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Narnar 05-10-2005 11:20 AM

A look at Spadetje
Mourning is tough.. I'm not good with words.. So I'll give you pictures of Spadetje..

These are all the pictures I could find (So far), that she has uploaded to AlmostSmart. They aren't all in order, but it's two years of memories..

Narnar 05-10-2005 11:21 AM

Re: A look at Spadetje

Narnar 05-10-2005 11:21 AM

Re: A look at Spadetje

Blackass 05-10-2005 04:25 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
That was a thoughtful thing of you to do Narnar. I think this should be stickied and closed. You should even delete my post and any others, it could be a memorial thread.

johnathanau1 05-10-2005 04:34 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
just wait, other people might have more photo's/pictures or any other stuff to remember her by

RubberDucky55 05-10-2005 06:39 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
what a beautiful picture. she was so pretty.

Jagged 05-10-2005 08:41 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
Heh.. Alot of those pics were taken at my house:).. I went to her wake tonight and seen her. I feel so much better now that I've talked to her family.

psychoDiablo 05-10-2005 08:59 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
Who knows what she would have done. What she could have done, we've already seen. Some of us, Felt.

Wobbie 05-11-2005 03:31 AM

Re: A look at Spadetje
Wow, this is an amazing idea Narnar. You are amazing for thinking of it.

Yeah, I'll sticky this thread right away, if Weasel hasn't yet (if that's okay with everyone).

It's so sad looking at all these pictures, yet, so beautiful at the same time, as it brings to mind all the memories we have of her.

This is a beautiful pictorial/memorial for her :smile:

And yeah, Jagged, it must've been so hard seeing her at her wake. I saw my Grandpa lying on his bed at the nursing home, about 30 minutes after he'd passed away. And i couldn't handle it. It was too much. So i know how you must've felt.

me inside 05-11-2005 09:01 AM

Re: A look at Spadetje
Hey narnar, ive subscribed to this thread and Ill sticky the thread too.
I Wish i had the chance to get to know Spadetje better. Mybe its because evryone says how optimistic she was. I am just a newbie, i live so far away but it feels like home anywayz I hope that she'll R>I>P.......


Lahonen 05-11-2005 09:06 AM

Re: A look at Spadetje
wow this is absolutely beautiful. We will miss her.....Im speechless looking at these pics

notlob 05-11-2005 11:44 AM

Re: A look at Spadetje
wow...she was really pretty, and this is the sweetest thing anyone could ever do for anyone... well dont narnar...good on ya..

i dunno what to i wont say anything.....silence is golden and golden is the only thing i can say to describe how shes touched everyone here....

ill miss her

Mystic Thunder 05-11-2005 12:44 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
we'll all miss her. atleast she's at a better place now

notlob 05-11-2005 12:47 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
amen to that, R.I.P. Darlene

ag0ny 05-11-2005 01:00 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje

Originally Said by Lahonen
wow this is absolutely beautiful. We will miss her.....Im speechless looking at these pics

oh man... this is crazy how things effect other people just like an earthquake... it makes you forget about your grudges with other people and think about all the "what-ifs". i was just thinking, my mom has an old trunk full of pictures of me and my sisters and stuff, at least 3-5 thousand... pictures are the only way i hold on to memories... everything that i think is insignificant lay dormant in my mind.

jeni6190 05-11-2005 01:23 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
This is a tragety.... although i didn't know her i think she is a really pretty girl.... and from what i have heard she was a really good friend to alot of people..... R.I.P... lots of sorry's...

sylvia(L)mikey 05-11-2005 01:52 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
think of it this way..if you have issue's with one of your best friends or a family member never leave the conversation saying i hate you or i wish something bad would happen to you cause one day those words might be the last words that you or any one else ever say to that would it feel to have the last words that you ever say to your mother i wish you would die..then finding out she actually did..pain is the worst when you feel like its all your fault and have no one to comfort you! always tell the person you love that you love them you never know when it will change some one's mind about somthing as serious as death...i hope that "spades" family and friends hold her close to them in their hearts and pray that she is at peace with herself! i for one believe that death is not the end but yet a begining of memorie's that flow between strangers to greve the lost of a loved one...its one thing that brings a broken family together!

ems21 05-14-2005 04:25 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
Thank you, Narnar. The wonderful thing about Spades is that she was even more beautiful on the inside than her outward beauty ever told. She could easily make someone feel like a good person, just by one simple comment or complement.

I didn't post in the news forum thread because I just barely read everything two hours ago, and it didn't seem fit to write in there after her father did. It felt right that he should have the last post in that thread.

I think it's beautiful how even people who bicker with each other on this forum still came together to say positive things about Darlene. That shows how lovely of a person she really was.

Even though her death (and Todd's) is very sad, I'm glad that she lived her life happy and she had wonderful people around her to support her.

Sweet rest, Spades.

Jagged 05-16-2005 08:08 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
Her dad (Paul) sent me an amazing picture of her with me. She looks absolutley stunning. :) Im unsuccesfully managing to shrink the photo so I can put it on here!!!

Dill Doe 05-29-2005 10:06 PM

Re: A look at Spadetje
wow nice pictures... i knew her well :(

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