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Because to stalk is to love.
6 4 41 0
5 2 3 0
The Opposite of AS Gods, featuring the avatar of the demon Asmodeus. This group is superior to all other AS groups, past, present, and future. Everyone is permitted to submit an application to join but, as it is moderated, not just anyone will be accepted.
33 7 89 7
Because being "cool" just isn't enough
11 2 9 0
We come to AS with the sole purpose of pissing YOU off! Because you create unbearablely awfull threads, we are tasked with ending them. We will flame you. We will take your threads off-topic. My pick is sharp and my will outstanding! We are the agents of change and our wrath is the wake about to befall you!
7 5 17 1
A club for people that are crunching down at random places for ages, just to take a photo..
6 2 8 0
You aren't cool unless you're in this club ! <invite only>
17 2 12 0
Membership of people who are gods (and goddess's) on Almost Smart. ::Apply within
8 3 26 0
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