahoria_Picante 01-26-2009 01:37 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"FWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...!" Ma wailed, falling to his knees as he glared at the rocket ship's exhaust trail.
After a moment of convulsing in that position, he flashed his teeth a bit, stood, and bolted into the hall. He found another rocket silo, which magically contained another rocket. Still panicked with rage, his eyes darted around the room for some quick solution to this puzzle. On a table, a book he spotted read: Launching Rocket Ships 'For Dummies.'
He grinned like a complete psycho and practically fell into the pages of the book.

"Doctor!" Alana knelt by Sergio's side, "will he be alright?"
Still in the pilot's seat, the Doctor closed his mouth and snapped out of his fearful trance, "pardon? ...Oh," he hurried over to the replicator and cleared his throat, "one ice pack, please." It materialized.
Alana frowned.
"Wow, this thing is really...advanced...," she said.
"Ahem, yes. Very," he put the ice pack on Sergio's forehead, but as he did Serg's hand instantly constricted around the doctor's wrist, cutting off circulation to his fingertips. As he realized where he was and who was around him, Sergio's grip released.
"We're alive," Serg sighed.
"So it seems," The Doctor admitted, rubbing his tingling wrist.
Just as Alana was about to ask "what now?" the ship started moving by itself. This forced them against the back wall of the ship...all over again.

psychoDiablo 02-10-2009 01:50 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The ship jolted, shaking up and down, back and forth. It thrashed about in the sky violently as it hit the atmosphere and started burning up. Red lights flashed and alarms sounded off.
"What gives Doc?!" Serg pushed out the words as force pressured against him.
"The coolant...for the engine!" Doc pointed to the green light.
Alana grabbed the switch but couldn't pull it down. She cried out. Serg mustered up some strength and made his way to Alana to pull the switch. A hissing sound rang out and the ship eased up a bit.
"Watch your heads!" Doctor Spiner ordered out loud. Serg and Alana were puzzeled. Just then the gravity disappeared and the two went floating straight up into the ceiling.
"Ahhh what in the fuck!" They both held their heads in agony. The doctor pulled himself into his seat out of the air and laughed to himself.

Zanahoria_Picante 02-11-2009 11:19 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Tears, tears of ecstatic laughter floated out of the doctor's eyes and drifted about in the zero gravity of the ship. He sighed, regaining his doctor-ly composure, and involuntarily pivoted to face Alana and Serg, who just looked a bit annoyed in waiting for an explanation.
"Ahem, sorry," said the doctor, "I just can't believe it worked! Ha ha...!"
"What?" Serg snapped.
"The warp jump, it worked! That's what that was!"
"Great, so, where in the stars are we?"
"I..." the doctor's brow furrowed, "don't know."
"Great. Great! AGH!" Serg flailed and spun rigidly in frustration.
"Let me get to the controls," the doctor kick-ran, but just turned in place, "hang on...." He just kept spinning.
"For the love of beef!" Alana grabbed onto an adjacent wall and climbed across the ceiling over to the doctor, grabbing his coat and throwing him savagely in the direction of the cockpit.
"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" The doctor cried, slamming helplessly into the back of the chair.
Serg could only sigh. So he did.

psychoDiablo 02-12-2009 01:34 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Alright, alright, I know where we are. I'm setting coordinates to the nearest space station out here."
"A space station? You mean a station in space?!" Alana had never heard that before.
"Yes, my dear. The government had secret moneys funding this space station, in case we needed a moment like this."
"A moment like this? Why are we floating around out here in the first place? There was so much going on. Ma and the gang members...Sergio!" Alana was freaking out and worrying Serg.
"Doc. How do I get out of this thing, Doc?" Serg asked trying to come to grips with no gravity. It was pissing him off, plus Alana was freaking out.
"Oh, don't you worry about that. The government also knew they'd have characters like you Sergio. See that blast door behind you...That's your way out....Let me open it for you." The doctor pushed some buttons and the door opened up with a wooshing gust of air and steam.
Serg crept his way to the door and climbed through.
"Take a seat there Serg." The doctor ordered.
Serg, unfamiliar with the cockpit, sat down in the chair. Then the blast door slammed shut.
"Spiner! What the fuck!?" Serg panicked alittle.
Over an intercome the doctor rang.
"Sergio, on your left side are some buttons. Push the green button first. Then the two buttons beside that."
Engines started up and a blast door above Sergio started to open up.
"Do you miss your bike Serg? Hopefully can replace it."
Sergio in the cockpit of his own space cruiser started floating out of the ship bay and into space itself.

