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andregp 01-13-2003 05:10 AM

Anybody loves Dave Matthews Band?

poopy 01-13-2003 05:19 AM

wow, do they suck! more so than sublime.

Weasel 01-13-2003 06:45 AM

Hey! I like sublime! :wink:

poopy 01-13-2003 06:55 AM

sorry but i don't like supporting any one who overdoses BEFORE they hit stardom. i guess they are an aquired taste, cause i can't stand them.

SummerSun 01-19-2003 02:55 PM

I wouldn't say that i love Dave Matthews but i would say they have a few songs that are really good

Zero 01-19-2003 03:04 PM


Originally posted by poopy
wow, do they suck! more so than sublime.
Jesus Christ, you have no fucking taste in music. Oh yeah...your favorite band is Godsmack.

::cough:: fanboy ::cough::

chrono 01-20-2003 03:06 AM

yeah godsmack is pretty fucking lame.

funnyboy 01-22-2003 05:31 AM

Dave Mathews Band are the sort of band who are much more appreciated by technical musicians. I think they are a brilliant band; alot of different sounds. I wouldn't say that they are a mainstream band though.

funnyboy 01-22-2003 05:34 AM


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