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cstoll 10-15-2010 01:12 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Inside Nina's place, the group had to think back to earlier that night, which seemed like such a long time ago, to remember why they had gone there. Then, they recalled the rain, their sopping wet clothes, and the deliriously strange night they had experienced.

The girls went into another room to change. Quick and Jack debated whether the power of flight or invisibility would be cooler, realized the girls were changing clothes, agreed quickly on invisibility, then moved on to the topic of tiny dinosaurs, their beer, the guy in the truck, the dimensional portal, then back to invisibility.

Jack checked the fridge for a beer, while Quick tried to focus on his moment of awesome-tude of fending off the tiny dinosaurs.
"Dude," Jack whined, "they have lame beer here."
"All beer is lame compared to ours, bro."
"I know! And now it's ruined by some interstellar magical dino-dragon things."
"Well said."
"That beer was going to be so money."
Quick just nodded.
"I mean, it had a funny smell at times."
"Made your teeth feel funny."
"Like plastic."
"Yeah, and sometimes it'd feel like you were pissing blue flames after downing a few bottles."
"Yeah. But it was gonna be so money."

They waited for the girls to come out to decide what to do next.

psychoDiablo 10-15-2010 02:24 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The girls came out of their room all neat and dry. Mary had a towel wrapped around her head and walked around the boys like she was the thing. Quick eyed her and shook his head with a scuffle.
"What?" Mary asked demandingly. Quick smirked and said nothing. Then looked over at Kerry and noticed her looking at him. He gave her the quick smile.
"Jacky boy, what do we do now? I want to save my freakin beer."
"First, we stop calling me that forever."
"Yeah, okay Jacky boy."
"Damn it, Quick, I mean it!" Jack raised his voice forgetting where he was.
"SHHHH! What the hell Jack? Be quiet, my parents are asleep!" Nina punched Jack in the arm. Quick laughed.
"And you too!" Nina turned and punched Quick in his arm.
"I don't want to hear you guys bickering one more time, you got it?! Act like grown men you fucking babies!" Nina turned violent. Both boys stood there holding their own arm with open eyes. Mary started to giggle and before Nina could turn around to tell her what's up, Kerry jumped inbetween and calmed everyone down.
"Okay, okay, okay, Nina, chill. You two fools, chill... We need to think of something to do. Who is that guy that's chasing us? Remember Nina, when we first were going to scare the boys? That old man... Was he the same man driving the truck?" Kerry stopped and then it dawned on her. "Omg! What if he didn't die in that crash?!" She got the goosebumps and shivered.
"No way, no one could have survived that crash. Impossible." Jack chimed in.
"Well lots of strange stuff has been happening Jack. It's as impossible as a fire breathing dragon being ripped through a deminsional time warp!!!" Kerry started getting loud. Quick grabbed her arm and hushed her sweetly. She became calm.
The group sat in the living room quietly thinking.
"What was that?" Nina asked suddenly, looking behind her.
"What was what?" Jack asked.
"That...It's coming from down the hallway...Is that..." She stopped talking to listen. Everyone listened, they could hear it.
"Is someone scratching glass?"
The group huddled together at the front of the dark hallway.

Zanahoria_Picante 10-24-2010 11:09 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Yup. I seriously just peed my pants," Quick dove behind an ugly arm chair, trembling, and peeked around.
"C'mon, you ninnies," Jack scoffed, "it's probably just a possum, or something."
Nina frowned, doubt and fear in her eyes, "Jack. Be careful. I'll go with you."
"No, you stay here, baby. I'll be right back."
He briefly looked around, and grabbed a baseball bat, which just happened to be randomly leaning next to the front door.
"Oh my gosh!" Kerry whimpered, her and Mary and Nina hugging in terror.
"NO, DUDE! Just. NO," Quick bolted out from behind the arm chair and charged up behind Jack, "You are so not getting all the awesome for this!" He grabbed an umbrella.
Jack raised his eyebrows, "nice, dude. Nice."
The scratching continued, as they crept forward. When they got within 5 feet, it suddenly stopped.
"Ef, ef, ef, ef, ef, ef..." Quick chanted to himself, tears welling in his eyes.
An arm burst through the glass, clamoring around, almost in the same motion, for the handle. He found it, and smashed open the door.
It was the haggard old man from the crash. Rain poured behind him, and he stood perfectly still. Until he slowly turned to look at Jack and Quick.
With a lip twitch and a whimper, they simultaneously dropped their random objects, and fled towards the front door.

A loud and menacing laugh began following after them, along with heavy bootsteps, as they and the girls bolted out the front door - towards Jack and Quick's house.

