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Wounded Satellite 02-24-2007 10:36 PM

Xbox Live (360)
so who here plays on xbox live ?
just wondering if there is any gamers with tags out there

anyone ?

Pharm 02-25-2007 06:49 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
yea I have an 360

Wounded Satellite 02-25-2007 12:34 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
thats not what i wanted to know, i wanted to know who uses xbox live

psychoDiablo 02-25-2007 12:41 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
i have the 360, no live though.

Kenji 04-30-2007 10:52 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)

what's your Gamertag? :biggrin:

psychoDiablo 04-30-2007 08:13 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
360 sucks dick. mine just stopped working. fuckin overheating problem. fuck microsoft and fuck all of you who are suckers to have bought the damn thing. jeez!

playstation is the way to go. my ps2 works FUCKING FINE and i leave it on ALL THE TIME! shit when was the last time i cleaned out the dust in that bish i dont know.

Kenji 04-30-2007 11:56 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
psychoDiablo, I know exactly what you've been through. I got many friends in a forum who always says "Unreadable disk?", "Clean my lens? WHY!" and they're totally right, the console FUBAR'ed it self without any good reason! I suffered from it a bit, but know it's working like a charm.
The thing is, Microsoft does own Sony after the 'Exclusivity Show' we have seen, Ace Combat 6 was scheduled to release on the PS3, but that's old news, now it's exclusive on the Xbox 360. DMC, as the killer app from Capcom, as scheduled for the PS3, it's a Multi game now, even the PC got it's own share!
I only wish for Kojima to announce 'MGS 4' for the 360, and I'll kiss Sony good-bye.

+ all of the next-gen consoles got some serious shit, even Wii got some nasty problems... oh well :\

psychoDiablo 05-02-2007 09:00 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
waste of moneys ....

microsoft owns sony? then how can the ps2 kick so much ass and the 360 is a p o s ?

Kenji 05-03-2007 07:05 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
I meant in this generation. the original Xbox never inspired me to go and buy it, I don't know but I still prefer my PS2 over it. even with Ninja Gaiden, Conker, Halo and the others, I didn't like the console for an odd reason. But, with the 360 it's vice versa, all I'm seeing is real next gen games, next gen gaming experience and never endless fun -at least for me. the problem with the 360 is, well how can I say that ..... we're getting FUBAR'ed every now and then, sometimes an annoying 'Clean the disc' pop up, or your console starts getting nerves and all you can say is 'Fuck You Microsoft'. and really, the PS3 is not a must-have console for me, all the great titles are now heading to the 360, and the 'OMGBLURAYCELLRSX' propaganda is nothing but a pain in the ass, have you tried Oblivion or SC:Double Agent? the loading is real failure. that does not mean the console is gonna fail, but in my point of view, the 360 will rule this generation -excluding Wii, it's not a real next gen console.

You may want to wait for the 360 Elite, or just save for a PS3 when it's exclusive titles appear on the surface.

psychoDiablo 05-03-2007 07:59 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
tha'ts exactly what im gonna do.

i was never a fan of the xbox. kept telling my friend to get a ps2. but nope, he gets an xbox and agrees, ps2 rocks.

i've played almost all teh games out for this 360. none of them impressed me at all. Sure some are fun to play, but meh. 60 dollars to buy the game? Please...... better ps2 games worth 50.

60 dollars for games is rediculous. none of the games i have played are even close to being worth 60 bucks.

Wounded Satellite 05-04-2007 06:32 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)

Originally Said by psychoDiablo (Post 246502)
60 dollars for games is rediculous. none of the games i have played are even close to being worth 60 bucks.

there is one exception to that; Oblivion
and ive actually spent more then 60$ on that game with all of the extras they have put out, 1600 points for shivering isles alone not to mention 250 here and there for there others

Mr. Definistrate 05-04-2007 11:10 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
You said Wii isn't a next gen system.

Maybe it doesn't have the specs, but it also does have more potential.
Ex. Can any "Next Gen" system play RTS (real time strategy) like the Age of Empires franchise? I know that the wii can, because it does have the remote and the button for it. The other consoles would be a pain to play it on if a joystick would be the way to move the cursor.

You don't need a supercomputer in a box to play games. When Corruption, Fire emblem, and BRAWL come out, the wii will pwn both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Not to mention Twilight Princess, but that's already out and one game on its own can't make a system good, as we have seen with Halo 1 on the original X box.

