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psychoDiablo 05-06-2007 08:01 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)

EmperorChaos 05-08-2007 02:11 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)

Originally Said by psychoDiablo (Post 246623)
screw the nintendo. they dont rule any games except for little kids. 8 to 9 year olds.

that' swhat that wii is all about. cartman liked it. he's only 9, 10 year sold. Lol

you'renot a gamer, you arent anything EC.


Originally Said by psychoDiablo (Post 246668)

This next statement will be close to ones I've made previously, just the number has been updated:

pd, you have 8,311 posts of crap, especially lately.


Originally Said by Kenji (Post 246637)
EC, playing War Craft does not make you a real gamer, lol. I played it for a week, hated it SO much, uninstalled it from my PC and kept playing my regular games. it's just that I can't get 'addicted' to a game, except for Street fighter.

Wii is directly pointed to the casual gamers, who aren't too fond with games, and play it from time to time. yeah, it DOES have a lot of great exclusive titles, and they are a must-buy to me, but comparing the 3 new consoles in terms of Full HD capability Outstanding graphics and excellent outcome, Wii does not stand a chance. It is still got fun games. Mario, Wario, Pokemon -RPG for god sake-, Zelda, Metroid, all of these are great sequels from Nintendo, not to mention what the 3rd party companies will bring us -aka Capcom, Konami and the rest.
Long story short; Wii -IMO- is a sub-console. meaning, my main console is the 360, and when I'm in a mood for some fun and stuff, Wii's gonna play it's role.

Well, I've been borrowing my friends' 360, as I said, but I haven't been able to use it for its HD capability. I don't have any additional connections than the ones I'm already using for the TV. I'll just take your word that it's good.

Now... one day... I'll have a PS3 and then I'll be a gamer again. You'll see.

psychoDiablo 05-08-2007 08:14 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
you think i give a shit?

her'es eight thousand three hundred and twelve.

but i'll let all my rep speak for me and what i've actually posted up in the 8k posts i ahve.

so back up, and no people, that's not a beeper sound you here. it's EC backing up. it's the law for the full ton load.

Wounded Satellite 05-09-2007 12:09 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
how did a thread about xbox live turn into a pissing contest between two egotistical narcissists ?

psychoDiablo 05-09-2007 08:51 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
he's gotta open his mouth to feed...

and i swear when he does, i hear all these little voices calling from such an abyss. (the back of his throat)

EmperorChaos 05-09-2007 11:40 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
That fat joke went horribly wrong.

If I were that big, I'd be devouring planets like Galactus. And Silver Surfer would be kicking all of your asses.

psychoDiablo 05-10-2007 10:15 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
no, youre the one that went horribly wrong. and then got away....

and you are that big. silver surfer would be surfing, but you gulped him down? DONT U KNOW WHAT U EAT!!?!? ffs...well i guess thats what happens when you dont chew and just swallow everything down

it's all good to you right?

EmperorChaos 05-10-2007 01:23 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
Stop derailing every thread with your pitiful insults. I know I'm so fat that I have to use a giant redwood to brush my teeth. I try to stay on land and not move as much for fear of generating massive earthquakes but occasionally I do go in the ocean to bathe but I only end up causing tsunamis!

Okay, those were pretty dumb too. But I tried!


So all you XBOX fiends out there.... What are some good games that I should try out? I'm down for all types of strategy and most types of roleplaying games. I only care for a first person shooter if it's a really really good one. But I despise sports games (except basketball) and racing games.

Any suggestions?

psychoDiablo 05-10-2007 09:55 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
lol fatasses.

it's fun making fun of them.

you fell in love and broke it!

youre so fat you tried to get up from the couch but instead rocked yourself to sleep.

oh yeah, and to be on track,
xbox360 sucks balls.

Kenji 05-11-2007 05:37 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)

So all you XBOX fiends out there.... What are some good games that I should try out? I'm down for all types of strategy and most types of roleplaying games. I only care for a first person shooter if it's a really really good one. But I despise sports games (except basketball) and racing games.

Gears of War: 3rd Person Shooter. By far, one of the best games that have been made in the gaming industry, ever. The game play is enthusiastically awesome, the options you got to kill your enemies\opponents are fantastic, and the weapons are cool, too. Also, the Multi player is SPECTACULAR, it's one of the few games that I keep playing online since day one -inspite of hating the online gaming, I couldn't stop playing it. Epic knows how to treat us. :biggrin:

Lost Planet: 3rd Person Shooter from Capcom. I trust Capcom ATW, and this title has done some blowjob for the console.

Enchanted Arms: RPG game from Ubi Soft, the game play is kinda unique, I recommend renting it rather buying it. I didn't like it a lot, but you may.

