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Christian 09-20-2008 02:36 PM

Christian's photography and stuff
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Smoking Moose Detected!

Biologists just discovered a smooking moose in Germany and are confused about his way of life and where he comes from. They are even wondering what he smokes and why it smells like pine-flavour and why he is wearing a christmas hat and a gift bag in the middle of september.

The biologists are observating the christmas-moose from a safe distance to not disturb him in his natural environment and are trying to find out what gifts the moose has in his bag... and if they had been good enough this year to get something nice.

They promissed us to keep us up-to-date, stay tuned!

(i minimised all pictures again, originial is 2000X1500)

Christian 09-23-2008 02:32 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
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The hidden squirrel

Attachment 6045

I took that next to my institute, to bad it didn't wanted to stay at aone position for more then 3 seconds and decided to change its spot from bushes to tree's all the time.
My fellow students looked stranges as i decided to hunt that little guy to take a few photos..

this one is the best, its downscaled as usal.


Attachment 6054Attachment 6055Attachment 6056Attachment 6057

Today It was a typical autoum day: everything gray in grey and raining all the time. Our local thermal power station (one of many here in Berlin) catched my eye and as longer as i was taking photos from it - i found my way through a local 'allotments'(?)- as more steamy it got.

Christian 09-26-2008 04:11 AM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
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Two days ago had had too much time until i needed to go to my weekly training at the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) so i decided to walk the whole way i normaly drive with bus. After approximately 40 minutes and on the half of my way i decided to get some food and to have a longer break for lunch in a bigger park i'm normaly just passing with the bus.

There i took a seat next to a little (man made) pond and took a few (many^^) photos later. I hoped for a few autumn pictures and maybe an other squirrel but wasn't that lucky.

Attachment 6066Attachment 6067Attachment 6070

That female duck behaved like a queen, all the time little kids threw some bread to her she looked a bit into the sky and swam away. Therefore the male duck and the other bird where nice^^

Attachment 6069

spooky ;) to bad idiots tryed to burn the inner side of the tree.

And that poor guy is 'just sleeping' poor him..

Attachment 6068

Christian 09-29-2008 05:02 AM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
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Here a few more picutres of the heron. Some other visitors of that little park told me, that he is coming every year to this palce since a very long time and just sits on his little isle the whole day.

To bad he was a bit too fast for me..

Attachment 6089Attachment 6086Attachment 6087Attachment 6088

Attachment 6090

That one i took at 6:00 in the morning, as i went to visit the making of of a live morning show. I like how 'industrie', houses and commercial thingies are next to each other in Berlin (and Europe).

Christian 10-05-2008 02:24 PM

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A few more because i have so much fun:

Attachment 6107Attachment 6108Attachment 6109
first two had been taken as i where on a hike a few weeks ago, the last one on thursday in the biggest urban forrest(?) at Berlin. (more to go later)

Attachment 6106
a lovely colo(u)red sky, photographed out of my window

Attachment 6110
and a photo taken out of the window of on of our 'emergency-vehicles' in a tunnel as we went back from building up 16 large shower-tents for a marathon.

Here the 16 tents we needed to construct and deconstruct later at the day of the marathon. They are on the right in the first picture and on the left in second one.

Attachment 6116Attachment 6117

You can also see in the background of the second picture the Federal Chancellery of Germany. I like the red trees, first signs of autumn ^^

Attachment 6118
That is the car i'm driving on in my unit of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). Its old but not that old it may looks like... and its still better then all the new cars we have there (well, not in the end-speed^^). Today those cars will build in Iran only.. and are still prety good and solid. I so love that car.

Attachment 6119
another colourfull evening taken at my chapter(?)

The last two photos where taken in the Grunewald, Berlins biggest urban forrest. In the background of the second picture the famous "Teufelsberg (directly translated: devilshill)" i to be seen with the old US radar listening facility on it.

Attachment 6121Attachment 6120

Its a very interesting building and i took about 100 photos of it that day and will be posted later. To get a few good photos i needed to sneak/climb/crawl and break in the building and area with my friend.

