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cstoll 02-22-2010 10:36 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Jack redialed.
"Ah, man, why you bothering with that Nina?" Quick asked.
Jack held up a finger and made a "Shuhn!" noise.
Jack waved his free hand in front of Quick's face to shut him up.
"Dude," Quick intoned, "if you love something, set it free. That's all I'm tellin' you. My boy John Keats said that. Or maybe it was Jon Bon Jovi. Or Sting."
Jack's hand covered Quick's face. He got to Nina's voicemail.
"Nina, girl, sorry we got disconnected. So, anyway, I was thinking we could--Aw, dude, Quick you fucking licked my hand--"
Quick laughed and grabbed the Jack's phone and held it way up in the air, with Jack reaching for it.
Quick then pimp-slapped Jack.
Quick stifled a laugh, Jack tripped him to the ground, and this soon turned into a collection of wrestling noises and grunts and a smattering of dialogue that must have sounded strange on Nina's voicemail:
"You ass--give me that--oh, no, you--I'm gonna break my foot off in your--dude, just--you want another pimp slap?--calm down--gimme--agh--*smack*--oh, you little beyotch--that's--argh--let go!"
Jack had the phone back, dashed to the other side of the basement.
"Nina? Nina?" Nothing on the other line.
"Quick, we aren't even drunk yet, and you have already epically failed as a wingman."
"Man, I am so much better as a wingman when I'm drunk. Let's get our drink on."

Meanwhile, Nina, Kerry, and Mary were almost done preparing their prank.

psychoDiablo 02-22-2010 11:28 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
" what are we doing out here in the bushes?" Kerry asked her friends.
"We're gonna get them." Mary replied.
"It doesn't look like anyone is home." Kerry was peering inside a window on the side of Jack's grandfather's house.
"No, but they will be home, any minute now. And I know this because Jack left me a stupid voicemail while he was wrestling or someting with Quick. They mentioned they were going to the bar. It's late enough now, they should be back...Look I think that's them down the street." Nina told the group and they all bent down in their black cloaks waiting to ambush the guys.
"Why do I have a bad feeling all of a sudden?" Kerry was starting to cower.
They were watching the boys walk down the street toward them, and then they heard sticks cracking behind them. Immediately all 3 girls turned around and a grizzly old figure stood standing tall in front of them. So tall it blocked out the moon. The girls froze in panic and the figure spoke to them in a disgusting, raspy voice.
"Wwwhat are youu doooing in my plantzz!!!??" It was more of a command to answer than asking a question.
The girls screamed and ran out of the bushes. Jack and Quick had just shown up, all drunk and just as surprised as the girls. Jack let out a scream to as the 3 cloaked shadows came running at them. Jack turned to run away and hid behind a tree. Quick lost his balance and fell down. The dark figure came walking out quickly after the girls, stomping it's boots in the ground.

Zanahoria_Picante 02-24-2010 03:34 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
As the very tall and unshaven old man chased the girls along Jack's grandfather's house, he wielded a scythe, which suddenly realized it was being wielded and that now was its cue to glisten in the moonlight, so it did so with haste. It almost missed the "sweet" moment.
Nina shrieked.
They came upon a fence--an annoying and door-less barricade to the backyard.
The man closed in, wheeze-breathing.
The scythe glistened on time again.
The girls cringed in terror.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jack plunged a broken booze bottle through the man's shoulder, and he howled, then staggered away through the bushes.
"GAH!" Nina snarled when she could breathe again, "what was THAT? And he's your neighbor?! How often does this happen?!"
"You're! Welcome!" Jack slurred.
"Oh, whatever."
"What! What about YOU? Don't YOU have some freakin' ex-p...ex-plan...ex-pla-nain-ing to do? What'swith the cloaks?!"
"I, uh. Explaining?"
"Yeah. Exact. Exacally."
An awkward pause.
"Hey, where's your stupid friend?" Kerry felt like asking.
They looked o'er to where Quick had fallen.
From that spot, a distinct trail filled with heavy bootprints led into the old man's yard.
"Ugh! GREAT! This's NOT cool!" Jack whined, frowning.
Nina mumbled something about probably having to go after him.
"Hey!" Jack pointed at Nina's general direction, "Hey! We have to go get, get my Quick. And you are comin' with, ladiess!"
"'...Ladiess'?" Mary sneered.
Nina sighed a deep sigh, "fine. I guess we owe it to you for saving our lives or whatever," another sigh, "let's try to sober you up a bit first."
"Yeah?" Jack squinted.
"Yes. The 'ladiess' and I have certain 'techniques.'"
"Oh, haha. 'Sawesome."
Nina helped him towards the porch; Mary followed, now more eagerly in lieu of the probable entertainment to come. Kerry grabbed a bucket from beside the steps, and followed them into the house.

