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doublea114 05-27-2008 08:28 PM

blog? BLOG? ok
so this is a blog right? im in the wrong area? heheh. jokin, so i talk about anything here right? ok

well, today I successfully hacked my Itouch, so fricken happy. I put some nes roms i have been saving for 2 months on it and they work great, now i am apart of the debug team for the PSX emulator on it. i really cant wait till all of this stuff is fixed and good. talk to my buddy brandon and now his gurl firend isnt pregeant which is good cuz shes only 16. teehee.

as for me, well im just good. im single and looking, sad face. oh well, I always pictured myself as a bachelor. lol. more to come later on

really hope i dont get kicked off this site like the last one, i didn't do anythign wrong btw, i followed all the rules and i got kicked. oh well, no worries

doublea114 05-27-2008 08:34 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
oh yeah, btw, I like to talk alot in forums so anyone who get annoyed, just dont look at me, pretend im a figment of someone else's imagination rofl

Jenn and tonic 05-27-2008 08:39 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
Just a reminder not to double post-please edit your older post if you have something to add.

doublea114 05-27-2008 08:57 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
srry, jenn, ill keep that in mind. i dont mean to anger anyone here

doublea114 05-28-2008 04:45 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
ok, update, yay's, itouch now has Snes emulator on it and man, it runs really nice, has a nice crisp detail and controls are easy, they just had an update for it. Uploaded Simcity, Fzero, simcity 2000, Snes roms on it, also added a few more nes roms on it as well.

I know i talk about it alot but its a very important item in my life, has a word editor on it, calender, internet, music, vids, time, VIDEO GAMES, a whole whack of programs that make it like a computer, it even looks like vista lmfao

ok, i spilt MD on my keyboard like 3 weeks ago and I just cleaned it out now cuz the period and arrow keys and the / button was sticking so i got really mad and decided to clean it out. Also, the period button wouldn't even press in, and when it did, it stayed held down so i really needed to clean it. I unscrewed the damn thing and and took a tooth brush to it, lol. now my bigger problem is fixing the LED blue backing, Its no realy problem as its a few fixes here and there but I miss the addicting blue glow that my key board has.

now a days i get soo bored. especially in school, we have had 10 different teachers teach my religion class, 10. all because my main teacher had a hernia and came back and then had another one. ugh, we are soo behind, its unbelieveable. :sad:

ok in my physics class, you wont believe it, my teacher goes on facebook and myspace and does that sorta stuff after he teaches the lesson, for like 20 mins, most of it is repetition, but today was different. I spent all of class playing NES on my itouch because the teacher didn't feel like teaching today, get that eh. its interesting

I'm currently filming a movie when you look at it. Its our Communications Culminating and we have to film the proccess of making a news show or what ever. well, all the people i want to do their parts agree to it, so yay's. Its interesting because we hired no camera man lol, we got a tri pod and thats about it. we got our host, alex, yeah, and me, co host, WOOT, IM TOTALLY L33T, lmao, and its going good so far, we started yesterday and go tthe first scene done and edited and it look really good. but i find it the most interesting thing ever. I wrote the entire script myself, got an A++ for good writing and creative thinking, got an A++ on actor selection and already getting a good mark on how we are going about video taping the thing. I am so struck because i ahve never wrote a script in my life, i've never done any directing or anything. I've never done directing or scripting or editing or anything with regards to movies ever and i'm perfecting it. I really doubt that this is the way it goes down in the real life, wait this is real life, ah whatever.

so yeah, schools almost over, 3 weeks today and its done, I just cant believe that their taking our two weeks civies away. thats some serious bull. oh yeah, I am entering a guitar hero tourney, fees due this friday and its going down on the 2nd of june so wish me luck, there are only 2 threats, tyler and Justin, supposevly these guys have perfected every song on expert but i say thats bull so i stand some chance, i also keep in mind that I started on Jan 1st, this year so i have been playing for only 5 months, with in the first month of playing, i was rocking expert and now i do it as a warm up for halo, the fast i can react to something coming at me quick better for me

alright I'll blog tomorrow and save people reading, srry if your eyes explode lol

EmperorChaos 05-29-2008 04:42 AM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
All right, another computer whiz and fellow emulator!