Christian 10-18-2008 04:22 PM

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Now the promised pictures of the "Teufelsberg". The hill where the
former US spy radar-staton was located, is man made out of
remainings from bombed buildings of berlin at the second world

I hiked with a freind to that hill, what is the highest point
in/at Berlin (114meter, 374foot). Its surrounded by woods (Berlins famous urban wood, called "Grunwald") and with the time, nature took over the
station. The rest was destroyed by humans, that sneaked inside to
have some fun or whatever so 2 Years of not securing the area had
been enough to make a ruin out of it.

At first my friend and me walked around, and as we found a hole in
the up to 3 fences that secure the area we decided to crawl

Later that day we got the information that it shall be still
guarded a bit, but we luckily didn't got spoted or even recognised
some activity on that area.

Attachment 6188Attachment 6123
From more far away.

Attachment 6189Attachment 6190Attachment 6191
Close up.

Attachment 6193
The fences and how nature took over. There had been a 3rd fence behind them (would be left on the picture).

We decided to crawl through the 3 fences and to check the area and get a few photos. That was kinda scare, if we ever want to make a zombi-move, we have a location now.

Attachment 6194Attachment 6199
Inside of one of the side buldings, it was kinda dark and holes in the ground everywhere. Needed to light up the floors and rooms with my photo-flash from tiem to time.

Attachment 6200Attachment 6202
A collapsed elevator

Attachment 6201
Second floor (or 3rd in us counting) of the main radarbuilding with a view over west Berlin into eastern direction

After we made our way up through a dark stairway we arrived on the roof of the main building, where 2 of the blisters plus the big tower with another blister ontop are located. The 3rd one you see was ontop of a annexe(?)('sidebuilding').

The station had 5 of those at all, and the holes in the blisters made a sound like a train would pass you... and that all the time. The noice also had ben very loud as still had been outside of the fences.

Attachment 6203Attachment 6204Attachment 6205Attachment 6206
Photos from the roof.

Attachment 6207
The mainbuilding from below as we went back again.

I made the whole hike and adventure (and forced my friend to it^^) to get a "panoramic view" photo for the competition. was kinda funny^^

Tala 10-18-2008 06:07 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
Some of these are quite interesting perspectives! I really like the one of the crane taking flight. That's a picture I have tried (and failed) to successfully capture for a long time! Ausgezeichnet :biggrin:

Christian 10-18-2008 06:28 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
Hehe, thank you. Waited about an hour until he finaly gone into water for a few seconds so i was able to take such a photo. To bad he still was a bit too fast ;)

my.dragons.lady 10-18-2008 06:42 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
I like so many of these it's hard to pick a single favorite. I particularly like the tree, the 'industrie', houses and commercial thingies at sunrise and those of the radar building; perhaps because it reminds me of similar jaunts.

Nice work, Christian.

Christian 10-19-2008 11:15 AM

22 Attachment(s)
Last weekend i needed to go to fill up my fridge and decided to walk a longer indirect route to it. It was realy sunny and we had good weather, so hundreds of small planes flew around.

Attachment 6209Attachment 6210
Left: Find the 'combined heat and power station' ^^
Right: Old street leading into it surrounded be yellow trees. Too bad so much cars where parked there.

Attachment 6211Attachment 6212Attachment 6213
On my way back, with my backpack full of food i wanted take a last photo, as a bibplane just flew along, directly into the setting sun.. "Flieger, grüß mir die Sonne.."

Autoum is on its final run now here in Germany, so i decided pay the park where i took so many photos before another visit.

Attachment 6214
Two days before i went to the park: Berlin downtown at famous "Bahnhof Zoo" (maybe know from the movie: "We Children from Bahnhof Zoo"). Even if it doesnt looks like it, but that photo was taken at noon. Looks kinda foggy.