psychoDiablo 01-23-2011 07:34 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"FUCK IT!!!! RUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!" Quick was the first one out of the house screaming his head off. Everyone else followed behind him.
"Where are we going?!" Nina yelled out loud. She was following beside Kerry. Jack was keeping up with Mary.
"I don't know, just run!" Quick picked up the pace and was out running them all. The rain thudded against them and even seemed to be slowing them down. But not Quick. He was aero dynamic, cutting through the rain and air, nearly losing his friends behind them. In fact, he did lose them.
"Quick, wait up! Where are you...going...." Nina lost her breath. Quick dashed around a corner. It was dark out and the street lamps didn't help much. All it did was shine on the water as it fell from the sky. The group minus Quick, ran up to a street alley.
"Here's let's hide in the alley. I think I've been here before." Jack took direction and huddled over breathing hard. Nina, Mary and Kerry stood in front of him, waiting for his orders. He looked at them, then looked at his surroundings, then he looked at them again. He hadn't a clue to what to do.
"Okay..." He choked. "Ug...Okay, so what do we know?"
"Quick left us! That stupid asshole!" Mary shouted.
"Yes, okay, yeah he did, but I'm sure he had good reason." Jack stood up for his homie.
"Good reason? Yeah leave us behind for fodder while he escapes!" Mary continued to argue. Kerry tried to calm her, but Mary brushed her sister's hand off her shoulder. Mary started to pace back and forth, quickly losing her grip. Nina stood there shocked.
"Oh my god, Mary, I've never seen you like this..." Nina had simply stated.
"Like what? Like this!" Mary got up in Nina's face angrily.
"Some fucking old ass creep is out there trying to kill us, Quick left us and all you can think about is how you've never seen me like this!?" Mary was threatening. She was going to punch someone. Nina backed down.
"No, no, I don't mean..." Mary cut her off.
"You don't mean anything you stupid bitch!" Then Mary jumped at Nina leading with her fist. The girls scrapped each other, Nina taking up defense position grabbing Mary's hair and pulling her head away so Mary couldn't get a good punch off. Kerry stood there crying at her friends to stop. Jack jumped in and broke them up. He pulled Mary away and threw her against the wall.
"What in the hell girls!? Holy shit! Not even me and Quick act like this...." He trailed on that thought and remembered that terrible voicemail he left on Nina's answering machine. Then the light went off in his head and instantly lit up the area around them as the rays of what little energy actually processed inside his head beamed out of his eyes and ears. The girls knew he came up with something.
"That's it!" Jack yelled at them, causing them to jump a little. He laughed.
"What's it, Jack?" Nina asked him, holding her hand over her eye.
"I know where Quick is. We have to get back to my house. I'm pretty sure we can make it going this way." Jack wasn't sure.
"Jack...Please don't tell me we are going back for beer?"
"We're going back for beer; and it's not just any beer, Nina." Jack was never prouder.

Zanahoria_Picante 01-24-2011 07:23 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Jack led the way down the dim deluging alleyway; the only light was a faint industrial light, rocking above a door in the downpour, which completely failed to illuminate their path at all.

This might be why, despite Jack's claims of knowing where he was going, he led them into a dead end: An 8-foot-tall wooden fence blocked their way.

"Ah, es," Jack muttered to himself.
"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh..." Mary sobbed in panic. Kerry comforted her now.
"We're dead. We are pretty much dead," Nina added with unusual calm.
"A'ight, I got this," Jack said with confidence.
He started pushing a nearby dumpster toward the fence.
"There is no way I'm climbing over that nasty thing!" Mary cried.

Naturally, the old haggard fisherman took this opportunity to "gargle-roar" to make his presence known, clearly making his way toward them.

"Yep. Dead," Nina confirmed.

"Will you girls COME ON? Do you really want to die? Help me push this thing!" Jack commanded. They joined together and shoved it in place.

Still sobbing heartily, Mary began climbing on top with Kerry's assurance, and Nina sighed, then followed.

Once they were all on top, the fisherman came into view, just as dripping wet as the rest, but breathing heavily and wielding a pick axe, several trout, herring, salmon, deep-sea minnows, fresh-water crawfish, blue crabs, and 15 starfish sticking out from and onto various orifices of his coat; heads, fins, clawrs, and spines.

They paused for the briefest moment, as time seemed to stop for them, to marvel at this even-weirder-than-they-expected sight.

"GO!" Jack mooed aggressively, helping them along as best he could.

Nina and Jack made it over, and Mary and Kerry had just reached the top, when Kerry's skirt caught on the top of the fence, because that was the only thing that could happen.

The fisherman began his charge.
"CAAAAAW!" Jack, who was already down on the other side, war-cried and pounced back up the fence like a capuchin monkey, helping Mary help Kerry free the fabric.

With one, savage wrenching, Jack shredded free the skirt and pulled the girls to safety, as the crazed, curmudgeonly, sea-creature-covered man began swingin' wild the pick axe, causing some of the sea animals to fling free and escape their slave-like existence of being attached to the crazy man. They went on to live long, prosperous lives as urbane business aquatics, working their way up the corporate ladder through hard and honest work, changing the world forever--for the better.

The group of humans gasped for air for a few moments, then Jack realized which way they needed to go; they were only two blocks away now.
"This way!" Jack clucked pluckily.

cstoll 02-26-2011 12:09 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Quick had a plan. For once in his life, he knew exactly what to do.

His feet pounding the street, he charged into the night. A slight rain drizzled, adding a dramatic sheen to his heroic run.
Aware of this, he declared, "This is epic."
"It is epic," a voice said next to him.
"Yeah," Quick agreed, still running for all he was worth, "I'm going to do this right, I have a plan. Going to be just in time."
"That's super," the voice said, not even remotely out of breath. "I guess that makes you..."
"...a big damn hero," Quick finished the other man's sentence.
Still alternating rapid forward leg movements--what those in the biz call "running"--Quick raised a fist-bump to his fellow traveler. "That's right, bro. Hit that."
It was then that Quick realized that he had no idea who in the hell he had been talking to. So caught up in his plan and proud of his own raging awesomeness that he was oblivious to this strange situation.
He then turned and realized the voice belonged to the fisherman, who was racing alongside him on a Segway.
The fisherman grinned and said what was easily the creepiest thing Quick had ever heard apart from the time he had tried to pick up a chick one night in New Jersey: "I'm going to eat your skin, Quick, and I'm going to wear your face." The fisherman then cackled and jabbed Quick in the side with an electric prod.

Metaphorically and literally shocked, Quick did a flailing jump and then a limp crash onto a parked car, smashing the back windshield.