cstoll 03-01-2010 05:55 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Oh, thasawesome," Jack slurred as Nina massaged his shoulders.
Mary put a cup of hot coffee on the kitchen table.
Jack sipped.
"Thanksh, Mary. Good, good brew, goodstuff. And, Nina, girl, you're a dream."
"Kerry. Hurry."
"Ready," Kerry said, dropping the last of the ice cubes into the water bucket.
"Jack," Nina whispered in his ear, "we really need to get moving." Her fingers dug deeper into his shoulders. "Go ahead and just knock that coffee back."
Jack grinned, blissed out from the massage, and, in one steady motion, downed the coffee.
Jack's eyes shot open wide, and he exhaled deeply, as if he were trying to expel a demonic furball. He smacked the table several times and waved at his blazing mouth.
"Is anyone else hot?" Jack breathed, sweat pouring. "This is, like, Africa hot."
"Now?" Mary asked.
"Not yet," Nina said.
"Someone, ice." Jack said between deep breaths. "Seriously. I think I'm sweating spinal fluid."
Mary put a half-empty bottle on the table. Through tear-filled eyes, Jack could make out some words: "Forte Caliente Perdicio Picante Diablo Muerte."
"Aaaaaaaaaand now," Nina cued Kerry, who dumped the ice bucket over Jack's head.
Soaked and sober, Jack was about to criticize their sobering techniques. But then they heard Quick screaming from a distance.

psychoDiablo 03-03-2010 02:47 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Ahhhh! What in the hell chicks!!?? My freakin shirt is wet!" Jack was all mad, still feeling like his inhibitions were low he took his shirt off and exposed his bright white body and little chest hairs. The girls snickered at him, but he didn't seem to notice or really care at the moment.
"Hey do you hear that?" Nina shut everyone up to listen.
"Sounds like it's coming from outside. Open the blinds." Kerry opened the blinds and everyone moved close to the window, to peer out. Jack saw his move and took it. He got right next to Nina, his arm practically around her.
"Umm...Jack you stink." Nina looked and gave him the stink eye.
"Yeah really Jack." Mary snapped at him and fit her way in-between Nina and him. Her competition-woman-jealousy getting the best of her.
"Well if you chicks hadn't of dumped that nasty ass hot sauce on me..." Jack stopped as Nina grabbed his wrist. They all stopped talking and stared out the window into the darkness. The screaming had stopped. It was all too quiet out there. They all stood there looking out the window when all of a sudden Quick jumped into the picture, banging his hands on the window.
"BLLLLAHHHHHH!!!!" Quick yelled, banging the window, making all kinds of noise. The group jumped back from the window, nearly scared half to death. All four of them had turned white. Quick fell over onto his back laughing his ass off.
Jack opened the window and started yelling at Quick.
"You mother fucker! Son of a bitch! Ima climb out this window and kick your ass!" Jack didn't hesitate. He got his upper body out the window but struggled to get his legs out. Instead he fell straight down, face first into the dirt. Quick erupted in laughter even more. Kerry too had begun to laugh. The other girls didn't feel any of it was funny. They were cussing out Quick for his trick.
"Oh man... You should have seen your faces! Fucking priceless!" Quick got up and asked if he could come inside. Maturily enough, he stepped on Jack and climbed in through the window.
"What the hell Quick? Use the front door...Gahh!" Nina annoyed with him.
Jack got up, didn't wipe the dirt off and climbed in, staining the window pane and carpet.
"Jack! What the fuck!? No!!" Nina started hitting him and Mary cussed him out.

