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Name: Shane
Handle: Zero
Location: Colorado, USA
Job: None right now
Age: 18
Grade: Freshman in college
AIM: zerodell
Mail: zerodell@hotmail.com
Car: 1990 Toyota Celica, black

[Jan 22, 2003]

Almost Smart has grown to be pretty big since the creation of it a couple years ago.  A lot of crazy stuff has gone on in my life since then, and now I'm in college.  I'm not completely sure what I want to major in.  I thought about computer science at first...but I'm not sure how interesting life will be with sitting in front of a computer.  Anyway, I hope to transfer schools next year, and hopefully I'll figure some things out by then.  Oh yeah - I work at this catering company in Denver, so that provides for some interesting things happening to me every once in a while...I'm usually stoned most of the time.  I tend to think of stories for books/movies a lot, and I like to write.  I also play bass, usually in some sort of band with my friends.  Ehh...this is sounding like a personal or something, so if you want to let me know what you think of the site/me/anything, send me an e-mail.



I started using the internet back in say....'97-'98 or so. I decided my handle would be Zero, because that was just too cool, and made my AOL Screen Name "Zero007X". After seeing a "prog" on aol, it got my really interested. I downloaded Visual Basic 4 (WAREZ of course) and proceeded to find help files, and try to learn it. After a while (and many programs later) I found that the things I liked most in making the program were designing the interfaces and showing off the few features that actually worked. Later on I decided that making websites would be more exciting than making failed AOL programs. Me and some friends decided we would make a fortune designing websites, etc. Well, after many, MANY tries it never seemed to work. So in late '99 I just started creating personal sites, seeing how they were really popular at the time (E/N sites). I thought I was so good that I would order my own domain (www.zsystem.net) and make a kick design (which I did). After my site was seemingly a success, me and my friend Eric (Weasel) decided that we would combine sites. We basically had the same idea on both of our sites, but my design was better! :) . Anyway, we came up with this crazy ass site and there you go. Oh and Cloud Nine - I've known him since third grade and he lives in Oklahoma now. I actually went to visit him in the summer of 2000, it was crazy. Anyway, if you would like to stalk me or tell me how good you think the site is (or lack thereof), then drop me an e-mail.


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