Good to have you here.

Thoughtcrime 05-29-2008 12:15 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
Verdict's in: you'd be tight if you didn't type like a tard.

doublea114 05-29-2008 03:08 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
:hurt::angry:stfu, its how i type. MSN does that to me. I get to use to the style of talking.

thanks for the acknowledgement Emperor, i do modding and stuff like that.

enough talking to em, mroe about me cuz it blog, right? *eye twitches*
ok, so we got more work done on the movie I wrote. Scene 1 and 2 are done and complete, only waiting on the next 4, lol. it was interesting cuz my teacher had no little time and he was suppose to act as a video tech person and he didn't even read the script, he gave a perfect description of his job, and he isn't a video tech guy, he teaches picture editing, not video. so that was good.

Today is such a bad day. I am really angry right now, i think its cuz im fucking fed up with school. ugh, I cant take this shit anymore. thank whatever that it is almost over. yeah, so warning to all, I am pissed off today, that being May 29, 2008. im angry for some reason and not sure if I can fix it, maybe MD would help, only I dont got any.

School sucks this time of the year as it's full of work and assignments and exams, lucky for me, I only got one exam and its physics. I'm not worrying cuz my friend wrote it last semester and said it was a joke, and its a piece of cake. btw, exams never change, they are always the same, except english.

Update: Itouch NES emulator is working perfect now. No lagg or skips or audio problems. :smile: My next work regarding the Itouch is to get this fricken Gameboy advance emulator to work. Says I need a bios so i'm gonna have to go digging and mining. Something will pop up, always does.

Notice: The Itouch PS1 emu doesn't work properly, it skips images and laggs hardcore. Audio is messed up, the game runs, no doubt, but there neds to be some serious debugging and work done on it. this is a caution for all those who have it. :wink:

ah, currently inducing music therapy to calm my angry soul down. so far, its working, I am feeling a bit better. I do not like being angry cuz when angry, I cause damage everywhere. but no one is hurt yet. :ermm:

just realized that I will have been single for a full year as of June 8th, 2008. I'm not sure on how I should have worded that. lol :sad: not that I want a gurl friend, (dont get me wrong, it would be nice), its just no one is appealing to me right now. but I dont mind, I'm insane so no worries. I'm just gonna concentrate on helping gurls find what they want and listen to them.

You know, Phsyiatry goes along way. When these gurls that I talk to, (my friends, of course), all they need is a little of it, someone that will listen to them and that cures their anger. After telling me what goes on, what is making them mad, they feel much better. My only regard towards this is that i hope all women take the chance to find someone that will just sit there and listen to what they have to say. if it cures anger then they need it. no flaming me on this or ill report your sorry ass.

my buddy, cody, fractured his wrist, im not to sure what happened. he couldn't move em but he could move his index finger 4 cm up and down. thats about an inch for you americans. joking. so i stayed in the office till his step mom came and took him away. the guy only cried out in pain, er should say holler, here and there. so hes at the hospital, getting bettter I hope. :puzzled: ha, he um. jumped over a railing about 4 fett high and tripped over his feet and landed on his palms to cushion the blow hopefully, well, now hes got a bad knee and two bad wrists, lmao. hope he gets better

ok, enough for today, more to come tomorow

doublea114 05-29-2008 05:24 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
ok, just ate and now talking my new cool forum, almost smart, hehe. Pizza filled me up and i am now hyper cuz I just drank a litre of pop. ugh. Don't think I should of done that. Parents aren't home so i am not doing a single thing but engage in combat with Diablo some time soon.

It's weird. MSN is really quiet. Everyone is online but i guess I dont got much to say. Very tired. I have reason why. I think it's cuz the weather is really cold for this time of the year. oh well, it should get really warm soon.

