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Funk*Sonic*7 02-23-2018 02:55 AM

Some Data on Fracking That's Conveniently Ignored
Data on Fracking the Left and their mainstream media proponents ignore and conveniently fail to mention...

This is from the horse's mouth...the EPA, who is generally all about the Left's "global warming/climate change" agenda. It's obviously not a settled issue yet and even though there may be concerns about fracking methods, which can be addressed, fracking is not at all bad. According to this report by the EPA (a 5-year long study was conducted), it has actually had the opposite effect on the environment...a positive one.
Something to think about.

Concluded from the EPA study;
"Hydraulic fracturing has brought cleaner air, significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, created millions of jobs, reduced energy prices, strengthened national security, and turned the American economy around."

Oh, but there is more...

A Yale study, the largest of its kind, sampled 64 private water wells near fracking sites to determine if they could be contaminated by fracking fluids.
The Yale researchers found essentially no contamination in well-water, and the amounts they did detect were hundreds or thousands of times smaller than can be detected by commercial labs...

Also, researchers from Duke University also recently gave people a reason to trust fracking companies. In a study published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters, scientists explained that hydraulic fracturing accounts for less than one percent of water used nationwide for industrial purposes.
This suggests that the natural gas extraction processes are far less water-intensive than we previously thought...

Here is an undercover sting conducted on the anti-fracking activists on camera that may shed some light on what is going on here...

As far as fracking causing earthquakes...

From the USGS (US Geological Scientists). They claim fracking isn't the cause of earthquakes but the method of water waste disposal may contribute to

They simply need to figure out how to implement and utilize the more effective and safer systems of wastewater disposal, which the article even states that there are already different methods that are safe...

"They could lessen the amount of wastewater injected into disposal wells. They could send it to treatment plants. This is more beneficial, because once the water is treated and made clean, it can be returned to the rivers. Thus avoiding permanent removal of water from its natural source. They could make a feasibility study whether the area to be drilled is near fault lines. If so these areas must be avoided. They must ensure that their wells are efficiently constructed, so that there must be no leakage of the wastewater. If there is leakage, wastewater will travel and create a stuck fault and affect fault lines."

Getting rid of fracking, for this reason, would be akin to throwing the baby out with the bath water.

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