Zanahoria_Picante 03-03-2010 08:07 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"So, yeah," Jack smirked, "would you ladies like to see what's going to make us millionaires?"
Nina gave Jack an incredulous eye, "Okay...?"
"C'mon, girl. 'Sawesome."
Nina shrugged, and Kerry and Mary returned her sarcastic expression.
"Seriously!" Quick blurted, "the recipe only needs one more, finishing touch--then, it'll be pure gold!"

In the basement...

"I see you've finally got the power the entire house," Nina said.
"Yeeep. Thanks to Quick," Jack smirked.
Quick glared at him with genuine spite, then went over to his "laboratory" to work.
"So, girl..." Jack said as suavely as he could, "how do you like this place? Pretty nice, huh?"
Nina tried to quell her disgust, "yeah, it's pretty amazing."
"Yeah, yeah. Amazing. All antiquated and stuff."
Nina was looking for a distraction.
"Oh, Golliwog's freakin' Cakewalk!!" Quick howled form his work station.

Something had exploded--not only exploded, but exploded in a flamboyant and bizarrely colorful fashion--bursting in bright orange intermingled with neon yellow and green and a prism of acrid, psychedelic-colored clouds of smokey mist, which began twirling, twirling into a vortex of sorts in the brick wall next to Quick's work station. The hippie miasma then abruptly sucked into the vortex--into itself--leaving a pure, black circular opening in the wall, which was at the moment dead silent and devoid of movement.
A stupefied pause.
"What...what is that?" Mary trembled, looking at the opening.
Quick was, for the first time in his life, speechless.
Jack's eyes were welling, like a little, frightened girl's.
Something began moving out of the hole.
Something rather large.
Its head appeared first:
A dragon. A large, red, sharp-thing-covered dragon.
Their lips quivered.
They bolted up the stairs, quite quickly, as the beast burst through the wall, making the opening more easily accessible for whatever wanted to follow it through the dimensional rift.

cstoll 03-06-2010 01:28 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The crashes and booms from the basement sounded otherworldly. This is because they were coming from a dragon that had entered the basement through a dimensional rift.

"Dude!" Jack yelled. "What the hell did you put in that?"
"The last thing I put in was just a bit of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Give our brew some workin' man cred."
Kerry was shaking with terror. "Do you think that caused the...the...?"
"Kerry," Quick said, "if Pabst had the potential to open dimensional portals that could summon fairytale creatures, at the very least the FDA would've slapped a warning on the can."
Nina felt heat all over her back. She slowly turned to see the dragon's head at the top of the stairs, its long neck covering the steps and its body still in the basement. Plumes of silver smoke flowed from its nose and mouth.
"We so need to be running right now," Nina suggested.

psychoDiablo 03-18-2010 09:17 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Mary and Nina started backing up slowly back down the stairs.
"Wh...Where do we run, N...Nina...?" Mary was hesitating.
"Oh stop it you girls." Quick wasn't even scared. He grabbed a hammer and decided he was going to fix the generator.
"What are you doin Quick? This is no time for your shitty carpentry!" Jack was yelling.
"Shut up ass. My skills are good, I helped build the walls of this place... Let me see...I just gotta close the warp right and the dragon shoud go with it right?" Quick hammered away, clinking and clanking and finally the warp started to sputter and the dragon seemed to be becoming impatient. It started moving it's tail about in the small basement. Knocking things over and kicking it's legs about. The group huddled together, all except Quick. Quick hammered one last time and a loud ripping sound tore through the air. A bright light flashed and blinded everyone and everything. The light dissipated and the warp was gone.
"See...what did I tell you? It's gone." Quick said happily that he did it.
"You asshole...You forgot to tell the dragon to leave!" Jack was yelling.
Quick turned around and sure enough the dragon was now stuck in the human's dimension. The dragon was claustrophobic. It started getting scared and started to panic. The group ducked as it swung it's tail around and it smashed into the wall causing a good crack in it. One that would maybe allow the group to escape through.
"There! The crack we can fit through it...Well maybe not Quick's fat ass! Ha ha!" Jack laughed and started pushing the girls through. Quick was the last one to climb out.
"Don't you even think about drinking our beer monster!" They all slipped away unscathed.