I really, REALLY REALLY want Mario and Kirby ROMs for the SNES so i can put them on my itouch. Problem is they are ESA protected so i cant download them.:angry: I will continue my search but hopefully somehow, maybe someone will give em to me. tha'd be really cool but this is life, you gotta work for what you want and you gotta fight for that. So, looks like I gotta go digin and mining for it. lol

oh this summer is going to be more fun than i thought. Hopefully going to florida. yeahs. I'm also going up north with a few buddies just to hang, get drunk, high and walk around on 10 acres of land :rofl:. oh boy, its gonna be fun. I haven't gone camping for a long ass time.

oh yeah, I also want Zelda ROM's as well. that be totally tits. (lol little bit of south park coming out)

supposevely, i should talk about my favs. ok. I enjoy biking and rock climbing. those are really fun. I only watch 2 hrs of tv, 830 till 1030 and not every night as well. I usually get off the comp at like 930, 10 ish so i miss that much of stuff. man hour here and there, hehe.

my bed is way to confortable. Like, I seriously wake up tired in the morning cuz its too comfy. if only people could have my bed, would it be aweshum. lol, slurrs. I like making a fool outa myself as well

Brisa 05-29-2008 06:09 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
lol so he double posts once more. LMAO!. Oh well, and I can not really complain about you MSN chat, cause I do it too.... hence the "LMAO!" part

EmperorChaos 05-29-2008 06:27 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok

Originally Said by doublea114 (Post 297535)
I really, REALLY REALLY want Mario and Kirby ROMs for the SNES so i can put them on my itouch. Problem is they are ESA protected so i cant download them.:angry: I will continue my search but hopefully somehow, maybe someone will give em to me. tha'd be really cool but this is life, you gotta work for what you want and you gotta fight for that. So, looks like I gotta go digin and mining for it. loll

So that's why you've been posting so much. Tell you what, since you've been trying to get the points and ignoring the asshole who have talked shit to you, I'll send you the ROMs for nothing. No worries about points or anything.

Just PM me with your email address, and I'll pass them along.

Just stick around okay? We need some new people around, even if they are bad typers... you might even improve yourself!

Brisa 05-29-2008 06:30 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
I have.... A little.
You know, Improved my typeing a bit more. No one can say I don't really try.

hai Jay 05-29-2008 06:31 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
he actually double posted on two different occassions. and jenn, lots of people double post.

also, new dude, it's a blog - just make one. it's not an ongoing personal blog for you to use everyday. which is what you're doing, which is why i'm sure you're double posting.

but you just basically post one really good blog entry. something you want everyone to know. but not about everyday and about what you ate and shie. there's actually a thread in a forum called 'what's the last thing you ate?' so, there's no need to write a blog about it. it's not important enough to even get points for - it's in the 'threads that never end' forum.

GoddessDivine 05-30-2008 11:30 AM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
yep this is not the captains log, eating doesnt need to be blogged about unless you're picard, that would be epic

doublea114 05-30-2008 04:01 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
ok thats not the reaspn why I've been posting alot. its cuz i like to talk alot.

and its not a double post cuz there is like an hour time difference between the two.

last note, you are all lucky cuz I'm not posting all weekend as i have training to do and i will not be online. so, party for you guys,

seeing how this post is now a run down, would the admin please delete it. thank you.

hai Jay 05-30-2008 04:18 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
ok, who are you goddessdivine? and double whatever guy, mods don't typically delete posts, they just close them. and unless there's some major flaming and major skewing from the topic, it won't be closed, i'm sure.

GoddessDivine 05-31-2008 08:35 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
what do you mean who am i? look at my profile if you want to know. are you saying who am i like you suck or who am i like you're interesting???

hai Jay 05-31-2008 09:17 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
well, you're new. that's why i don't know who you are. how'd you get here?

EmperorChaos 06-01-2008 08:40 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
My magical powers brought her here to kill you.

EmperorChaos 06-01-2008 08:47 PM

Re: blog? BLOG? ok
I haven't even been ignoring you Jasmine. I haven't been online in more than a day.

I come back to my computer and have five messages about AS not working from various people and that's that.

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