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Funk*Sonic*7 04-26-2017 08:33 AM

Science! Bill Nye, the anti-science leftist zeitgeist guy
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"You may have noticed that Bill Nye, who is not a scientist, has been all over the media recently presented as an authority on nearly every field of science. Apparently, Bill Nye gets to be a "scientist," because he calls himself one. It is by this same scientific process that Bruce Jenner gets to be a woman and Rachel Dolezal a black person.

Speaking of which, Bill Nye spent an episode of his new show explaining very scientifically how gender is a spectrum and sometimes men can have women trapped inside of them. He then brought a sitcom star on stage to perform an ode to gender fluidity called "My Sex Junk." It was all quite scientific. Almost as scientific as the "March for Scientism," which Nye spearheaded this past weekend, where a bunch of people drove cars to DC in order to tell us that the planet is dying, because we drive cars. Again, it's science. It's all science, OK? It must be science, because Bill Nye says it, and he's a scientist, and we know he's a scientist, because he says so.

Inspired by Bill Nye, I would like to now officially declare that I, too, am a scientist. I provide a more detailed overview of my scientific resume in the piece below, but suffice it to say, that I am now one of the greatest scientific minds in human history. This is the case, because I say it is the case. Also, because I say the word "science" a lot. When someone asks me to prove my arguments, I simply shout, "science," which is what scientists do. It's part of the scientific method. You'd know that if you were a scientist like me. And Bill Nye, who is a dear colleague and mentor:"

(Emperorchaos inspired me to do another copy/paste ^^^)

The Left can no longer argue that only Christians and other faith believers look or are cultish. This isn't just a small percentage of their movement being portrayed as the whole, like the Left tries to do with Christianity, this actually encompasses most of them as a movement. There is absolutely no denying that.

"Liberals and Leftists are okay with killing 4,000 babies per day, yet they want us to love insects." - Steve Deace

because this proves that Christians truly need better theological-biological-psychological education in churches on human sexuality. :wink:

Yep, next time anybody on the Left and/or in the atheist crowd makes fun of any Christian programming, you can just show them this barf-worthy nightmare...

"One of the comments further down from this video says it all...

"no joke. i felt the need to talk my religious roommate after watching this, i needed someone to make sense of it. his answer "it's crazy what man is capable of when left to his own devices." thanks Bill Nye, you may have just turned an atheist into a christian.'"

How many times can the Left jump the shark?

If the Left wasn't so inclined to indoctrinate children and kill babies (while telling us to love insects and arachnids), most Christians and Conservatives and Libertarians would just let them overplay their hands, because lets face it, they really can't help themselves.

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