The fisherman rolled celebratory circles in the street on his Segway.
Quick twitched mercilessly, hoping to regain control of his body. He hoped the others were okay.

psychoDiablo 03-18-2011 05:15 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Jack lead the girls down an alley with the moonlight as his guide.
"Use the moonlight to see. It's natural." Jack said without laughing.
"That doesn't even make sense!" Mary of course had to open her mouth and stop the crew from walking. Luckily this time, Jack had another six foot wall to climb over.
"Okay girls, I'm gonna build a ladder somehow. Oh and it does make sense. Okay? It's like using cat eyes." Jack was on fire tonight. The blood pumped in his veins.
"Oh my - ... Are you serious?!" Nina hit Jack on his shoulder, who quickly put up a defensive position.
"Don't do that woman!" He told her and looked at her with big scary eyes. She stared him back down hard, they began chest-bumping. They pushed each other with their eyes and then Mary blurted out to her friends, well practically the entire street alley.
"Are you guys fucking each other?" Her sister snapped at her to shut up. Nina realized what she was doing and snapped out of it. Jack went back to building a makeshift ladder. He found a wood beam to lean against the wall. He'll use a dumpster to lean up against as he climbs up. Jack was going to say something but then they heard a sound. Something moved where they couldn't see.
"Oh my god it's the fisherman, go go go, we gotta get outta here. move jack, what the fuck are doing?! move!!!" Mary was freaking out. She was pushing Jack making him make mistakes. He couldn't concentrate with her being a distraction. He was getting mad. Very very mad. He dropped the wood beam, which oddly enough landed in place, and swung around to face Mary pushing him. But in his view, he saw Nina and she stepped in to pull Mary back, which oddly enough calmed Jack down. He looked at her with new eyes. He scratched his chin. Kerry said, "see ya!" and climbed right up and over the fence. Nina pushed Mary to the fence right past Jack. She gave him a look and said, "let's go Jack." They moved on.

"What was that back there?" Kerry asked.
"Jack, why are you so quiet now? Do you even know where we are?"
"Mary, please. Chill out. Look, have a little faith. If it weren't for Jack you'd probably be dead, chopped up and hanging off that fisherman's coat."
"What? Who the fuck are you? Oh yeah, stick up for your little boy toy. Pfft, whatever bitch, I see you how be looking at him."
Kerry at this moment intervened and kept Nina from turning around and letting Mary have it. Jack just kept walking down the alley almost as if he was trying to slip away from the girls. Nina caught up with him and grabbed his wrist to stop him.
"Hey Jack."
"Huh-no-I was just trying to slip away..." Jack muttered as if he were asleep.
"What? Jack...Look I want to tell you thank you. I know the girls can be a lot to handle." She looked at him and he was looking at her.
"Okay even me, at times." She admitted and laughed. He did too.
"I know this is some crazy shit, but I'm glad...Well, we all are glad that you're with us...okay?"
"Is that a question?" He laughed but it was cut short. Really really short because right above them in an old fire escape was the fisherman. They figured that out because as Jack laughed out loud a trout fell from the sky and slapped him in the face. Then the fisherman stench slapped them all in the face and the fisherman laughed out loud!
"THIS SHIT IS DISGUSTING!!!" Jack raged! He called out the fisherman to come down and fight him. Jack was going to end it all right then and there. The fisherman just looked down at them laughing as he threw wet fish down at them. Some of them were even alive.
"Oh my god is that a bucket?" Mary asked.
"YOU HAVE A BUCKET! YOU BASTARD!" Jack raged on some more. The fisherman reached into his bucket of cold water fish, grabbed one of the live fish, took aim, and threw it at Jack who was stomping around like a mad bull. Smack! Right on Jack's head. He screamed for a second then grabbed the fish and chucked it back at the old man, and for an old man, he had a quick reflex to dodge Jack's counter attack. The fish crashed right through someone's apartment window.

Just then a light turned on. The group was surprised. Even the old fisherman was surprised. Everyone outside heard someone inside and became fixated on it. It seemed like they were walking up the stairs to go see what happened. Jack saw a shadow of someone and then he heard them.
"What in the hell is this?" A voice said. Everyone stayed quiet. The group in the street looked up and the fisherman stayed to the side of the window. The man inside started scuffling around, probably stepping around the glass and trying to tackle a fish. Grunts could be heard and then a man in his 40's appeared in the window. He examined the window and then noticed the kids down in the street standing together. He yelled at them.
"Hey you little bastards! Whats the matter with you huh? Who threw the fuckin' fish?" He held up the fish, which was now dead.
Jack pointed toward the fisherman. The man looked to his left and wasn't even spooked to see him there.
"Hey asshole, what do you think you're doing on there?" The man shook the fish at the fisherman.
"Get off my fire escape!" The man threw the fish at the fisherman.

The fisherman let out a yell and became very agitated. He grabbed hold of his bucket and chucked it at the group. Water and fish spewed out of the bucket landing everywhere. Coincidentially, the bucket landed on top of Jack's head. He panicked and started running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. He couldn't pull the bucket off him. The girl's were mad that they were wet with alive/dead fish water, which stunk terribly. They started to help Jack. The fisherman let out a growl!
"You mother fuckin' freak!" The old man in the window yelled at the fisherman. The fisherman reached through the window and grabbed the old man. He pulled him out and with a quick slice, decapitated the old man. The girl's screamed and ran away from him down the street. They pushed Jack who stumbled and fell. He crawled backward to get out of his bucket doom.
"Fuck I stink!" Jack said as he stood up. He looked up at the fisherman who carried the body in one hand and the head in the other. It raised it's hands as if it was a champion. Jack ran toward the girls. The fisherman threw the head at Jack. It bounced beside him, rolled and then landed in front of Jack. His eyes opened and Jack screamed without making a sound. He bolted to the left through another alley. The girls ran straight down the alley.

Zanahoria_Picante 03-23-2011 03:00 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Needless to say, the trout were not pleased.

