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Pittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond reputePittielynn has a reputation beyond repute

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sweet, funny and down-right CUTE!

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  1. Zanahoria_Picante
    Gosh to goodness! That is terrifying!! And yet...strangely...entrancing... *Stares with awed disgust* for you:



  2. foxyphoenix
    Newts are a specific subfamily of aquatic salamander:
    Urodele (salamanders) --> Salamandridae ("true" salamanders and newts) --> Pleurodelinae (newts)
  3. foxyphoenix
    It helps when you know the Family that newts are in, and can search on government pages for records of the species in New Brunswick. We actually just talked about these guys in herpetology today, they have a pretty cool life cycle. The eggs are laid in water and hatch into an aquatic larvae (this is usual for urodeles--the salamanders). Next, though, depending on environmental conditions it either metamorphoses into an aquatic adult or a "red eft" (the form you saw) that is terrestrial. The red eft eventually metamorphoses into the aquatic adult phase. It's the only species of amphibian to alter metamorphosis like this. =)
    The red eft stage does have toxic skin (that's why it's so brightly colored), but unless your pal ate it he's fine.
  4. foxyphoenix
    I believe it is a common Eastern newt (also known as the Red Spotted Newt), Notophthalmus viridescens.
    The pictures in the wikipedia are all of the juvenile stage, which looks quite different than your adult specimen, but here is a better one:

  5. foxyphoenix
    Do you have a picture? If not, just tell me everything you remember, including whether it was on dry land, wet land, water, whether its skin was wet or dry, whether its skin was bumpy or smooth, etc.

    I should be able to help you though. =)
  6. notlob
    Wow... so much has changed in the world of AS... must get used to this...
  7. Zanahoria_Picante
    Hmmm. How odd indeed! O.O

    Perhaps Almost Smart, being in part a bunch of assorted numbers, prefers "pi" (as in 3.1415926535897932384626433832795..., of course!) over any sort of implied, Spanish spiciness. Or maybe it just is mean and likes making people sad. *Pokes AS in its digital ribs and laughs vindictively*
  8. EmperorChaos
    Remember that time I traced you and determined where you live and what school you went to? That's how.

    Also, I'm a wizard.
  9. EmperorChaos
    I still want to call you sometime... to speak to a real live Canadian and not a Canadian impersonator as has so often been the case.
  10. Funk*Sonic*7
    If it's extra grease you want, it's extra grease you'll get.
    As long as you don't feed it to your platoon...that would slow them down.

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  • About Pittielynn
    Real Name
    I am currently a Lieutenant in the Canadian Army.

    I specialize in the training and scheduling.

    I was brought to AS by Spadetje, and I have loved it here ever since...

    I am cool, funny, random, and full of surprises. Just talk to me and find out!
    Stalking Zanahoria_Picante

    I also love snowboarding, abseiling, Sea Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Canoeing, Bouldering, Orienteering, shooting, and any anything else that can happen in the great outdoors.

    I also enjoy rope skipping, but I no longer compete.
    DND - Canadian Army
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    Favorite Bands
    Queen, Garbage, Death Cab For Cutie, Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, Lifehouse, Pearl Jam, U2, Panic! at the disco, Tears For Fears, Flock of Sea Gulls, etc.
    Favorite Movies
    Easy A, Fight Club, The Day After Tomorrow, Twilight, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, A Walk To Remember, Harry Potter, etc.
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    "Be strong while it's hard and laugh at it after it's over. You just gotta live." - Spadetje

    All along I believed I would find you.
    Time has brought your heart to me,
    I have loved you for a thousand years.
    I'll love you for a thousand more...
    ...One step closer.

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