Attachment 6215Attachment 6216Attachment 6217
I like the autumn as longe he is colourful. It was cloudy the whole day, but the sun decided to come out as soon as i started to take photos and stached again as i've been done an hour later.
The tree on the 3rd picture looks like as he wasn't able to decide yet :wink:

Attachment 6218
I went back to the bench i used all the times before for a little lunch break. I found a new little friend there.She waited next to me nearly the whole time and let me take some photos, even very close up. Therefore i shared my meal with her.

Attachment 6219Attachment 6220
While eating, the ducks in the pond started to go crazy.. To bad the crane/heron already left. (not sure what it is, thinks its a heron..)

Attachment 6221
Uh.. He is just a bit tired of swiming..

I like colourful autumns..

Attachment 6222Attachment 6223Attachment 6224Attachment 6225Attachment 6226
"Happy little trees.."

And a few more at one of the southern channels in Berlin i'm living at, close to the park i had been before.

Attachment 6228Attachment 6227Attachment 6229Attachment 6230

my.dragons.lady 10-20-2008 02:07 AM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
^ In the very first picture in the post above, what kind of tree is that? The one on the right that has leaves and branches only at the top?

And autumn there looks so much like here. Tomorrow will be rainy and the colors should be outstandingly vivid. I'm going to get Chris to help me get around to take pictures before all the leaves are down.

Christian 10-20-2008 02:18 AM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
I think its a spruce, someone just cropped the branches. It looked realy funny from more far away.

After my class (i need to go in a few minutes to) i will hike through the green centre of Berlin, the "Tiergarden" and see if i can take a few last photos. I think i have one more week for good photos and maybe 1 more untill most leaves fallen down... if the weather stays nice.

my.dragons.lady 10-20-2008 02:20 AM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
Yup. I imagine this week's rain will take care of most of the leaves, so I better take advantage of time between showers tomorrow. Then we'll have a few weeks of stragglers :.) I really enjoy watching leaves skip in the wind.

Christian 10-20-2008 02:13 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
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I just came back from my 'hike' through the green heart of Berlin and my feet are hurting terrible after the ~13km (8Miles) i left behind. Pictures from it will come soon, need to sort the 176 i took first ^^. I took mostly (stupid) tourist pictures and autumn ones, but the park didn't gave me what i wanted like the other one did.

Here five photos i took last friday as i went back from my university.

Attachment 6239Attachment 6240
The first one is a old watertower that is now for a long time used as part of my meteorological institution i study at. The second one is the "Villa-Anna" next to the watertower. Both where build from the same architect and the Villa was once owned for a few years by a famous (and by most/all meteoroloists hated) tv-weather-guy named "Kachelman" (grr...^^)

Attachment 6243
On the way down to my bus i took that picture of a chruch. Can't wait for winter, hope i'll get a better photo of it.

Attachment 6241Attachment 6242
I decided (again) to get out of my bus way earlier and walk a detour back home along the channel.

Christian 10-21-2008 01:45 PM

32 Attachment(s)
Here the pictures of my 'little' trip Yesterday. My class ended a bit before noon, so i decided to have a little hike trhough the "Tiergarden" in the middle of Berlin. Well.. the little hike became bigger and bigger and i finaly went home at 17:30.

Attachment 6248Attachment 6249
The first photos are showing the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, that got destroyed and never rebuilded in second world war to stay as a warning.
The right photo was taken at the begining of my tour, the left at the end.
(Point A on map)

Attachment 6250Attachment 6251Attachment 6252
Swans on a channel.

Attachment 6253Attachment 6254Attachment 6255Attachment 6256Attachment 6257
"Happy little trees" and maybe the last colourful autumn photos this year

Attachment 6258Attachment 6259Attachment 6260
A bit later i arrived at the "Siegessäule" (victory column). (Point B on the map)

As i walked close to eat, i read a sign that there is a litte museum in it and that you can climb 285 steps (How many Denver capitol had again?) up to the top and have a view over the city. I didn't knew you can do that and so i forgone on the cheap dinner i wanted to buy somewhere later and paid the entrance for it.