When Steven the Alaskan rainbow trout exploded through that old man's window, shattering the glass with his frail girth, and landing--still alive, mind you--on the hall floor in a pile of debris and general filth, he had wished for death more than he ever had before--throughout his brief but terrifying life of indentured servitude as a coat accessory and latent weapon. At (and after) the moment of impact, he wished for death, but it did not come. When the curmudgeonly old man plucked him from the glass pile, a strange feeling grew in Steven's heart: Hope. Was this his moment of rescue? Would this be The Kind One who was come to set his poor heart free? Nope. As Steven's already battered scales slapped against side of the unsanitary fisherman's face, if anyone thought of him at all (as anything more than fish fodder), they had thought him dead.

But he wasn't dead.

The last image that flashed before his small bubble eyes--before all was dark--was that of all his known friends and family tumbling from above toward the ground.

An instant later, Steven landed in some sort of damp, cloth sack of some kind, which was in already in a falling motion, then everything stopped. Moments later, he was bobbing along in the dark, blind and unable to move, in the cloth enclosure, for a while. All was soggy darkness. He, with his fish ears, heard a constant, wild panting. Then a voice.

"What the h?" Jack reached into his hood and pulled out a disgusting dead fish which he, taking out all his frustration in the form of untamed man-force, slashed the piece of meat into a brick wall.

Jack was lost. Real' lost.

And Steven wasn't dead.


The girls' panic-run lead them all the way out of the alley into a sort of courtyard, an opened square between buildings which had two other alleys leading out of it.

"Okay, we need to calm down and think," Nina said, out of breath.
Kerry and Mary were holding each other in terror, stinking of fish and dripping with rain, their faces clenched with fear, sobbing.
Nina's resolve crumbled. She had no idea where they were now. She sobbed.

Just when all hope seemed lost, out of the rain scampered a compsognathus. It was sprightly and attentive as it looked up to Nina. She swore profusely.

"Come with me, little girl!" It said in a bright posh-English accent.

"Ef it," Nina acquiesced. She gently guided the girls and they followed the magical talking dinosaur, down the alley to the right.
The fisherman watched in silence, then stalked after them.


Quick writhed inside the smashed car windshield, feeling somewhat fried, and wondering why the crazed, Segway-mounting fisherman was not finishing the job.
He found the strength to sit up a bit. The old man was gone, but...
The Segway remained tipped on its side, its wheels still turning.
Quick sat up more; he grimaced, and pulled a shard of glass from his... back. He unsteadily inched his way off the car, and staggered to the goofy device. He mounted it, and immediately whooshed forward at an unimpressive, but adequate speed. Jack's house was on this block.

cstoll 03-24-2011 01:40 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The compsognathus, feathered and the size of a large chicken, led the girls down the alley.
Kerry asked Mary, "Did that dinosaur, like, speak?"
Mary sobbed, "We've cracked, haven't we?"

Nina asked the dinosaur, " do you sound British?"
The compsognathus turned, "What's British, love?"
Nina: "Y'know, it sounds like you're from, um, the north."
"Lots of places have a north," the dinosaur replied. "Now, come along, dear."

Kerry flicked a dead fish off Mary's shoulder: "I'm hating life right now. Just be glad fish don't speak or think."

Steven the trout was having a bad day. "It must be a Tuesday," he thought as Jack smacked him against the wall. Steven, in a move that would have surprised both Isaac Newton as well as the Dos Equis man, bounced off the wall and landed back in Jack's hood. He wriggled around in Jack's hood, but then decided to play dead.

Jack was lost. He had no idea a fish was clinging to life in his hood. He had no idea the fisherman was stalking the girls. He had no idea the girls met a talking dinosaur. Jack had no idea where he was. Taking stock of the situation, Jack realized that in about a few seconds, he was going to pee in the alley. He was going to take a lot of pride in that accomplishment because his list of reasonable goals after that was short. For someone so consistently awesome, this was hard to accept.

He smacked himself in the face. "Come on, dude, be awesome."
He then peed, pumped his fist in the air in a moment of triumph, and then he charged down the alley, hoping it would be in the direction of his house.

Quick zoomed at a brisk walking pace on the Segway. He brushed glass off his back as he pulled up to Jack's house. He stumbled off the Segway and limped to the front door.
He had to get to the beer.
Focused on his goal, he barely noticed the shape-shifting creature that transformed from a potted plant into a large, hairy Bigfoot. The Bigfoot ripped off the front door and started swinging it at Quick.

psychoDiablo 04-14-2013 04:22 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Quick stepped off the segway and stood there in the pathway to the front door of Jack's house, which inadvertently was now in the arms of one of the most elusive creatures to ever grace the Earth. Quick stood there in amazement.
"It's Bigfoot!!!" He managed to scream out. Bigfoot raised the door above it's head, opened it's mouth, revealing 2 layers on top and bottom of rotten and new teeth. Bigfoot salivated and that scared Quick, especially because Bigfoot was roaring now! It pulled it's arms back and Quick knew he had to do something other than stand there in bewilderment. The door came flying at Quick and for the first time in his adult life he lived right up to his name. He lept to the left, dodging the oncoming attack. He did a somersault and quickly regained balance and turned to Bigfoot who was now no where to be seen.
Quick was astonished!
"That ape stole my segway! You damn dirty ape!!!" He cursed the ape as Bigfoot rode away down the street. Quick let it go, and started to cautiously walk toward the opening of Jack's house.
Quick stepped inside, cracking splinters of wood on the hardwood floor. He looked around timidly.
"Is...Is anyone there?" Quick called out, but no one, or no thing replied back. The place was absent. Quick let his guard down and then he noticed a light coming from the basement.
"The beer..." Quick smiled and moved to the basement stairs. He looked down and the door was half way open. Quick moved closer and could see light shooting out of the room past the door. Then Quick listened and thought he could hear a low staticy noise. He pushed open the door and the first thing he saw was the beer on the ground. Then he looked up slowly and saw where the light and noise was coming from.
There was a huge portal spitting out light and sputtering static charges. Quick really wanted the beer. He needed it... For them.


