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Get to know...
Name: Josh S.
Handle: Cloud Nine
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Job: Get'n Burnt & Having Sex... oh, and i work at Sonic.
Age: 18
AIM: i cloud nine i
Mail: cloud@almostsmart.com
Car: 1992 Jeep Cherokee. Royal Blue. Sticker says: "Normal People Worry Me."
Recommended Status Of Patient: Sedated with restraints.

Started Using the net back in '97 or so, became a regular menace to AOL, got banned three times for vulgarity, hacking and password theft. Finally got permanatly banned for life when they found out that i'd been a "cerver", porn spammer, password heist specialist, progg designer, and a few other things... i don't think the AOL rep. who called my house liked me very much.

Got into webpage design in early '99, been hooked on html ever since... FYI, i'm not as "webdesign nerdy" as eric or shane (no offense, fellas)...

no, no, i'm here to provide you all with wack-ass stories about me and the troubles i have in this strange world... i mean, it s bad enough that i have ADHD, short/nonexistant attention span, and an urge for death/destruction/chaos, then i have to deal with SOCIETY... sickness...
thank god i didn't "fall into the gap".
- don't worry peeps, i'm just another
who's gone a -bit- "FRUIT LOOPSY"!
Evaluation Notes: Keep subject away from alcohol, narcotics, females, and sharp objects.

Pictures, etc

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