Kenji 05-04-2007 03:16 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
^ I'm planning to get a Wii, Nintendo is my first choice in everything, but truth has got to be told, Wii is 'Cube with a new controller'. I played Wii Sport and Wario Ware in my friend's console, it's pretty awesome, fun to play. but -including every game that is out- in terms of graphics, Wii made me LOL. Far Cry and Red Steel are good examples, I finished Far Cry Instincts in my 360 and it was AWESOME, when I tried -just tried!- to play Far Cry on Wii, my eyes got hurt @_@ the graphics was tremendously BAD. yeah I know, the console is still fresh, and they MUST give it time to rise with it's sequels, such as Mario Galaxy, Super Smash, Metroid and all of the great stuff.
Still, even with the bad factors; Nintendo owned MS and Sony, and I believe that Wii is going to outsell both the 360 and the PS3. I still recall the first time they introduced the DS, everyone was 'WHAT? TOUCH? NAAAAH', but when the system went to the market, it blew everything away. the PSP, at first glance, looks good and stuff, but when it hits the market, man it just suck. how many GOOD PSP games are out? 5, 7, maybe 10? well the DS got a whole history in 'Perfection'. and that's why I trust Nintendo, they know how to deal with stuff, even though I didn't like GC as much as I liked my other consoles, but I still believe in Nin guys, aand waiting for their exclusives on the console.
Until that day, I'm gonna stick to my beauty, the 360 as long as I can. with Forza2 kicking out this month, it's gonna be real great.
Sorry for the long reply, though.

EmperorChaos 05-04-2007 03:22 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)

Originally Said by Wounded Satellite (Post 246512)

there is one exception to that; Oblivion
and ive actually spent more then 60$ on that game with all of the extras they have put out, 1600 points for shivering isles alone not to mention 250 here and there for there others

Hell yeah. Oblivion is the shit. I've played it twice now and that's saying something. The first time was when it first came out, I downloaded it and toned the graphics down a lot (toggling grass off was crucial!) so I can play it on my below specs computer. Now I borrowed my friends XBOX 360 and the game. It's so much fun!

I don't like how long it takes to load shit on the 360 though.

Wounded Satellite 05-04-2007 09:40 PM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
well right now im using "Razored Wired" because my other account was shut down due to "fraud alerts" MS though someone hacked my account and was buying a shit load of points with it.

Turns out it was JUST ME, and they didnt even ask me if it was me first or not they just decided to shut me down and THEN email me, the "3 to 5 days" it was suppose to take for them to unlock it has now turned into 3.5 weeks.....
good thing you can make 3 1month gold accounts on a premium bundles

Kenji 05-05-2007 12:22 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
What was your Gamerscore back then?
It would be lame if it was good and they just shut it out :\
And after MS last statement, I'm afraid that I may get my self a ban account. I'm in Kuwait, using 'Canada' as my country, and buying 'MS Points' from the Market Place using my Visa, which obviously from Kuwait. if, by any matter, they liked to screw the day for some gamers, my day gonna be screwed too.

I don't know if it's temporary, but I'm hating all the consoles right now. Last time I played my 360 was 2 days ago, hunger for SC. before that, I may stayed a whole month playing nothing -after getting the full % in SOTN. if it wasn't for PM Pearl, I'd be dead by now =_=
I think Forza 2 will pull me back and re-settle my mood :biggrin:

Should I add you in your 'Razored Wired' or is it temporary?

Wounded Satellite 05-05-2007 12:36 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
my other account is a low score too cuz i started my 360 not online and when i came to live i had to use my old account from my original xbox and i couldn't carry over my 30k+ gamer score. which totally sucked.

i haven't had the time to play much so its only about 960(?) something
but you can add razored wired, ive already added yours. i have to play it for awhile till i get my other account unlocked. + i still have a few "1 month free gold" subscription cards left

EmperorChaos 05-06-2007 02:16 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
I used to think I was a gamer....

And now I see there are you people and the World of Warcrafties over in the other thread.

I am most definitely not a gamer. I just realized this. And I play a lot of games. You people make accounts. And interact. Wow.

psychoDiablo 05-06-2007 05:54 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
screw the nintendo. they dont rule any games except for little kids. 8 to 9 year olds.

that' swhat that wii is all about. cartman liked it. he's only 9, 10 year sold. Lol

you'renot a gamer, you arent anything EC.

Kenji 05-06-2007 11:39 AM

Re: Xbox Live (360)
EC, playing War Craft does not make you a real gamer, lol. I played it for a week, hated it SO much, uninstalled it from my PC and kept playing my regular games. it's just that I can't get 'addicted' to a game, except for Street fighter.


screw the nintendo. they dont rule any games except for little kids. 8 to 9 year olds.

that' swhat that wii is all about. cartman liked it. he's only 9, 10 year sold. Lol
Wii is directly pointed to the casual gamers, who aren't too fond with games, and play it from time to time. yeah, it DOES have a lot of great exclusive titles, and they are a must-buy to me, but comparing the 3 new consoles in terms of Full HD capability Outstanding graphics and excellent outcome, Wii does not stand a chance. It is still got fun games. Mario, Wario, Pokemon -RPG for god sake-, Zelda, Metroid, all of these are great sequels from Nintendo, not to mention what the 3rd party companies will bring us -aka Capcom, Konami and the rest.
Long story short; Wii -IMO- is a sub-console. meaning, my main console is the 360, and when I'm in a mood for some fun and stuff, Wii's gonna play it's role.

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