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Funk*Sonic*7 07-26-2016 04:12 PM

Divorce can have negative intergenerational effects on relationships.
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We have such a terrible divorce culture in America. Children of divorce often become divorced themselves, because IN GENERAL, they do not value the commitment, or on average, value it a lot less. They view marriage as disposable, because they learned it from their parents.
Tragic, because so many broken hearts are left in the wake.

The Sexual Revolution's new taboos mean that we must avoid offending people who believe in the new morality surrounding marital, sexual, and reproductive choices.

Here is an example of what I mean. It's a message I received a few days ago from a child of divorce, copied here with his approval:

"I want to share my testimony online about my family upbringing. I can only do it if it is done anonymously, I don't think I can really share a very public testimony about the mistakes of my parents without guaranteed anonymity. In their own individual way, my parents are too sensitive to handle that kind of criticism."

This is an example of how the popular cultural belief of "Kids are resilient," has an unspoken corollary:

"Your parents are fragile, so you are duty-bound to keep quiet about their marital, sexual, and reproductive choices."

Read more here:

"Loving commitment has become an act of daring. To recognize this is to be able to challenge people to rise to it.”
- Kathryn Hickok, of Cascade Policy Institute, one of the contributors to a free report by the Center of the American Experiment.

Worth a look...


"Every family in America has been affected in some way by the Sexual Revolution.

Children living without both their parents due to divorce, separation or unmarried parenthood.
Women wounded and disillusioned by hook-ups, cohabitation or abortion.
Women who waited too long to start their families and who are now suffering from impaired fertility.
Men destroyed by divorces they did not want, by sex addiction or pornography addiction.
You're not alone. Your family is not alone.

What caused all this suffering?

The lies of the Sexual Revolution such as: “Kids are resilient,” “Casual sex is harmless as long as you use a condom every time,” and “Pornography is a victimless crime.”

Do you know a Survivor? Are you a Survivor? Read up on how the Sexual Revolution has affected your life.
Find the brochure here"...

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