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  1. Tala
    Awesome! Of course, nearly the same time zone is still 2 hours off of Maine, but I suppose it's much closer than Deutschland! Anywho, welcome to the States yet again :D Are you tired from such a long flight/flights?

    Damariscota has not yet been visited, though I do have two weeks off between the end of classes and when I leave Maine...

    I just finished 8pg. research paper for my neurobiology class *Iisbraindead*. Tomorrow I give a presentation at a symposium and then I'm done with my undergraduate degree!! Yay! (at least I'm pretty stoked about it..) :D

    I tried logging onto the IRC chat but I couldn't get to the usual page it would previously take me to. It wouldn't give me the option to enter #AlmostSmart. Go figure, one of the few times I realize we're online at the same time and I can't get the chat to work -_-'

    Sadly, it is now bed time since I need to get up early for my presentation. Goodnight from 2000mi of land away :)
  2. Tala
    Hallo! I'm still in Maine for another few weeks, and then there's the long 3-day roadtrip to get back home. Spring has alas finally arrived in Maine, as seen by the too-warm-for-snow-but-too-cold-to-be-comfortable weather. It's foggy, rainy, and cold. *However!* the leaves are growing on the trees now! Greenery is good :D. Since spring finally came here, it must be nearly summer by you already

    Sadly, I fear a ZP fan club couldn't manifest outside of the interwebs. 'Twill be a very busy summer for us Wisconsinites, what with the cheese planting, tending, harvesting, preparing, and consuming, traveling, weddings, and other such essential matters. Buuuut, we could have a ZP fan club IRC chat convention? We can wear orange, eat coffee-flavored cheesecake, and gaze at pictures of our favorite cows in her honor! If only our group hideout hadn't been found, we could have sent out the invitations there!

    Are you excited for your trip to CO? That's coming up soon, right?
  3. Tala
    Lucky. Usually that's the case at school too, but for whatever reason we ended up with a 2m snowbank in our backyard this year and to my knowledge, it's still there (though I'm in New York now, so it could be gone for all I know).

    Nah, my German is ok. I haven't had any German language instruction or been in a German-speaking country in a good 5 years, so I've forgotten a lot of nouns and some verbs since then. I do use online translators for some of what I write on here; they don't teach us words like "anpirschenden" in school . And your English is nearly perfect on here!

    So what's the next plan with the stalking? Now that she found the group, how can we stalkers unite to share our common interest??
  4. Tala
    Nah, they're just jealous of your mad photo-graphy skillz ;)

    Ganz toll! :D Wir haben noch veil Schnee in Maine :( aber die Tulips (Tulpen?) sind jetzt blühen! :D

    I had to look up what Krokusse are. I don't think we have them here (at least not in Maine or Wisconsin). Here the tulips are basically the first flowers to break through the snow/ground. They were a very welcomed sight after such a long winter!

    Ich kann nicht glauben, dass unsere anpirschenden Pläne entdeckt wurden!

    (I hope that was coherent )
  5. Tala
    You haven't had a visitor message since December; that makes this overdue.

    Wie gehts? Ist es Frühling jetzt im Deutschland? :)
  6. Tala
    Frohe Weihnachten! :D
  7. Zanahoria_Picante
    Merry Christmas to you, as well! ;)

    What did Santa bring ye?
  8. Zanahoria_Picante
    Hehe, thank you for the back-welcoming!

    The welcome-backing.

    ...Thank you! ;D
  9. Zanahoria_Picante
    Heh, you know there's trouble when you're making someone's first name plural. ;D

    If there were two of me, would ...I have the same mind in two bodies? Or... two, independent minds? Would "we" be forced to do the same things all the time? I think I have the right to know! ;D
  10. Bamcubz
    Have always been impressed by you. Intelligent, artistic, caring and just a very well rounded individual. You are not all full of talk or of yourself. You say you will do something - help with the floods - and you do it. Mild manner and seem like would be friends with just about anyone. Just though I'd let you know, two thumbs up.


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