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  1. Christian
    So you're back in Maine? How's the autumn over there? Must be lovely from what I know of pictures.
    How was your vacation in 'Sconsin?

    I'm not done with school now, unfortunatelly. I still have to go through a few exams and my thesis.
  2. Tala
    Hallo! I'm doing pretty well. I've just started graduate school and I'm still getting used to how things are run around here. It's been exciting but sort of overwhelming, if you know what I mean. I come on enough, I just don't stay long or post very much anymore. I'm on long enough to see if the place is still standing and that EC hasn't initiated dictatorship over AS. Sadly there aren't many topics that interest me on AS anymore :/

    How have you been? Are you done with school now? Anything exciting happening in Deutschland? :)
  3. Christian
    Hi! How are you? Didn't see you on here for a while.
  4. Christian
    Sorry that it took me so long, Yellowstone was way too fascinating.

    Seems all of you guys will be pretty busy this summer. ZP has a brother? Wow, he's hiding good behind her aura, I didn't even knew she has one. How old is he? You have Auto-racing events that go all summer? Huh?
    I guess you can sleep when you're dead.. but: Does it count as sleep if you can't weak up? *rubs chin and eats a celery*

    How is/was New York? Never been there but seen it from above two times. I guess I fancy much more for Chicago anyways.
    I re-discovered an old game a few days ago I loved to play many many years ago: Midtown Madness 1. There you can race through downtown Chicago, it was so much fun: link

    The weather turned out to be much better then we thought it will be. It still was cold but there wasn't rain or snow, we even had some sun in the morning hours and at the evenings.

    Foxy just graduated there.

    How was your graduation?
  5. Tala
    Indeed schade* (spelling is not my strong point...). ZP's brother is getting married this summer. To go with the wedding are the bridal shower and other preparation events. There's also graduation parties for myself and numerous friends from high school. I also have auto racing events that go on all summer. ZP, her clone, and myself are all working as well. You can sleep when you're dead, right?

    I did go into the city one day to see central park and a broadway show. Otherwise I'm staying at my Aunt's house some 2 hours west of the city.

    Thanks. We'll see what happens :)

    That's a shame that the weather has been so bad. Hopefully it will clear up for you! It's been bad in NY too. Last week was great (70 and sunny), but it's supposed to rain all week, including graduation :( What's Foxy doing in LA?

    Coming from the infamously late responder herself, 'sok :)
  6. Christian
    Yea, very schade, very schade. ...err, wait a second. Weddings? Events? Something must have taken my stalking attention. What did I miss? ^_^

    So you're in New York New York? Or 'just' the state of New York? Too bad you couldn't visit it, but well, maybe some other time. I'm still not sure if it even was worth visiting or not, it's hard to say from a webcam I looked at so many years ago.

    I wish you so much luck with that program thingy, I'm sure you'll make it.

    There weren't too many exciting things, unfortunately the weather changed to be cold and cloudy what canceled(?) us a few possible trips, into the mountains for example. Foxy always had been the guarantor for exciting trips and experiences no matter what, but she is still in LA. Sucks, but well..

    We'll drive to Yellowstone tomorrow and will stay there till Friday before our vacations end on Saturday.

    (I'm so sorry for the late response )
  7. Tala
    I'm sure the Queen was a bit busy all by her onesie to share the hono(u)r of having tea with you ;)

    I'm in New York now, so I won't be traveling much around Maine anymore. Too bad I couldn't visit for you!

    I graduate with a bachelors of science. I hope to go to graduate school to get a masters and eventually PhD, but first I need to get into a highly competitive program where only like 1 in 100 students will get in. I've applied to some programs and hopefully I can get in, but if not then I'll do a year long internship and re-apply next year.

    The presentation went really well and the judges all liked it. Yay! :)

    That is too bad about not meeting. Like I said, this summer is really busy for ZP's family and me, with weddings, events, and working. It just wouldn't be worth you coming here with all of us being too occupied or out of town to meet up. Shade!

    How's CO? I see your sister already graduated and you've been out hiking. Anything else exciting?
  8. Christian
    Yea, I was pretty much done after the 11 hours flight with a 4 hour stop in London (No, we didn't have enough time to have a tea with the queen, unfortunately).

    Mh, so.. will you take a tour to there? Damariscote looks lovely from a few thousand miles away but I can't say if it's really worth such a trip.

    Congratulations!! How did it go? What are you doing afterwards? (I#m not exactly sure what an undergraduate degree is, sounds somehow like to be the half to be finished? Not sure tho..)

    I haven't been in the chat for a while either and had some problems to log into it via that site, too.. some time ago. It just didn't want to load on my tiny web-book. I'll give it another try some when.

    How did your presentation go?

    Good morning from 2000 mi away, must be something around 8AM right now.. (Hard to say without a clock and being in the basement ^^)

    Just to bed we (all) didn't manage to meet, I guess the for of us, You, Rachael plus her clone and I would have had tons of fun :D
  9. Tala
    Awesome! Of course, nearly the same time zone is still 2 hours off of Maine, but I suppose it's much closer than Deutschland! Anywho, welcome to the States yet again :D Are you tired from such a long flight/flights?

    Damariscota has not yet been visited, though I do have two weeks off between the end of classes and when I leave Maine...

    I just finished 8pg. research paper for my neurobiology class *Iisbraindead*. Tomorrow I give a presentation at a symposium and then I'm done with my undergraduate degree!! Yay! (at least I'm pretty stoked about it..) :D

    I tried logging onto the IRC chat but I couldn't get to the usual page it would previously take me to. It wouldn't give me the option to enter #AlmostSmart. Go figure, one of the few times I realize we're online at the same time and I can't get the chat to work -_-'

    Sadly, it is now bed time since I need to get up early for my presentation. Goodnight from 2000mi of land away :)
  10. Christian
    I just arrived in Denver, greeting from (nearly) the same time zone :D

    Did you visit Damariscota yet? ^_^

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