Zanahoria_Picante 02-13-2009 01:02 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Well, this is awkward," Alana thought, still quite annoyed and now alone with the Doctor. After a brief silence, the Doctor started the direct course to the government's TOP SECRET space station.

The Doctor had sent Serg the coordinates of the space station, of course, but Serg was, being quite cool and calm in situations like these, not in a hurry to get there. Indulging his curiosity, he scanned his surroundings. Not too far in the distance, he detected a small, hospitable-looking planet. He smirked.

psychoDiablo 02-13-2009 02:41 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Serg started looking at his controls and noticed a push lever. His smirk turned to a grin and he pushed the lever forward. The engines hummed and pushed his spacecraft along just fine.
"Hey I could get the hang of this." He thought to himself. He grabbed the wheel and pushed the lever forward, full throttle. Zoom! Sergio flew through the dark space.
"Oh my god! Where did you send him Doctor!?" Alana terrified she'd never see Sergio again, she grabbed the Doctor by his collar and shook him up.
"My deary, ugh! Hey, hey hey. The intercom, use the intercom." He pointed over to it.
"Oh..." She let go of the Doc. "Serg...Hey do you see an intercom you can speak through?"
"Yes, I'm gonna try some techniques. I remember reading about space travel a long time ago...Over." He hung up with her and did some loop-de-loops and the such. Alana found some glee as she watched helpless over Serg.

cstoll 02-22-2009 11:28 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Alana and Dr. Spiner were slowly approaching the TOP SECRET space station. Spiner set the controls to auto-dock with the station. It was a slow process, and all Spiner and Alana could do was wait.
"How long will this take?" Alana asked.
"You know the first Star Trek movie, with the very long scene of the crew shuttling over to the Enterprise? This is longer."
"I don't know that movie," she admitted.
"Then I have no point of reference for you."
"Spiner," Alana asked, in awe of the gleaming space station. "Why does the space station have 'TOP SECRET' written in big letters all over it?"
"Someone misread the memo and thought that was supposed to be its name."
"So, we're flying toward morons."
Silence again.

Serg was among the stars, where he belonged. Flying free, as if he never left his motorcycle. Then, a crackle from the intercom alarmed him.
"Sluuuug! Ah found you. Blaggah-fingah!"
Serg looked out the window. Ma, in his own spaceship, was heading right for him.

psychoDiablo 02-22-2009 03:02 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Serg pulled his spacecraft up with jet propulsion. He dodged Ma's attack.
"How nice of you to join me Hegg. I was just practicing my flying, too bad your boys aren't here to watch me take you down again."
Ma Hegg grumbled something over the intercom and began tailing Serg as he tried to manuver around him.
"I wouldnt be so sure of that, Slllluuuggg, hahaha."

Just then 4 more ships flew into the picture. Three of them broke off and started heading towards Alana's ship. She was looking out the window and noticed.
"Uhh..Doctor...Who are those guys?" Alana asked.
The doctor puzzled, floated to the window and was astonished.
"Oh my..." He muttered not finishing his sentence.
Alana snapped him out of his gaze.
"We need to help, uhh what's the phrase dear?" Dr. Spiner asked her.
"What are you talking about? We need to help Sergio!" She screamed at him.
"I know, I know...Oh! BATTLESTATIONS!" The doctor giggled as he said that. "I've always wanted to say to that."
Alana made a quick decision, jumped into the front seat and took the big ship off auto-pilot. She started cruising it to save Sergio.
"What's the button for the guns!!??"
"Oh, my dear, if I do remember correctly, when the station was first being built...well in order to save some money they had to cut back on a few things. You know, like exhaling doesn't make water, that sort of thing."
"Why the fuck are you telling me this?!" Alana screamed at him again.
"Oh, um, how do I put this? We don't have any guns!" He yelled back at her.

