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Are there any rules I should follow?
Yes, the board rules can be found here.

What are those green dots by members' names?
That is the member's reputation. You can give or take away from a member's reputation by rating posts that you like or dislike.

To learn more about reputation and how it works click here.

What is reputation and how does it work?
Reputation is like karma. It shows how much a member is respected by other members. Every member starts off with 10 reputation points and one . For every 100 reputation points you get another of reputation.

Anyone can give (or even take away) reputation. In fact, this is a great way to tell someone "thanks" instead of just creating a post. To rate any post, just click on this icon: . Your rating and comment will appear in that user's control panel, and the appropriate number of reputation points will be added or subtracted from their total.

The amount of reputation you can give or take away is calculated on the fly and is dependant on several factors. You can calculate your power using this formula:

Add 1 point of reputation-altering power for every 200 days registered.
Add 1 point of reputation-altering power for every 500 posts.
Add 1 point of reputation-altering power for every 400 reputation points.

There are some other caveats to reputation:

You must have 10 posts before you can have reputation power.
You must have 10 reputation points before you can have reputation power.
You can give a maximum of 20 ratings per day.
You must rate 3 different people before your power will count on the same person again.

If you hover over a user's reputation you will see a description. Here are all of the descriptions and their corresponded minimum reputation level:

below -100: User is infamous around these parts.
-100: User needs to be punished.
-50: User can only hope to improve.
-10: User has a little shameless behavior in the past.
0: User is an unknown quantity at this point.
10: User is on a distinguished road.
25: User has made a few great posts.
50: User should be rewarded.
75: User will become famous soon enough.
100: User is just really nice.
150: User is doing great.
200: User has a spectacular aura about.
250: User is a jewel in the rough.
300: User is a knight of Almost Smart.
350: User is on the road to immortality.
400: User is a glorious beacon of light.
500: User is a name known to all.
650: User is a splendid one to behold.
850: User is respected by all.
1000: User is divine.
1500: User is an Almost Smart god.
2000: User has a reputation beyond repute.

Why are some reputation dots white?
Sometimes when someone rates a post you made a white dot (looks like this ) appears next to it instead of a red or green dot. This means at the time the person rated you they had no reputation altering power. It doesn't matter if it was positive or negative because it didn't add or subtract anything from your reputation score. You will have to judge by their comment which they selected.

There are several reasons why the person could have had no power. The most common is they are either a very new member (just registered) or have a negative reputation themselves.

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