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Name: Eric W.
Handle: Weasel
Location: Colorado, USA
Job: 1. None currently, I'm enjoying summer.
2. Fixing Zero's fuxored code.
Age: 22
Car: 1987 Toyota Camry (Brown). Has MP3 and slashdot stickers, and a Linux fish ;)

I pretty much grew up with computers, considering my dad was in to that stuff. I think the first computer I used was an old AT&T 286...probably had about a 22 MB HD. I got AOL 3.0 around the same time as Zero...those were the good old days when you could still punt people, and people collected MIDIs instead of MP3s. I learned HTML shortly afterwards and made my first webpage, it can still be viewed at http://weasel526.tripod.com/. Since then I have made many designs but finally ended up settling on Almost Smart. While making all these sites I was learning how to use CGI and SSI, and I've taught myself a little perl and PHP on the side. During my sophomore year at Grandview HS I took the intro C++ class, and since then I have been interested in programming. I'm currently taking the advanced placement c++ class at my school, and next year I might consider getting my Cisco certification or something like that, considering I will have taken all the computer courses at school. As far as work goes, the only job I've had was creating chaos at the Parade of Homes last summer. I may get another job as soon as next semester starts in a month or two.

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