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cloud nine 08-19-2006 03:30 AM

Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
This is a flashback to AOL chatroom days.
I'll set the scene... everyone just add their character... and as more people start to join in, we'll develop them, give them situations & conflicts to deal with. (and yes, i'm a nerd)... don't be shy... create a fun character, but don't have superman trying to hump every chick in here... try to stay in character and it will be a blast! As fair warning: if anyone gets unfair or 'falls out' of character, i will "clean" posts to keep this as more of an ongoing story... use your imgination... be a dragon in human form... a vampire, a werewolf, a bounty hunter, an alien, a detective, etc etc etc... BUT... don't get carried away with it, and No 'blowing up the bar' or anything. You've been warned... now have fun!

1) Actions (walking, sitting, fighting, dirty looks, etc etc,) should be encased in brackets [ ] to let people know its an action and not something else

2) Ideas/thoughts/telepathic conversations should be marked with :: double colons at each end

3) Don't forget to incorporate vbulliten code in your posts... like bold, italiacs, smileys, etc... if you think it will help get your message across, go for it!

4) When introducing yourself to the game, don't forget to seperate your characters bio from his actions with nice little dashed line --------

5) A series of peroids ........ at the end of your post lets other people know that your leaving the stage open for the next sequence of events... don't get greedy now... have fun with it!

6) Background & general information should be placed into funky brackets { }
(ie: a short background of your character is STRONGLY reccomended when your joining the game... (for example, my character is as follows)

{'Seth' the bartender; is a mortal who has had several offers to be turned into several different creatures, but declines each time, in order to stay neutrual. An ex-navy seal, who used to work for a secret government orginization... tracking down & killing 'supernaturals', or 'super's as they're commonly referred to... before he found his faith and quit killing for money, religion, or politicians. Now he only kills in defense of himself, his property, or his friends... is generally mild tempered but can be quick to anger if threatened. Loves to drink. Powers/Abilities: Almost inhuman tolerance for pain, excellent at using his enviornment to his advantage, alcohol & drugs have limited effects on him due to experimental surgeries during his tenure as an 'agent', has good contacts if you ever need to get a hold of weapons, visas, passports, a hideout, etc}

{A resturant & bar with plenty of table space, a few 'machines of entertaiment' (ie: pool table, arcade machines, etc) Its in an out of the way place in Chicago, tucked inbetween warehouses and docks... where anything can, and probably will happen... it known to be a 'rougher' part of town, but its also a haven for its regulars}


[Seth sits behind the bar, using a bar towel to clean a beer mug that seems to be perpetually dirty... his gaze constantly roaming over every little detail & event in his establishment, "The Greyzone". His eyes stop on a table of rugged looking human bounty hunters who have caused him trouble in the past]

::Those damned bounty hunters better not step out of line again... if they try to apprehend another super in my bar, treaty or not... I'm gonna have to serve them 10 gauge slugs, ala carte...right in their grimey faces... damn scum, Seth thinks to himsef while throwing a half-smile their way::

[Seth sighs]

[Joe, one of the regualars... and old sailor who doesn't honestly believe 'supers' exist, sits at the bar, getting loaded... at 10:17 am]

"Jesus Christs ballsack, Seth, sure is slow today... why the hell is it always dead in here on valentines?"

"Maybe people have a better place to be, or someone worth spending time with... or maybe they just enjoy the company of someone with better manners..." [Grins mockingly at the old sea-dog]

"Ah-ha... ya think your a funny one, but your not, punk... if it weren't for this bum leg, why i'd have half a mind to hop over this bar and knock yer teeth down yer throat!" [laughs into his beer, obviously intoxicated... already]

"Try me, old man..."

[They both share a laugh at the old, harmless banter]


psychoDiablo 08-24-2006 01:32 AM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
[Psycho comes in and says, "Have i been drinking again?"].

Blood Red 08-24-2006 06:21 AM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
and then, then i say "FUCK YEAH CLOUD HAS BEEN"

cloud nine 09-08-2006 11:40 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
[Seth rolls his eyes at the drunk regulars]

"Sit down, i'll get you guys some wings... and a couple cold ones. That is... if you two want to stick around and chat... but if your just here to waste my time, theres the door."

[Looks at the two sceptically and throws them a half-grin]

psychoDiablo 09-09-2006 03:15 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
/me yells Dont ever talk to me like that again!
... i'll take a beer. and im thirsty NOW.

billmahn 11-16-2006 09:54 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
soren members enters the room to embrace his sexual proweress while drinking a healthy stein of ale.