3 ships of Ma's gang flew straight for Alana. They started charging their photon-laser blasters.

Sergio couldn't shake Ma and now he had another bad guy on his tail.

Zanahoria_Picante 02-25-2009 02:05 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Oh no!" Dr. Spiner yelled both redundantly and femininely, falling to the floor and wrapping his hands around the back of his head--curling into the fetal position.
"You sap!" Alana kicked him back up. She glanced around in a panic. "Doc, do you know how to use this thing?"
"What, the replicator?"
"No, the invisible time machine, YES, the replicator!"
"Well, um. Yes. For the most part. What--"
"Could you...say...replicate a shield? You know, one that lasers can't penetrate? Buy us some time...?"
"Uhhhhhh...ahem," he leaned toward the machine and enunciated, "laser- and panic-proof shield?"
A little cube materialized. It was metal with one large, red button.

Serg, for once in his intrepid life, felt completely helpless. After some searching and prodding, he found his ship was weaponless. It was not his style, but he pleaded into the intercom, "Ma, call your men back! Take me instead, kill me! I'll do anything! Just leave them alone."
Ma smiled a malicious smile and chuckled to himself, "what's that? I can't hear you, Slug. Pwahaha."
And just at that, a red, shield-like orb zapped on, then flickered into invisibility around Alana's and the doc's ship.
"Hmhm, never mind," Serg smirked.
Serg darted his ship over closer to Alana.

psychoDiablo 02-25-2009 03:57 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Sergio read over his instruments again.
"Damn it! No guns!" He yelled out loud. He scanned his eyes over them again and noticed under the steering handle a yellow and black sticker with a red switch. He was going to pull it but noticed in detail a bar connected to the switch that led to under his seat. He was startled by Ma's drooling voice.
"SSLLLLLLLLLLUUUUGGGGGG!!!" Ma breathed all over the intercom, scuffling up his voice and ruining the speakers.
"God damn it you even sound ugly!" Slug retorted back.
"Eel get you yet, you bast!" Ma screamed carelessly as he didn't even hold the talk button to finish his sentence.
"And you're a moron!" Sergio started laughing into the intercom, riling up Ma's feelings.
"Get em! Get dem! Hurt them when you keel dem! hiccup!" Ma's weakness was exposed.
"Ma... have you been drinking again? You poor son of a bitch..." As Sergio said that he saw a laser blast come from behind him. They missed their shot.
He sped his ship up and flew it towards Alana's ship.
"Hey baby, I only have one go at this, be sure to catch me." He reported to her.
"WHAT?!" She went berserk, screaming off the mic at the doctor.

Zanahoria_Picante 02-27-2009 02:04 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Dr. Spiner squealed, crumbling into the fetal position again, bracing for conflict.
"Seriously, you're more feminine than I am! Can't you compose yourself for ten seconds? Serg is about to die!" Alana screamed and charged over to the replicator. She cried, "One transporter, please?!"
A little mean-sounding error beep and a sudden, female voice with a strong digital accent said, "cannot comply. Please restate request."
"Ah! Stupid, stupid thing!" She slammed her hands on its rim.
"Careful with that!" The Doctor barked, fear for his only love's safety instantly trumping his general cowardice, "Marcie is very sensitive!" He ran over and embraced the device, stroking it with his eyes closed, "isn't that right, precious?"
"WEAPONS?! PHASERS?!" Alana shrieked crazily into the machine, just before she passed out.

Meanwhile...Serg was soaring right towards Alana's ship. He, without really trying, dodged all their shots. He casually pressed some buttons on the control panel and yawned.
"Sluugggggggggggghiccup!" Ma slurred, "If you've got a better show than this, then you better not dishiccuappoint me! Pahahaha!" Serg could almost hear Ma's spit splatter all over the speaker.
"You are a drunken fool, Ma. I pity you."
"Whaaaaaaaaaaa'? Deed you call me petty?"
Serg shook his head. As he led Ma closer to TOP SECRET, he sent the station a message.

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