psychoDiablo 05-11-2010 01:15 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The group huddled outside the house on the lawn.
"Okay, where do we go now?" Kerry asked aloud.
"Let's go back to Nina's pad." Jack said with a smile.
"Ohh fuck!" Quick said out loud.
"What?! What happened Quick?!" Everyone looked at him.
Quick started walking back to the crack mumbling to himself about a switch and rotate-set times. He stood in front of the crack looking to find a way back in. He tried pulling some wall boards apart, but wasn't strong enough.
"What the hell Quick!?" Everyone screamed at him and Jack chased him down and pulled him away from the house.
"What are you doing man? Trying to get us all killed?" Jack yelled at him.
"Shut up ass. No I'm not but if I don't get back in their our brew is gonna be killed! I forgot to set the rotational timer god damn it!" Quick was upset. "The brew man... THINK OF THE BREW!!!" He was going to cry.
Nina walked to Quick and grabbed his hand and calmly asked him to forget about the brew. It was her soothing lady voice and gentle woman touch that eased Quick's anger. Jack saw this and backed away with jealousy. That was his woman. She should be holding his hand. Before Jack could say anything, Quick snapped out of it, squeezed between Jack and Mary and led the group down the street. He got to the sidewalk and then turned around to the followers.
"None of you drove here huh?"

Zanahoria_Picante 05-13-2010 08:31 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
It was now well into the night as the group set off down the hazy, streetlight-illuminated walk towards Nina's crib. And it was, of course, starting to rain. Other than being a touch uncomfortable for walking, everything seemed pretty normal--until a faint flapping sound crept into their ears. It sounded almost like an umbrella opening and closing; then, more like a slow-moving pterodactyl; then, well, let's face it, a dragon. Under the rain and dark, they had no idea from what direction it would come.

"Haha, don't worry guys! That stupid beast can't even see us. It's like a wingéd snake; it can only sense vibrations, and stuff. If we can't see it, it can't see us!" Quick rambled, the cleverest of them all.
The rest hesitated, knowing 100% what was coming.
"Aw, s--!" Jack screamed, as the dragon swooped on a direct course toward the group, spewing large plumes of flame. They dove into the ditch as the neighborhood trees set ablaze.

argentmoon 05-26-2010 01:33 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"'it can't see us!' fuck yeah it can, genius!" jack quipped, smacking quick upside the head. quick cursed, then grappled with jack, the rest of them pulling the two apart.
"shh! now what?" nina asked. the group eyed the dragon from beneath the wet hedges, rain dripping continually from their hair and clothes. the dragon stood next to a streetlight, the yellow light illuminating its girth. the dragon's head nearly stood high enough to reach the top of the lamp, ridged horns glistening starkly from the rain. tendrils of smoke curled up lazily from its nostrils.
"okay. so, who knows how to kill a dragon?" kerry asked.
quick rolled his eyes. "come on, all of us watched lord of the rings. we can do this."
mary glared at him in return. "lord of the rings? we're about to get EATEN by a DRAGON, and you want to play lord of the rings?"
jack held up his hands. "no, no, he has a point. we need something to stab it's belly. that's the weakest part. but, what can we use?"
everyone glanced around their immediate area, the girls more out of exasperation, the boys with intent.
"there!" quick said, finger pointing across the street. rusty metal stakes made a makeshift fence around a sinkhole in the yard across the street, surrounded by orange plastic. "we can use those," he said with confidence.