Ace 05-18-2007 05:10 AM

very first post never done anything like this wanted to try please dont hate me
{'Ace' the 2nd neo; Ace is 17 years old, was bornwith a different name which he hates to say or be called by even though it is not an embarrassing name just simply prefers to be called ace and hates to be called otherwise ::perhaps it will come up in the story eventualy :: had a rough life in the past but made a discovery of new powers similar but better than those shown in the matrix by the first neo lol, he has never discussed how

male, dark dark dark brown hair, 2 inches slightly spiked yet messy around 6 feet tall not skinny not fat, average attractive body build i guess, not the sexiest thing around but better than average and has his way with the ladies

demands respect from others and for others to respect themselves or not expect respect back, wont disrespect nor will he respect others until he has recieved it first, easily tempered but wont let go til its gone farther than u would have preferred

heavy drug use in the past and family bloodlines make him good drinker and drinks gambles and smokes underage and most dont care or dont realise its a problem since ace has looked over 18 since 13, also those who do judge based on his age soon regret it

================================================== =====
um i think thats enough of my bio im so frelling new to this i found this board looking for riddles read this signed up it looks fun i wanna try if i did summin wrong or missed summin please let me know
================================================== =====
.................................................. .................................................

[ ace a new visitor to the bar walks in nods knowingly to the bounty hunters ad heads straight to the bar and sits down near the bar tender ]

:: not bad,a bar that is run by someone who seems to know his stuff from the looks of it::

[ sits down 2 chairs distance from the bartender ]

"nice place you got here whats with the scum bounty hunters though?
hate those pricks hunt men merely to feel like thier dick is larger than the man across from them... cowards"

[ places 5 bucks and 2 swisher sweet cigars on the table ]

" ill take a M.G.D. and let me buy you one as well light one up and tell me whats the run down on this city and its locals, im new to the area but not new to the style "

[ notices psycho getting frustrated and tosses him a cigar as well ]

"pipe down there turbo and let me buy you a beer"

psychoDiablo 05-18-2007 09:26 AM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
wow there was not one period in that whole post. i dont know how i read it without the puncuation. i must be psychic for all you know.

/me decides he is and proceeds to read the fellow patrons' minds.

Ace 05-19-2007 12:32 AM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
sry like i said im new to this lol but i dont understand wat u said "/me decides he is and proceeds to read the fellow patrons' minds."

psychoDiablo 05-19-2007 04:31 AM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
me. slash me. mIRC days.

stop telling us your new. it's annoying. (me smacks ace upside the head) hah

Wounded Satellite 05-19-2007 02:25 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
/me slaps Ace with a large trout

psychoDiablo 05-19-2007 08:36 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
LOL not that sutpid line!

SketchImpressions 05-20-2007 01:35 AM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
[Lady marie slink slowly into the bar]

ya know, i was a sucker for these types of games, i supose im a nerd too.

Jugband 08-09-2007 02:07 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
[Jugband stumbles inside, clearly departed with his senses, with a human-sized blow up george bush doll, everyone looks up]
"ol' bushie's come for a vizz-hiccup-it. here, by him a drink why dont you"
[sits doll on the stool adjacent to psycho]

Orgoth 11-10-2007 01:16 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
[A young cheery man enters the bar.]

----His hair is long and silvery-blonde, his eyes are turquise blue, and his ears are slightly pointed.----

[With him he carries a lute, a rapier, and a large pouch attached to his belt. As he enters the bar he makes his way to the bartender.]

"Oi barkeep, do you have any problem with me setting up a small show for ye customers? Do not worry, it will cost ye nothing, just ye approval."

glubgluby 01-08-2008 09:26 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
then walked in a 1/2 dragon 1/2 man named gregor, he was 8 feet tall, piercing red eyes, a large sword, and large wings, he comes bearing warning of a great evil approaching the land (some one name the land) he passes out silver amulets too anyone who wishes to come and fight this evil
all who choose to fight in this time of need, go and gather your weapons, spells, armour, and any shiz you may need, meet me in the inn across the street.

my shiz:
BFS (big fucking sword)
throwing axes
fire breath
limited flight
earthshaker orb
silver amulet

Orgoth 01-18-2008 09:38 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
Oi, Dragon-Man, calm ye self, today is a time for merriment, for I have a tale from the elven lands. If ye want to be hearing it then take ye self a seat and listen to my tale.

Long ago during the reign of the Great Mage Council, two boys were born under the alignment of Hexor, god of Justice and Good, and Kord, god of Evil and Destruction. It was foretold by the Mage Council that these boys were born under one of the most feared omens, and for the prophecy to not come true they must take special precautions in the raising of these children. As they grew the people of their village looked at them strangely for they did not want to train their physique, but rather spend hours pouring through the ancient tomes of the village elder.

At age ten, men were enlisted from the village to help in defending the castle from an onslaught of orcs, it was at that moment they last saw their father. Two years passed and the orcs finally retreated, but their father never returned home.