Jack was coming to the end of the alley way and stepped out onto the street, when out of nowhere, a giant beast on a segway raced past Jack. Jack fell backwards, landing on his butt and falling to his back. Jack's head snapped back and it hit the cement, but oddly enough it felt as if his head hit something soft. Jack heard a groan, but was weirded out because it didn't come from him. He scratched his head and stood up on his feet. He looked at where the beast went to and then decided to go the opposite way. Jack knew of this street, but had never been down this part of town before. He kept walking thinking maybe he would recognize a landmark or restaurant or something. He started thinking about food and just then the wind blew from behind him and he caught the scent of trout. Jack weirded out again, shook his shoulders, brushed off his sweater and fixed his hood. Then started walking with intent, but also with little knowledge that he was headed to his house, just going down the wrong street.


The girls had been following this strange professor dinosaur for some time now. Kerry started having second thoughts about where it was leading them. She reached out and grabbed Nina's hand for attention. Nina looked back and saw Kerry motion to come close.
"Do you know where we are going? I'm not so sure about this. I think we need to go to Jack's house," Kerry was whispering but Nina jumped in.
"I don't even know where Jack's house is!" Nina said in an angry whisper. Kerry backed off and hung back with her sister Mary.
"We need to do something, I'm not following this thing anymore." Kerry conspired with her sister. Then the dinosaur stopped. Twitched it's head back and forth, then turned around to look at the girls. Kerry felt it look directly at her. She could feel the pressure. It knew what she was thinking. It could see inside her. Kerry was about to unleash just to break the tension she was feeling, but before she could the dinosaur spoke.
"Well, I do say, I might hov gon down the wrung way. I do apologize, I say, we are to go this way. And do pick up the pace, lassies." Just then the dinosaur took off in stride and it was difficult for the girls to keep up. Nina looked back at her friends with confidence.
"Let's go." They kept up with the dinosaur.

Savage_Nature 04-15-2013 10:13 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Quick rushed over to the beer, falling to his knees like a man in prayer. "No....!" he gasped, trying to process what he was seeing. The beer, all of it, had been drained by someone or... something. Thinking back, he realized the big foot hadn't been driving in a very straight line on his segway. Letting out a groan Quick rose to his feet, eyes settling on the swirling vortex in front of him. Quick recoiled in horror, he could see faces... unnatural faces. A sunken face with what appeared to be gashes splayed across its vestige and eyelids sewn together stretched from the portal without a noise and was quickly drawn back in as if by some force unknown. Most people would react with abject terror, run screaming from the room, perhaps curl into a fetal ball in a corner and weep softly, but not Quick. Drawn in, as if by magnetism, Quick drew inexorably closer to the writhing portal.


Jack was resigned, he marched on, distant thoughts drifting through his mind. Suddenly, he came upon his house! Only his house was in a state of disrepair, the front door ripped off the hinges, laying awkwardly against a wall further into his home. Jack was pissed. Rolling up his sleeves he stormed through the door ready to beat the life out of whoever did this to his house. Light spilled from the stairwell leading downstairs and he flew down three steps at a time. Greeting him was a sight he had not expected, Quick stood entraced in front of a circle of light, unnatural light that gave him shivers. Involuntarily he took a step back, tripping over a case of empty beer bottles.

"Freedom!" Thought Steven, he had been playing dead so long he was stiff, but he managed to wriggle and make a dull "thwack, thwack" noise as he progressed along this strange new environment.

Jack saw Quick reaching for the light, and to his amazement saw a fetid hand reaching back! The hand stretched further, turning to an arm the same consistency as the portal, it had talons that beckoned threatenly towards Quick. "Thwack, thwack" Jack turned his head to see a trout wobbling weakly on the floor. Without thinking he grasped the tail and hurled it with all his might at the apparition reaching for Quick.


Nina was short of breath, she gasped "stop!"

"Why my dear, we're already here! Cheerio! Hop to it and step up to the door yes?" Unusually cheerful for an extinct animal the dinosaur had a happy skip to his trot.

The girls peered at Jacks house, with the door off its hinges, unsure of what to expect next. "This night can not get any stranger...." Mary nodded in agreement with her sister. Kerry wasn't sure if she hadn't spoken from lack of breath, or because of the scene that had greeted them. The group steeled themselves and proceeded to follow the dinosaur into the house.

psychoDiablo 04-16-2013 03:07 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
Steven, the trout, felt the weightless feeling he had been hoping for this entire strange night. He floated through the air, as if being guided by an angel's pure talent. For an animal with a sideways face, he was wearing a full smile. He remembered his dreams and his family. Oh, he had such a beautiful wife! His life was grand before that strange old man plucked him from existence. What was his wife thinking at this moment? He hoped that somehow she knew he was going to come home. He hoped. Hoped and slowly realized just where he was floating. Smack! Right into the back of Quick's head.

Quick snapped out of his trance and saw the nasty claws reaching for him. He stepped back, but stepped on Steve and slipped backward. Quick fell and hit his head on the ground. Jack jumped to check on Quick, but Quick was out cold. Steve just endured his pain and torment of no one giving a hoot about him. He kept to himself, concentrating on meditation to heal him of his pain and woes.

"Get out of here! Don't come over here or you're gonna get it!" Jack stood up and yelled at the thing in the portal.
"The beer is ours you motherfuckers!" Jack screamed in demand. Then he looked down at the beer bottles knocked around the floor. He got scared, he saw a small puddle where a twelve pack lay on it's side.
"NO! NOOOOOOO!!!" Enraged Jack looked back up and the monster in the portal.
"I'm going to kick your ass! I'm going to kill you and kick your ASSSSSS!!!!!!" Jack's heart was in super-pump mode, pumping his blood at a crazy pace, filling his muscles and Jack's body hardened and every muscle worked to the bone. Jack was just about to avenge his friend and their beer, when all of a sudden, time slowed. Jack knew what he was doing in his mind, but he couldn't move faster than very slow-motion.