cstoll 06-05-2010 04:26 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Quick and Jack turned to each other and spoke in dude-shorthand to finalize their plan:
Quick: "Dude. Metal stakes."
Jack: "Rusty metal stakes. Awesome."
Quick: "We grab. Girls distract Smokey the Dragon."
Jack: "Solid. You charge. Get slapped thirty feet in air by his tail."
Quick: "And I land in some soft, non-thorny bushes, right?"
Jack: "Totally. I charge in after and stab the mofo in the belly."
Quick: "Rusty metal in the belly--you know that dragon hasn't had a tetanus shot."
Jack: "Dude. Right on. So, even if he doesn't explode--"
Quick: "He gets a nasty case of lockjaw."
Jack: "Fucking A. Let's do this thing."
They turn to Nina, Mary, and Kerry, each with a different version of a confused, hopeless expression on her face.
Nina: "Nice knowing you guys."
Mary: "You realize your brew recipe dies with you guys, right?"
Kerry: "May not be the worst thing in the world."
Jack and Quick ignore all this and charge into action.

psychoDiablo 06-05-2010 04:41 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"CHARRRRRGE!!!!" Jack and Quick were yelling, running down the street toward the dragon which was flying directly at them in the air. Quick was first and carried a piece of fence like a shield, knowing he was going to be struck by the dragon's tail. Jack would follow him and stab the dragon. But this didn't happen.

Just as Quick braced himself for a collision, the old tall, unshaven man who wielded a scythe appeared from behind a tree and rushed the boys. He knocked them off course and the boys lost their balance and fell into the sinkhole. The dragon divebombed and lit up the street with fire. The old grizzly man stood there in the flames as if he was absorbing the heat. He raised his arms in the air, his scythe sliced the dragon's front arm as it swooped across the street. The dragon howled and flew away down the street into the darkness, with the old man on fire, finally burning out as he reached the end of the street chasing the dragon.

The girls walked over the sink hole and looked in.
"Nice going guys." Nina said sarcasticly.
Homeboys had fallen on top of each other, with the fence wrapped around them, trapping them in the dirt.
"I say we leave them in there and finish their brew and take their so called millions they'll receive from it." Smiled Mary.
"They do look helpless," Kerry said, her heart breaking for them. With that she started pulling at the fence to free Quick and Jack.

Zanahoria_Picante 06-06-2010 07:09 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"C'mon, hurry it up! I's a'scared of the dark," Quick quacked, as Kerry leaned back with her full weight, trying to pull free the fence.
Jack punched Quick square in the face.
"HEY!" Quick frowned as much as his freshly-punched face would allow, "what was that, dude?!"
"You failed," Jack accused.
Quick sniffled and covered his nose--not crying--for that was a sign of weakness among Dudekind.
"Dude, are you crying?" Jack scoffed.
"Guys, do you think you could kind of, I don't know, help?" Nina snapped.
With all five of their combined physical and mental strengths, they managed to dislodge the fence, and help Jack and Quick out of the sinkhole.
The five then stood in the rain; soaked, dirt-and-grass-covered, and reeking of mythical smoke. The booze-dragon and the flame-resistant and unshaven old man (and the battle) now out of range of any of their senses.
After a moment of uncertainty and bafflement, they shrugged--and continued their quest for Nina's crib--which was now only a block or two away.

psychoDiablo 06-06-2010 10:26 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"You know what..." Quick stopped walking, put his hands on his knees, leaning over.
"You know what... I say we go back to the basement. I need to check on the brew." Quick said.
"No, Quick, you can't be serious!" Nina said hastely.
"Yes, I am. I wanna check on the brew. Besides that dragon is gone. I wanna make sure the brew is safe since we were last in there."
"Quick... The brew hasn't moved." Nina snapped at him.
"Yeah, I don't know Nina... You're just a girl. This has to be perfect if I'm planning to make millions from it."
"We are gonna make millions Quick, you jackass." Jack mentioned.
"Oh yeah, that's what I meant man. You too fool. Relax Jack." Quick just said, and started walking back to the basement of Jack's grandpa's house.
"Quick, please...Quick," Kerry grabbed Quick's hand and said to him calmly, "Please, let's make it to Nina's house and we can decide what to do from there. I want to get out of this rain and get some dry clothes on."
Quick thought about it.
"We are only one block away from Nina's. The basement is farther. I promise your brew is safe Quicky." Kerry said with a short smile that lit up Quick's eyes. He smiled. Kerry pulled his hand to walk with the group and they started down the street with one block to go.