Upon their thirteenth year from birth a man in black cloak arrived at their home. Their mother begged and pleaded for the man not to take her children away, but all he could say was that he was under the Mage Council's order. When they arrived at the Mage's Palace, they were greeted by the council themselves. Each member of the council performed various exams on the boys, testing the caliber of their magic. Upon the completion of the tests the boys were seperated into two groups, the one boy, Merlin, went with a group of mages dressed in white robes to the western part of the palace. The second brother, Lamorock, was taken by a group of mages in black robes to the northern part of the palace.

The boys rarely saw each other, with the exception of meals and combat training that they began to grow distant. Merlin being taught magic in the domains of good, justice, and light aided Paladins in the liberation of captive towns. Lamorock was taught magic in the domains of death, destruction, and power aided the Necromancers of the council summon the undead for brutal annihilation of enemy villages.

Around their seventeenth year of birth they left the mages to venture the world on their own. Merlin sought out work in local towns and villages to help fend off orcs, while Lamorock went into the mountains to further develop his abilities. Years passed, and one day Merlin received a scroll from Lamorock. It was an invitation to his wedding. Merlin was so happy that his brother had found a woman he loved, but things turned worse.

Upon the wedding day Lamorock's bride to be passed out while walking down the isle of the Grand Mage Palace. Lamorock rushed over to see what was wrong and soon had to call for Merlin's help.

Merlin examined the poor girl and came to the conclusion that she had come down with the plague. He called summoned for the countries best clerics to help this sickly girl, but none of their divine powers could help her. In a rage Lamorock fled the scene in tears.

Merlin felt terrible that he could not help, that he began reading the most ancient of tomes and scrolls in the Grand Mage Library looking for a way to resurrect the dead in a way a Necromancer couldn't. Forty years passed as Merlin finally perfected the spell needed for the task he wanted to complete. As he went to grab his staff a knock came from the door.

Merlin being outgoing person he is told the guest at the door to enter, and to his surprise it was Lamorock. Merlin was so happy he was here because now Lamorock and his love could be reunited, but Lamorock did not want that.

He told Merlin to follow him, and so he did. Lamorock told Merlin that this world was cruel for what it did to his love, for taking her from him. He told of the powers he had acquired and how he was going to use them to bring the Kingdom down on it's knees. How he was going to make the world pay for what it had done.

Disturbed at what he heard come from Lamorock's mouth Merlin turned around a started heading the other way. The words that came from Lamorock's mouth, are those that were never forgotten: "You, my own brother, turns his back on me. In my time of need you deny me. Very well then, when the world is in ruin, I will let you live, so that you can see the pain and destruction for yourself, I will not just simply let you get away."

These words rang through Merlin's head as he made his way back to his quarters, only to see fire rain down upon the nearby villages and to hear Lamorock's laughter.

With haste Merlin packed up only a few things he would need to stop Lamorock, though he was to late. Years ensued and Merlin kept himself in hiding, creating intricate tunnels underneath the land to help hide people from Lamorock's onslaught.

Almost twenty more years passed and Merlin had enlisted quite a group of people to fight Lamorock. He marched them through the wasteland that used to be their homes, all the way to Lamorock's castle, defended by orcs, the people of Merlin's army charged forward.

As they advanced the people hacked and slashed through every orc without being harmed, some say the spirit of Hexor was in every soldier that day, aiding them to victory. Once they hard stormed the castle Lamorock was found on a throne made of black obsidian, he was cackling, for he did not fear death. As Merlin fired a forth of bolt of divine energy at Lamorock's heart, Lamorock began chanting something in ancient elven. As the ray hit Lamorock, both brothers dropped dead in the castle.

Legend has it, that the ray of light combined with Lamorock's spell caused their souls to be torn apart and sent to different items of importance to their life. Merlin's items are his staff, his blood ruby necklace, and a scroll written in ancient elven. It is also said that Lamorock's items are his wedding band, his battle helmet, and also a scroll written in ancient elven. Also part of the legend is that if one were to collect all three of their artifacts, they will gain the powers and past memories of that mage.

Today be the 800th anniversary of Lamorock's defeat, and rumor has it, that the orcs are searching for his artifacts.

glubgluby 01-21-2008 03:25 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
very good story, you have a knack for names

triprh3 10-21-2008 06:44 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
Prawn= shade
(dark cloak that hides form of body and face)

[a shadowy figure gets up from the back of the room. leaves a generous tip and disapears into night]

SketchImpressions 02-19-2011 02:13 PM

Re: Role Playing Game... come have some fun!
[ after taking a ridiculously long cat nap beneath the bar, Selma Slim Simmone stretches, stirring sinewy arms and legs to sting and shiver from lack of use.]
:: hmm must of fallen off the stool, wonder where the bar keep went, i need a double double fast...::

{ BIO, Selma Slim Simmone, once a prominate wild life photographer was pronounced missing 4 years ago in the jungles of the Congo. The family assuming her untimely demise split her assets and small fortune amongst themselves and sold her life story to the Lifetime net work to make a made for tv movie. }

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