Just then a blue bubble popped open and captured Jack and the portal inside it. Jack's thoughts changed. He stopped thinking about revenge and became amazing soothed. His heart beat at a regular pace and just then, the bubble popped and the being in the portal backed away into the dimension it's from. Quick was laying there motionless. Jack was standing there, thinking.
"What the hell was that?" Jack was so confused. He looked down and saw the trout. He picked it up nicely for once and walked over to a table. He grabbed a mixing bowl for chips, emptied a few water bottles in the bowl and placed the fish in the water. Then he forgot all about it as he walked back to the beer bottles.

Steve had to smile at this action. Even just a little bit. Sure it's not great, but it is the thought that counts right? He questioned himself. Should he have done what he just did? It was the right thing to do. He became reassured knowing he was kind, and with that kindness was given back to him. It was a good thing he practiced that meditation. Steve did smile and tried to swim a little bit in the bowl.

Quick regained consciousness and sat up slowly, groaning in pain as if he had a hangover.
"We only have a 6 beers left...." Jack mumbled softly, feeling defeated. Quick got up and didn't say anything. Jack stood there not facing his buddy. He was sulked down holding two empty beer bottles in his hands.
"It's all gone...We had brew to last us months....All we have...." Jack was defeated. He slouched over so far he nearly collapsed. Quick put his hand on his shoulder to comfort him.
"It'll be the best 6-pack we'll ever drink. Three for me and three for you, eh Jacky bo...uh, eh Jack man? What do you say, pal?" Quick tried to cheer him up and it actually worked. Jack turned around in agreement. He had a smile on his face that reminded them both why they were friends.

"Just like a man to leave a woman in waiting." There was a familiar voice coming from the stairs. The boys turned to see the girls. And boy were they happy to see them!
"Nina! You're alive!" Jack could have cried but he knew better. He quickly changed his act and became a macho man, saying in a deeper than usual voice, "Nina, hey babe. Nice to see you." She rolled her eyes and stood there with hands on her hips. Mary and Kerry at her sides with the same expression.
"You bastards going to drink without us? After all this time..." Mary looked at Jack and Quick. The boys looked at each other, then looked at the (their) 6-pack, then back at Mary. Jack smiled and cracked one open and handed it to Mary. Everyone had a beer and closed in together. Jack proposed a toast to hard times, good times, and friendships blooming. He smiled at Nina. Kerry winked at Quick. Mary smiled for once and clanged their glasses. They were about to drink the best beer ever, except the dinosaur walked in and said, "I wouldn't drink that if I were you...."

Savage_Nature 04-16-2013 08:58 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"What?! Just why the hell not?! After all we've been through we deser...." Jack was cut off by the dinosaur with a wag of it's clawed hand.

"Why! Because my boy you wouldn't want to end up like that chap on the table there hmmmm? Not rightly so I'd imagine. Quite. Why, I'm not much for words, let's let him explain it yes?" The dinosaur pointed behind the group at the portal still shimmering on the wall, albeit slightly less vortexy and sporadical than before.

"Morgan Freeman....?" Quick almost questioned, unbelieving that this icon could be standing in Jack's basement. But yet here he was, in a black suit, maroon shirt with matching necktie, hair neat as ever and a caring smile on his face.

"Hello boys, and girls. The dinosaur is right, the beer that you hold in your hands is not just any beer. It was brewed by the fisherman himself. You see, he did wear his victims, but he also ate them. I know this is confusing, what does that have to do with beer? Well, he was a rather odd sort, and didn't like the taste of flesh, so he made a beer that would transform people into fish for easier digestion. Just ask old Steve here", Morgan motioned to the bowl on the table, "Steve used to be a Shaolin monk, come to stop the fisherman and his evil doings. Our unfortunate friend was not successful." And with that, Morgan took a half bow, arms extended with palms up in a sincere gesture. He backed into the portal and began to disappear. The last thing anyone saw was a small glimmer on his cheek as a freckle appeared before he was gone entirely.

"Did Morgan Freeman just...." Started Jack

"I take it back, the night got weirder." finished Kelly.

The dinosaur looked pleased as punch with the unfolding situation. "Well then! To business, shall we? Hmmmm. Yes the portal! Quite magnificent, I came from it myself. I would wager some strange happenings are progressing throughout your quaint little town. Yes."

"I SAW BIGFOOT!" Blurted Quick.

The dinosaur chastised Quick, "Don't interrupt boy! All will be right with time. We must simply......................................

Savage_Nature 04-28-2013 02:37 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
.............recalibrate the repulsifier, set the distortion dial to a non repeating infinite integer, recoat the spanner, align the spasmadic rotor inducer, and last but most certainly not least, crank the whatsahoozit."

The group stared blankly at the tiny dinosaur, its tiny arms splayed out as is explaining basic math to a small child.

"Well? Hop to it then kids! My arms are rather improper for tasks such as these, truly a curse really! To have the knowledge without the ability to use it effectively!! Shame. Truly a shame. Why! I remember one time....." The little reptilian droned on about some unexplored scientific experiment he had wanted to complete at some point.

Jack looked to the portal, then the generator, followed by the brew station (he glumly recalled that all his brew had been ruthlessly stolen from him). He proceeded to look over each device in turn, wondering what exactly he was looking for, and hoping in vain the little dinosaur would come over and help him.

"The Kind One!" Steve blushed, in the way only a fish can, he was sure of it this time, this being picking him from the bowl, and holding him higher in the air every moment was surely his saviour that had been predicted when he was but a teeny spawn. Quite suddenly Steve blinked out of existance, off to a better place. A wetter place.