Attachment 6261Attachment 6262
Here you can see over the eastern part of Berlin. You can see the 'Red Cityhall', 'Brandenburg Gate' ,'Berlin Dome', the 'Berlin TV Tower' and a few more.

Attachment 6263
And the western view. You can see the the radar-station again.

Attachment 6264Attachment 6265
I continued my way through the park..

Attachment 6266Attachment 6267
..and came out at the new centre of Berlin, "Potsdamer Platz" (Point C on map). Hamana and Weasel had been there, as i picked them up to bring her to the giant rave/techno event called "Love Parade" (woa, that was so great, even with a terrible headache)

The sun slowly started to set

Attachment 6270Attachment 6271
I continued my way and payd the Holocaust Memorial a visit. It is way bigger then it looks like and its kinda cold inside. The architect did a good job. (Point D on the map)

Attachment 6269
Just for pittielynn: On the way to it i passed the canadian embassy

Attachment 6268
..and a bit late the embassy of the states, located right behind the..

Attachment 6272
..'Brandenburg Gate' (Point E on the map)

I continued my way in the hope i can get some very cheap food, so i decided to walk to the station i normaly drive home from. There i found a 'Bratwurst-stand' and close to it i was able to catch..

Attachment 6273Attachment 6274
..that crow siting on a car as someone feeded pigeons

Attachment 6275
After spending my last 1.5€ i had on a Bratwurst i walked to the 'Reichstag' (point F)

Attachment 6276
..and from there i also paid the russian war memorial for there fallen soldiers in the 2nd worldwar. (Note: That memorial is located in the western part of Berlin)

I could have used many subway and other stations to get back to my dorm, but i decided to end my trip where i started. My camera was nealry full and i already needed to delete a few double-photos as that view catched my eye:

Attachment 6277
The sun was already down as i took that photo in the middle of a street. I like the leaves that are flying around.

Attachment 6278
I took that photo at one of the severall ponds earlyer that day, dont know what kind of bird that is. To bad he was too far away for a nice photo.

Attachment 6279
My feet killed me the day, i walked ~13km (8 Miles) taht day trhough teh centre of Berlin. I guess i finaly need to buy me hiking shoes.. maybe if i am in the states again... Foxy.. we have a mission :wink:

Oh, and thank you Foxy for all the Merging :smile:

my.dragons.lady 10-21-2008 01:48 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
Really, really nice. I particularly like the black and white photo of the river.

my.dragons.lady 10-21-2008 01:52 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
^ A Bob Ross fan?

I just saved the 2nd pic (239kb) for my desktop background. Btw, it fits the 1280 x 768 display setting very nicely. Reminds me so much of the river flowing through Anderson's Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL.

Tala 10-21-2008 02:43 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
*sigh* you're sending me down memory lane here. I've been to many of the monuments that you have taken pictures of! Even the Holocaust memorial. Though when I was in Germany, the WC was going on and there was a large soccer ball in front of the Brandenburg Gate. But otherwise, these are just as I remember them. Thanks for bringing back the memories :biggrin:

I really like a lot of your photography! I would agree with My.Dragons.Lady, the river shots are really nice! And the duck that got tired of swimming... yeah... :rolleyes:

Please continue to post more! :biggrin:

my.dragons.lady 10-21-2008 02:45 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff
So many of these pictures remind me of the Chicago area. Especially the fall colors and triangle shaped buildings.

Yesterday I missed out on taking pictures as planned, but maybe tomorrow :.)

Also, in this pic, is that white sand on the ground?

foxyphoenix 10-21-2008 02:49 PM

Re: Christian's photography and stuff

Originally Said by Christian (Post 320106)
I guess i finally need to buy me hiking shoes.. maybe if i am in the states again... Foxy.. we have a mission :wink:

Oh, and thank you Foxy for all the Merging :smile:

Yes! Although if we repeat the canyon route, shoes are basically unnecessary.
No problem. =)

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