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  1. Zanahoria_Picante
    Heeeeelllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo! ;)

    Hmmmm! "Pondersome," indeed! Do you have a generic "winter ferret" that you can use?

    That's good that you'll be finals-free and that you're finally almost done with your apps. Not so enjoyable with the presentations; that's always obnoxious when it's arranged that way, with one project counting for so much. <:/ What schools did you end up applying to?

    Things are going okay; 'twill be rather stressful the next two days starting at 5AM again, meaning we have to get up at 4AM. And I'll get out at 2PM, whereas the *last* two nights that I worked I *started* at 2PM, got out at 10PM. *Sigh* Impossible. Thankfully, I don't have any more of those insanely early shifts coming up after that; they're pretty much the worst.

    That "smell-able" thing, with the lotion, keeps coming up, by the way. Good times. :D
  2. Zanahoria_Picante
    *Sniff* Helloo, Shelbydoo!

    Random, but... your Avatar is *supposed* to be the Christmas ferret now, right? Because it is. Just so you know.

    How goes the schoolin'? *Ineffectual wink*
  3. Zanahoria_Picante

    Harry Potter.
  4. Zanahoria_Picante
  5. Christian
    Merry Christmas!
  6. Zanahoria_Picante
    WELL. You know the "change" that's going on wit' me; the department-switch and things. *Sigh* Mixed feelings about that still; will miss the people, will NOT miss the work even slightly, not even the most masochistic corner of my soul. The *obscenely* early starts, however (5AM)--not really looking forward to that, as you can imagine. It will definitely take some adjustments. But yes. Things are good here, in Cheese Land. ;) And my clone is immersed in her many artings, of course, including making some *lovely* progress on the chair. So yes, it's good. How are things in Stephen King Ville? ;)
  7. Zanahoria_Picante
    Mm! Thank you for thinking so, Shelbydoo! I will do my best. ;)

    I know that word (sesquipedant) has something to do with word-love? Question mark? Or long words? (...definition fail.)

    Onomatopoeic as? ;D

    M! Alaska shots would be wonderful! Heh...nature-oriented. But that just seems to be what we do: Wander into the natural wilds and photograph things. But yes, you should post some various and assorted stuff, as well as The 'Ska. Just a whole... ... ...cornucopia of photos. Yes. <:)

    Well, whencesoever you post, I look forward to seeing your snappings (I hope that doesn't sound wrong [it does, doesn't it?]....)

    (To be continued....)
  8. Zanahoria_Picante
    Ohhhhhhhhh right! That's pretty funny! ;D The meter is, in fact, pretty much the same. Haha. ;p

    Hehehe, okay, then! I shall try my best, but I do doubt my ability to conjure up ponder-ables ponder-able enough to ponder. But I shall try. ;D

    Heh. "Obsequious as"? "Whimsical as"? "Cheesy as"? ;D

    Hmmmm. What kind of older stuff do you have? Perhaps you could do some sort of mixture of things? Ha, no, don't get yourself arrested now! I'm not sure it would be worth it, necessarily...but yes, you should post some other, non-whale shots sometime! That would be lovely to see some of your pho-tos, as well! ;)
  9. Zanahoria_Picante
    O' course! I am saddened by my inability to get that reference--it sounds painfully familiar. <:S

    Mmm, thank you for Facebooking! The problem is, I fear my letter will not be as impressive and read-able as yours. <:)

    I like that English-/Australian-ism, "funny as." "Simple as." "" Good (as). :)

    You should post! I would like to see some of your photos, if not on here, then on Facebook (but I'm sure Christian would like to see them, as well). I've only seen a few of them on your camera, but that's just not the same as seeing them on a "big screen." But yes, if time allows, you should! ;)
  10. Zanahoria_Picante
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! M, m, m! M! Thanks for the rep, Shelbydoo! ;D If you like, I could send you some *real* to-mah-toes, but I'm not sure how well they would fare the journey upon the backs of snails...

    *Speaking* of which--could you PM or Facebook your new address to me, ple's'? I still have that *parchment*, and I would like to actually send out that letter to you some day. <:D If somehow (quite likely) you do not see this, I shall ask ye via ...other... means. >:D

    On a less menacing note, are you going to share any of your photos soon, in some form? ;)

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