The group turned, the tiny dinosaur railing on, to see the grizzled old man, holding the fish in the air, only to see it disappear in an instant. He picked up his gleaming scythe (which had a rather large tooth adorning it now) and turned towards them. They huddled together as the compsognathus herd began pouring through the crack in the wall to their left, the fisherman descended down the stairwell cackling maniacly, and bigfoot fell down the stairs after him in a drunken mess. The group of impossible yet oh-so-real villains closed in on the group, cackles, chirps, and heavy thudding boots closed in on them (the big foot was urinating loudly in the corner).

"I love you Jack!" Nina teared up, unable to hold in her frustration any longer she kissed him fully on the mouth. Seeing this, both Mary and Kerry glanced at each other, and then embraced Quick, wanting to feel close to someone for the final moments of their life. Jack was dumbfounded, but accepted the kiss warmly, it invigorated him, gave him an energy he didn't know he was capable of. Jack broke from the kiss, Nina still wrapped in his one arm as he grabbed the other girls and Quick.

Jack closed his eyes as they all fell backwards, he wasn't sure what to expect. They all thudded on a hard surface, opening his eyes Jack saw the portal before them. The portal shimmered, sputtered, warped violently, and closed in on itself. The group took stock of their surroundings, quickly realizing they were back in Jack's basement! There was no hole in the wall, no mystically impossible creatures, no damage to be seen.


They all jumped, and turned to see the egg timer Quick used to tell him when the brew was ready for bottles. Quick jumped into action, laughing like a madman, and began the assembly line process of filling the bottles, humming as he worked, choosing for the moment to accept the surreal reality of everything that had taken place this night.


The friends spent the night in Jack's basement, getting drunk and celebrating being alive. The portal did not reappear, there was no sign of any of the violence that had taken place. Jack and Nina became very close, and the twins took an uncanny liking to Quick - despite his quirks. Quick and Jack formed a company and produced Red Dragon Beer - which was an astonishing success, despite the burning sensation caused when urinating. What quite happened that night the group was unsure, but they recounted the details with glee at gatherings many a time. It just so happens that the generator had in fact opened a portal, and sucked in Quick, Jack, and the girls who were on the other end of the cell phone call without their realizing it. They had spent time in a nearly identical version of their reality, where monsters roam, and big foots love beer.


psychoDiablo 04-29-2013 01:25 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
lol. ahhh that was good enough. good ending! great stories.

what is next???

we need new characters and a new premise to start with. hmmm

Savage_Nature 04-29-2013 09:30 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
All characters are early twenties. Setting is a log cabin (size unspecified) seated in a pristine stretch of beach on a large, deep lake. While there are neighbors, they are not house after house right next to each other. Two couples decide to take a romantic weekend away at (characters) (relatives) cabin.

Character Sheet
Jason - Successful
Erika - Engaged to Jason.
Toby - Jason's childhood friend.
Tanya - Toby's girlfriend.

*Bonus Wildcard* Steve - Human, transmuted by a deranged fisherman from an alternate dimension. Resides happily in the cold depths of the lake.

psychoDiablo 04-29-2013 08:23 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"You know this log cabin was built back in the days of Abraham Lincoln. 1800's..." Jason was rambling his normal I-know-more-than-you stuff again, only he didn't find himself talking out loud this time, and because of that, he couldn't manage to shut himself up. Luckily his brother from another mother did. Toby was standing in the doorway, blocking the girls' entrance.
"No one cares J...It's too damn cold to care about that." Toby was right. It was dropping down below 15 degrees outside.
"What the hell Toby, get the fuck inside! Let us in dammit!" Tanya pushed Toby out of the way to let her and her friend Erika in. Tanya always had a way with words.
"Why cuss?" Toby turned around, not out of the girl's way either. Tanya pushed him, yet again to move and dropped her luggage on the ground and then looked at Toby.
"Fuck that!" She said. "I'll talk how I need to get my point across mister. Now get up out the fuckin way, thank you." She put her arm out to move Toby and motioned for Erika to come inside.
"Geez it's so cold. I checked the weather on my Iphone and it didn't say it was going to be below zero!" Erika disclaimed to her crowd. She had a way of telling people the obvious.
"Fuck your phone!" Toby said to Erika.
"Oh yeah, cussing from Mr. Why do you cuss?" Tanya looked at Toby with a displeased face. Toby looked at her back and stared.
"Hey you guys, let's relax. Close the door, get inside, dump your stuff off." Jason was good at letting people off the hook.

The group let down their belongings and scoped out the cabin.
"Pretty nice place, I'll say. Who's pad is this again?" Asked Toby.
"It's my cousin's grandpa's cabin." Jason said.
"Who's your cousin?" Asked Erika.
"My cousin Jack from the city. His grandpa has a house in the city. Plus this weekend getaway cabin, here at the lake... Good ol Lake Talibani." Jason was again going on and on with the details.
"Again J, no one cares! Tell me, did your cousin leave behind any of that famous brew, that uh, made them famous?" Toby inquired.
"Yeah. I heard his friend Quick had came up with recipe that made them thousands, if not millions...Why didn't you invite those fuckers?" Tanya, again, with language. Erika looked at her girlfriend and just shook her head.
"What bitch? Why look at me like that?" Tanya asked aggressively, looking her friend in the eyes.
"Oh, no reason Tanya." Erika didn't want to engage her any further.
"Whatever hoes! What we drinking tonight? How we gonna fuckin celebrate our arrival?" Tanya always wanted to party, and cuss.
Jason started thinking again. But Toby, being his childhood friend, noticed that J was about to go on a rambling description of keeping it calm, cool and collected, so he stopped his friend.
"No, J, let me handle this. Let's pick out our rooms! Tanya come with me." He motioned for her to go with him down the hallway.
"The fuck makes you think I'm staying with you? Maybe I want my own room."
"Sometimes I don't know how I fell in love with you...Must have been your dirty mouth." Toby *should not* have said.
"You motherfucker! That's it. You sleeping outside tonight!" Tanya was not feeling it. She was ancy and just wanted to settle in with a drink.
"All right, all right." Erika joined in. "Let's all go to our corners." She took J's hand and everyone went to pick out a room.

