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Tala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond reputeTala has a reputation beyond repute

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  1. Zanahoria_Picante
    Huh. That's strange. No, I'm pretty sure I got your second PM; I just have been slacking a bit in interwebs responses the past couple of days. I'll respond after this, though. ;)

    Ah, genetics. *Sigh* Just from experiences in BBG, I can only imagine how much fun you're having right now! I mean, it is fascinating in its way--but perhaps almost *too* fascinating in its "other" way (as in its "perplexingly convoluted" way). Best of luck with that. o.O

    "For what" class are you studying genetics?

    Heh--I can imagine. In fact, I don't really have to because I had almost the exact same "schedule" the other day (save for I was sleeping the entire stretch, from about 3AM until 7PM)... because I had a horrific migraine. But you're not used to such madness at all; so, the mild incoherency is *quite* understandable. O.O

    Mmm! I shall now go respond to your PM. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  2. Zanahoria_Picante
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-theletterm-mMMM! ;)

    Wow! You were quite busy!

    Well, not many, considering I am a leprechaun. *Confrontational stare*
  3. Christian
    There is no snow left in my region since the middle of January. The first flowers to break through here are snowdrops, followed by crocuses.

    "Tulpen" is right :D

    Yea.. we have to be more careful with our stalkings..

    (Hehe, I guess your German is much better then my English ^_^ ))
  4. Zanahoria_Picante
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Clover-able! Thank you, Shelbydoo! ;D

    I shall "fashion" you something in return--later! (Like...when I'm not about to get ...however many hours of sleep I'm going to get now. Not many. )

    But thank you! ;D How many leprechauns did you... *ponderous head jiggle* ...battle today?
  5. Christian
    No one likes me.. *buhuhu* ;-)

    Der Frühling fängt gerade an, die ersten Krokusse sind auch schon da. :D

    Thanks for the visitor message ^_^
  6. Crembrandt1606
    That's right! I'm not here for debates and such, but for the "light-hearted" side of things! ;)

    Thank you!!
  7. Crembrandt1606
    Hi Shelabaloo!! I just joined! ;D
  8. Zanahoria_Picante
    Ha! How could I not like that? It's perfection! ;;;;;D (Quintuple wink--mostly because the word "quintuple" is inherently funny....)

    Heh, I actually sensed that was the case, somehow, but either way could not refrain from commenting. What a thing! ;P

    Hup hup...Huuuuu! Hup hup hup--fly, you fools! <8-O>>>

    (My "Glyphdalf" simply is not as epic.)

    Yes, I have long known of your closet Gandalfanaticism; perhaps you should have kept your shrines secreter...and safer. *Knowing eyes*
  9. Zanahoria_Picante
    Haha! That is the most amazing thing ever!

    And here you have it very secret, very safe on your own visitor messages. Good thing I stalk you, otherwise I may not have "caught" this. ;D
  10. Tala


    Hup hup huuuuuu!


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