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Comrade Marx 01-30-2014 12:09 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
********************************NEW GHOST STORY***********************************

University students on an archeological dig in Egypt at the time of Arab spring in 2012. They are excavate a new and unexplored catacombs found deep in the desert that are said to be filled with many treasures. But the catacombs are cursed to those who disturb it. (And yes there are many mummies in the catacombs.)


Dr. James Zimmer – Professor overseeing to excavation

Thomas Zimmer – MA in Computer technology, and Dr. Zimmer’s son. Brought along the excavation as a technical assistant. Has crush on Sarah Rogers.

Sarah Rogers – MA in Archeology, Prof. Zimmer’s top student and student teacher

Patrick Davis – 3rd year student in archeology

Alexander Anderson – 4th year student in Ancient History

Alice Walker – 4th year student in archeology

Maria Rodrigues – MA in Ancient History

Capt. Mohammed Kamal – Egyptian Republican Guard, Assigned to protect the excavation from looters/bandits also translates for the group

Sgt. Hussein Al Majid – Egyptian Republican Guard, Also can translate

Cpl. Hussein – Egyptian Republican Guard

Pte. Rahotep– Egyptian Republican Guard

Pte. Mubarak – Egyptian Republican Guard

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