"No cars out tonight, that's weird." Jack pointed out.
Just then the group could see their shadows in front of them. They all turned around to see a truck speeding up on them with the highbeams on.

cstoll 06-11-2010 01:57 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The truck sped toward them. The headlights blazed brighter. Closer. Closer still.
It took a moment for them to realize they were in imminent danger.
Jack, who stood in the center of the group, launched into "hero" mode, yelling "Everyone out of the way!!!!!" as he waved his arms to push his friends aside. When his arms flailed and hit nothing but air, he glanced around and realized that Quick and the girls had already rolled, jumped, charged out of the truck's path.
This left Jack in the middle of the road, flailing his arms and shuffling his legs in what could have become a new dance move for the severely epileptic.

After they escaped to the side of the road--within the span of the seven seconds of this entire event--the conversation went like this, with everyone talking over each other:
Quick: Everyone okay?
Mary: Who's in that crazy truck?
Kerry: Jack! Come on!
Nina: Is Jack dancing or having a seizure?
Quick: Hey Ja-!

They all braced for the *thud* by briefly closing their eyes.
No thud. The tires squealed as the truck skidded to a stop fifteen feet away. And Jack wasn't splattered all over the road. Instead, he was lying perfectly still on his back, body straight as an arrow.
Nina kept her eye on the truck as the others moved to check on Jack.

Zanahoria_Picante 06-22-2010 06:20 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Haha, that was awesome!" Quick blurted, so much slower-of-mind than his name suggested.
Jack panted in terror, not budging from his corpse-like pose in the middle of the street.
"C'mon!" Kerry shouted, and she and Mary and Quick dragged Jack down into the ditch, then peered over the sidewalk at the truck.
A menacing, grizzly laugh--then coughing came from inside the window. The busted old truck then whipped around so that the driver's side window and the driver were facing them, only feet away.
A long and very awkward pause followed, with, indeed, the grizzly old man leaning his arm out the opened truck window and smirking at them with weird nonchalance.
"You kids..." he began, then stared passed them distantly, as if he forgot what he was going to say.
In the silence, they all stared at his staring.
They all flinched violently, causing them to lose their balance and roll backwards the rest of the way down the ditch--right into a slightly-larger-than-average herd of compsognathus--about 47, in this case.
Sitting perfectly still, Quick managed to shout-whisper: "What the h---?! I thought we closed the portal!! Didn't we close the portal?!"
"Apparently not," Nina almost sobbed.
The "tiny" dinosaurs tensed and tilted their heads and chirped--examining the small feast they were about to enjoy.

psychoDiablo 06-23-2010 12:56 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The group sat in the ditch as the tiny dinos salivated. They knew something had to be done fast. Then Quick thought of something.
"That's it! If the portal isn't closed..." He looked at everyone thinking they would answer for him. The didn't.
"...Then it's still open... And if it's still open..." He looked at them again, this time they stared back at him hoping he would finish his thought.
"...Then there's a way back to the brewery room! I gotta make sure it's good. I have to now!" Quick was excited. The group all slapped themselves on their foreheads.
Quick got up and a dino jumped at him, clawing at his pants.
"AHHH ITS TRYING TO FUCK ME! GET IT OFF!!!!!" Quick screamed, startling the rest of the herd, making them panic. The group of kids were racing to help their friend. Nina grabbed the dino and pulled him off Quick's ass and Jack grabbed it from her and tossed it over the herd. Half of the herd went to chase after it like a game of fetch. The rest eyeballed the group with more intent of not ever wanting to play fetch. Ever.
Quick grabbed Nina and tossed her up the ditch. Then he grabbed Mary and Kerry and threw them up the ditch. He looked at Jack and said, "Let's go Jacky boy." He grabbed Jack and tossed him up there too.
Jack said while flying away from Quick, "Dooonnnnt callllll meeeee thatttttt!!!!!"
Quick was all alone now. He took off running down the ditch.
The kids above the ditch were frightened for Quick, but still had the grizzly trucker staring them down and reving his engine.
The group stayed alone the edge of the ditch, thinking if the trucker tried to run em over they could jump to the side and he'd be in the ditch. It was the safest path as they headed to Nina's house.

