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Sharker 09-25-2019 05:18 PM

Who here gets legal weed?
I live in New York, sadly we are not. But my neighbor Massachusetts is legal for recreation and been down there once to check the beach out and buy some. Spent a little more than $100 on three pre rolled joints, and three grams. I wasn't a fan, bud was dry and keefe was all shaken off. Not positive but pretty sure they did the pre rolls with shake, which didn't get me that buzzed. It was priced at $15 a gram, and $12 a pre roll. There were three different taxes on it.

Sadly, i think the flower itself will be out of the question next trip, maybe all wax and whatnot. Have been stuck on thc carts my buddy gets called Vape meds, very potent. Carts at the dispensary were way too overpriced. Half a gram carts priced at like $50-60, when I get full gram for $35.

On a last note, if you are looking outside your state like I was, look for recreational sales. First shop I was dead set going to in a city in Massachusetts, told me it was medical cards only. Sucked because parking in the city was... it took a lot of patience. But overall, it was super exciting walking into a store with all fucking weed... Definitely one of my best days ever. Very pricey though. The wife and I planned it around a trip to Revere Massachusettes beach, which was her first trip ever to a beach. Also my sons first trip, and it went so good we plan it being yearly. Possibly twice a year.

Sharker 11-06-2019 01:02 PM

Re: Who here gets legal weed?
Could not find anywhere to upload, images are so large. But try these links out if interested in seeing the goods i got, and receipt of purchase.

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