Savage_Nature 04-30-2013 09:12 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The cabin seemed much larger on the inside than the outside would have led you to believe. Tanya twisted an ivory knob and let a door swing open. "Holy fuck! Check out this library! It's huge!"

"Like me" smirked Toby - Tanya smacked him with the back of her hand.

"Actually it's a study guys. Come on let's get a room we can explore later." Jason continued on down the hall and opened a door. "Hahahahaaaaaaa! Dibs! The king's castle is mine!" Everyone continued down the hall to see what gem Jason had discovered. In the middle of the room loomed a four poster bed, it had to be bigger than a king size bed. There was a vanity table and another door which presumably led to a master bathroom. Dark oak dressers lined the closest wall and large sprawling ornate windows decorated the remaining wall.

"Now this I could get used to." Quipped Erika "Come on baby let's get settled. The two entered the room and shut the door.

"Whoaaaaa! Already?! We better skiddadle haha!" Toby and his always eloquent lady continued down the hall and found their own, not quite as grand, room. "Hey, baby, how you doin'?"

"Not a fucking chance, Toby." Tanya started to unpack.

The friends regrouped in the common area and had lit a blazing fire, soaking in the warmth and sipping on an assortment of wine and whiskey as the day turned to dusk. After a heartwarming rendition of "The Bad Touch" from Jason (he was not so proper while intoxicated as it were) the group roasted some dinner and chowed down ravenously and then retired to their rooms, the embers glowing with sentience in the fireplace.

Zanahoria_Picante 05-22-2013 11:58 PM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
The woods were lovely, dark, and deep.

Far away in their slumber, the couples were unaware of the steady and silent snow that had begun to fall, piling high and heavy on the roof above their heads, heaping a waist-high wall over the path leading to their door, and stacking deep and impassable for miles and miles into the invisible woods around them.

Enclosed in the warm chambers of the cabin, they could not hear the snow.

Nor could they hear, in the distance, as a patch of the thick-frozen lake cracked apart with ferocious force, a hand trembling and clawing onto the slippery floor of frigid water. Reaching out through the gaping hole and pulling up into the vast solitude of the trees, a tall and broad-shouldered figure crawled onto the ice--its surface dusted with fresh snow--climbing to his feet and gazing toward the dock: From the dock, a path sloped up to the cabin.

Tanya started and her eyes opened. No sound had roused her, but her heart raced and her arms and legs felt weak and heavy. She began shaking Toby awake.

Toby groaned and pushed Tanya almost off the bed.
"Toby! TOBY! Wake up, you ------- ----!"
"-----, please! I'm trying to sleep, --!" Toby objected.
"Something isn't right," Tanya whined. "I'm scared."
Toby growled the growl of an unslept man and whipped off the covers, "What? I didn't hear anything. Your mind is playing tricks on you, girl."
"Toby, please. Can't you just go with me to look around? Something isn't right," she insisted.
"Fine," he got up and grabbed a flashlight from the night stand drawer and shuffled toward the door. He touched the handle; it felt like ice. For a moment, Toby could have sworn that he saw his breath, but it must have been 75 degrees in the room with the fireplace. He tried to hide his shudder.

In Erika and Jason's room, Erika started awake. Hearing strange noises in the hall, she frantically shook Jason awake.

psychoDiablo 05-24-2013 02:03 AM

Re: Pass The Ghost Story
"Whoa, what is it?" Jason said unconsciously. Then opening his eyes to his startled fiance.
"I heard something in the hallway. I think someone's in the house." Erika had a tremble in her voice, but Jason disregarded that.
"It's probably Toby and Tanya, Dear. She's drinking and having a party, while Toby tells her not to." He sighed, "I'll go and look for you." He jumped out of bed in his underwear and opened the door to their room.
The door opened with ease and he thought to himself that he was stronger. "Yeah." He said, flexing his arms and proud to protect his (future) wife. He stepped out into the hall and nothing. He looked down both sides and nothing. But then something caught his eye.
"Babe, you gotta see this. You really should come see this. Erika..." He turned from the hallway to his bed and she was just getting out. She had to put her robe on before she could make it over to Jason. He reached out for her hand as she closed in on him.
"What? What is it?" Erika said dumbfounded because she didn't know to be scared with her brave, handsome (so-called future) husband of hers around, but there was something in his voice that made her think something was up.
Jason pointed down the hall and told Erika, "See babe, it's like I say, there are things you know, and things you figure. I know what I know."
Erika looked at him and wondered why or how she got stuck with him. Then she noticed Toby waving at them to come over, and they went over and saw Tanya pouring shots with some new guests.

"Howdy neighbor! We're your neighbors! Why we thought it'd be just great if we all got together to check up on this here ol' cabin of ours on the lake, whatcha' say?"
"Oh pay no attention to him, he no speak the good English any how. Listen, I'm Jimmy John, I'm head of uh...the uh...uh...." Jimmy John trailed off somehow...
"Damn morons...." A man walked up calmly in front of Jason and Erika, who were standing at the edge of the hallway. The man walked up to Jimmy John and his friend, who were standing around the island counter-top in the kitchen, and went to strike them in the face, but he held his hand back and faked them out. He then turned around to Erika and Jason and smiled.
"My name is Dr. Stein, for short."

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