psychoDiablo 10-12-2010 03:52 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Jack, Nina, Mary and Kerry walked along the ditch with their buddy Quick, who was down in the ditch, being chased by a dozen hungry man-eating dinosaur wolves. Jack walked quickly along the ditch, glancing down quickly to search for his buddy. The girls followed suit right behind Jack.
"Quick! Quick!" Jack yelled out franticly. He could see Quick waving his hand at Jack as he dashed for his life from the dinosaurs. The ditch started to turn right, away from his friends. Quick had split from the group.
"Oh my God!" Kerry screamed, realizing the instensity of the tension building up in this moment. The engine spat, the brake of the truck was lifted and it hissed. Kerry walked faster than the rest. She took the lead running.
"Shit!" Jack noticed, looked down in the ditch one last time and started sprinting. Everyone was running. The truck started up behind them and began gaining speed.
Jack was breathing his heaviest. His muscles strained and burned. They needed a way out. The truck was gaining on them and each of them in the group could feel it behind them. Pricking at their back as if they were anticipating to be stabbed. They each ran faster, a couple of them letting out groans as their bodies worked to the bone. Kerry pointed to the right side of a building. An alley. Running as fast as they could the group couldn't slow down in time to make the tight right turn. The truck sped behind them about ready to step on their heels, was about 20 feet behind them quickly gaining up to 45 miles an hour. The group's bodies slammed into a wall as they cut right. Nina and Mary hit the wall and stumbled into the alley, crashing to the ground. Kerry backed them up. Jack made it, slamming himself into the wall, crashing into the alley. The truck slammed on it's brakes but not in time. It went screeching into the wall, smashing through the wall. Truck parts and debris littered the area. A small fire lit up and quickly burst into flames. "Shit!" Jack groaned. He clutched his arm, which he popped out of it's socket. Kerry bent over, her hands on her knees, breathing terribly hard. The other girls picked themselves up from the ground.
"Come on... Let's go...." The group slumped up together and walked down the alley only 1 and half blocks from Nina's hosue.

Zanahoria_Picante 10-14-2010 09:43 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"YES! Finally!!" Quick blurted as the group emerged from 't'other side of the alley. He, like a fool, darted ahead of the group into the street with unrestrained eagerness.
"This will end badly," Nina said.
"ES!!" Quick squawked, as the crazed compsognathus-es returned, stampeding down the street towards him, ready to dig into Round 2.
"No. NO!!" Quick attended the fence that spanned the alley next to Nina's apartment; from it, he acquired two, sizeable boards.
"ACH! ACH!!" He cawed, as he just walloped the mini-dinos into the air like golf balls--each after each.

The group hadn't moved from the alley entrance; they merely observed in awe the scene that had played out before them. With marked hesitation, they sighed; they probably needed to intervene.
Following suit, they wielded pieces of Nina's fence, some more jagged than others, and fended off the sprightly, savage beasts. About ten of the remaining cowered into the darkness, until their defeated chirps disappeared.

"YEAH!!" Quick roared, "I...Am...SO! Awesome!!" He chucked his board into the concrete with testosterone- and dumb-driven ferocity, then tried to lead a hero's march into Nina's apartment, only to of course stumble over the very board-bat he had just thrown down.
"Annnn-AH, and, NO! I wanted to win!" He whined to himself, like a spoiled and dementia-cursed infant.

The door to Nina's apartment complex closed, because the group had already gone inside.

Quick muttered at his present lack of awesome, then slouched after them.

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