Rainbow Six: Vegas: Ubi Soft at it's best. FPS game running in Vegas, the graphics is top notch, the sounds are realistic indeed, and the game play is, I wouldn't say 'Unique in it's own' but it's fantastic. worth every penny ;)

Splinter Cell: Double Agent: Action\Stealth game from Ubi Soft (I think Montreal studios?). I, for my self, like it a lot. As usual with Ubi, the graphics are splendid, every thing's so wonderful, but it's up to you whether to like it or no -depending on the game play. worth a rent, at first.

This is for now, lol :biggrin:

psychoDiablo 05-11-2007 08:29 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
gears of war is LAME>

it's a nice idea, but it doesn't cut it in my book. I hate shooting enemies fifty times int he head before they die. i hate shooting enemies 50 times period.
online is just rediculous.

now Lost Planet is something I can get into. I loved teh fire from explosions and god forsaken monsters 30 feet high leaping out from behind the fire. HAH amazing!

there is no game right now on that 360 worth SIXTY dollars. HellNo

Wounded Satellite 05-11-2007 10:15 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
I have been reading the mass effect book(REVELATION)* and it is surprisingly good, but the game comes out in September

and who knows if they will even keep that release date the same
but IT WILL BE worth the 60$

*its basically a prequel to the game, by the same guy who did the game's storyline. so you get the backstory before the game starts.

Kenji 05-12-2007 12:11 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
pD, it's just you hating the Xbox. I have the same feeling with the PSP, I can't play any game because they're all sucks goat balls. yeah, Daxter, MGS, Breath of Fire, Tekken, and all the great title, I just hate them on because of the PSP. The system is just lame, and the D-pad is the worst since Super Nintendo :\

Mass Effect is cool, all the images and videos are amazing. I'm just waiting for a demo, if there is.
Did you download Forza 2 demo? it's <3

psychoDiablo 05-12-2007 01:50 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
um, psp sucks.
im not just hating the 360, it's a crappy ass machine. just wait till ur xbox croaks and ur outside ur warranty.

they wont give the 75% off for repairs like they did for me.

the 360, or xbox2, is the most upsetting console of all time. what a gigantic let down

Wounded Satellite 01-08-2008 08:18 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)

Dear Xbox LIVE Members:
During this past holiday season you helped us break a number of Xbox LIVE records. This included our largest sign-up of new members to Xbox LIVE in our 5 year history and just yesterday you broke the record for the single biggest day of concurrent members ever on the service.
As a result of this massive increase in usage we know that some of you experienced intermittent Xbox LIVE issues over the holiday break. While the service was not completely offline at any given time, we are disappointed in our performance. I would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding as our team has worked around the clock to return the service to a stable state.
At the same time we would like to offer a token of our appreciation to all of you in celebration of record success for the service. And as a thank you for your loyalty during this holiday period, we will be offering all of our Xbox LIVE members around the world access to a full Xbox LIVE Arcade game that will be available to download free of charge. In the coming weeks we will be sharing the specific details of this offer with you.
Thank you again for helping make Xbox LIVE everything that it is today!

Marc Whitten
General Manager, Xbox LIVE
Gamertag: Notwen

i bet you that they are gonna let us download some gay ass arcade game that everyone already has, but hopefully they will make another free game like ageis wings

the disconnects from XBL was really fustrating, i was tryin to play COD4 and it would let you get into the game but then 3 secs later it would give you a "connection interupted" and disconnect you from XBL then it would show you that your friends were on line only to disconnect you again.

i go so fustrated that i had to pull my ethernet cable and play some SP shit for awhile.

the only good thing that came out of the outages for me was getting to plan in a clan match with Red vs Blue members :biggrin:

since the holidays its gotten a lil better, ive noticed some disconnects from XBL here and there, but if you shift your multiplayerness to the off hours of the day you get a pretty good game play on live.

XxSk33txX 01-08-2008 09:36 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
My gamer tag is deston43, add me if you please. All I play is rock band and gears of war, and sometimes Naruto:Rise of Ninja

Drogdar 01-08-2008 09:43 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
ok... I didnt go through the thread...

but why would I pay for Xbox Live.... when ps3 has the same thing for free? O_o

even better... why would I play a console... when I can get all the PC games for free?

I have a PS3 and a 360... Im going to sell them... I never even use them... PS3 is ok but... i just dont play it... and 360.. well despite being inferior... makes you pay for EVERYTHING...

Blood Red 02-27-2009 10:58 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
lol anyways, dam crazy ass old thread...

everyone just post your xbox live gamer tags here

mine is Godlike Saint

Orgoth 02-27-2009 11:28 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
Xiocese Zeosect

pitcairnpete 02-28-2009 05:51 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
As I have no idea who you are, never mind x

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