Woman arrested after altercation with U.S. Congressman David Kustoff By Funk*Sonic*7 (May 11, 2017)
Lefty tries to murder Congressman David Kustoff for his vote to repeal Obamacare, because you know... "acceptance" and "tolerance"....

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Baby Dinosaur's Feathered Tail Found in 99 Million Year Old Amber By foxyphoenix (December 8, 2016)

In 2015, Lida Xing was visiting a market in northern Myanmar when a salesman brought out a piece of amber about the size of a pink rubber eraser. Inside, he could see a couple of ancient ants and a fuzzy brown tuft that the salesman said was a plant.

As soon as Xing saw it, he knew it wasn't a plant. It was the delicate, feathered tail of a tiny dinosaur.

"I have studied paleontology for more than 10 years and have been interested in dinosaurs for more than 30 years. But I never expected we could find a dinosaur in amber. This may be the coolest find in my life," says Xing, a paleontologist at China University of Geosciences in Beijing. "The feathers on the tail are so dense and regular, this is really wonderful."

He persuaded the Dexu Institute of Palaeontology to buy the artifact.

After analyzing the delicate tail, Xing and his colleagues in China, the U.K. and Canada now have an idea of what type of dinosaur it is, and of the evolutionary clues it holds. Their research was published Thursday in the journal Current Biology...
Continue reading: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-w...ces-in-myanmar
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Baseball sucks By psychoDiablo (November 12, 2016)
Apparently not everyone hates Donnie more than Hillary lol. What does anyone really expect? The only thing I can think that sucked about Obama was having to sign up for healthcare. Otherwise if you didn't you'd be fined. Anyways, I forgot I was here to make fun of Funk sonic because I think he wanted HIllary to win or whatever. Yeah eat it. I didn't vote him or her. My friend voted for john cena. I chose....
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I'll just leave this here... By 1337 (November 3, 2016)
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Wait a second.... By psychoDiablo (October 4, 2016)


Dont listen to whatever was just posted before this. That fool has no clue as to what he's saying nor is there any reason why he was let out.
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Case Closed - Kim Davis Has Won the Fight for Religious Freedom Aug 19, 2016 By Funk*Sonic*7 (August 19, 2016)
"ASHLAND, KY -- Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has won the fight for religious freedom after a federal judge issued an order dismissing all three 2015 marriage license lawsuits against her yesterday.


U.S. Judge David Bunning dismissed in their entirety, Miller v. Davis, Ermold v. Davis and Yates v. Davis, which brings to an end the trial proceedings against her arising from the 2015 Obergefell decision.

Despite the ACLU’s attempt to continue the case against Kim Davis and assess damages against her, the federal district court dismissed the case, closed the files and ordered all the pending cases to be removed from the docket.

Davis, represented by Liberty Counsel, spent six days in jail last year for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex "couples" in violation of her right to freedom of conscience. Davis would not issue the licenses, because they had her name and authority on them.

As a result, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed an executive order creating one marriage license form, which does not require the county clerk’s name and title. The Kentucky General Assembly made Governor Bevin’s changes permanent with a bill that passed the State House with a 97-0 vote followed by a 36-0 vote in the State Senate. Bevin said his signature on the unanimous bipartisan legislation brought “statutory finality to the marriage license dilemma.”

“Kim Davis has won! We celebrate this victory for her and for every American,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. "County clerks are now able to perform their public service without being forced to compromise their religious liberty.

The case is now closed and the door has been shut on the ACLU’s attempt to assess damages against Kim Davis.

This victory is not just for Kim Davis. It is a victory for everyone who wants to remain true to their deeply-held religious beliefs regarding marriage, while faithfully serving the public,” said Staver.

Liberty Counsel is an international nonprofit, litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family since 1989, by providing pro bono assistance and representation on these and related topics."


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What Gianna Jessen Lived Through By Funk*Sonic*7 (August 11, 2016)
See and listen to Gianna's testimony here...

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How to Sabotage the GOP once in for all... By Funk*Sonic*7 (August 10, 2016)
find out how in just over 3 minutes....

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Trump's Assassination Dog Whistle By Madre (August 9, 2016)

Anybody who votes for this dangerous man is as crazy as he is!

"One day after his widely discussed "reboot" in which he did nothing more than read basic Republican economic talking points from a teleprompter, Donald Trump uttered perhaps his most outrageous – and dangerous – ad-lib yet. And that's saying something for a campaign in which he's criticized John McCain for being a prisoner of war, characterized Mexicans as rapists, called for banning Muslims from coming into the country, picked a fight with a Gold Star family and urged Russia to hack his political opponent.

Speaking to a crowd in Wilmington, North Carolina, Tuesday, Trump expressed concern about Hillary Clinton possibly picking Supreme Court justices and other judges. He then said, "If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know."

Let that soak in for a second. One of the two major-party nominees for president just called for "Second Amendment people" to "do" something about his political opponent's judges. According to the Trump campaign's rapid response team, he was talking about those "Second Amendment people" coming together politically – "unification," as they called it. The Clinton campaign, and pretty much the entire Internet, saw it differently: as a clear suggestion of violence against a political opponent.

It's hard not to side with the Clinton campaign here. What Trump said was that a particular group – those who are defined by rallying around guns – should do something about Clinton and her judicial nominees. What can people who rally around guns do that's different than others? Use those guns.

But it's really irrelevant what Trump actually meant, because enough people will hear Trump's comments and think he's calling for people to take up arms against Clinton, her judges or both. Though most of the people hearing that call may claim he was joking, given what we know about people taking up arms in this country, there will undoubtedly be some people who think he was serious and consider the possibility.

In other words, what Trump just did is engage in so-called stochastic terrorism. This is an obscure and non-legal term that has been occasionally discussed in the academic world for the past decade and a half, and it applies with precision here. Stochastic terrorism, as described by a blogger who summarized the concept several years back, means using language and other forms of communication "to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable."

Let's break that down in the context of what Trump said. Predicting any one particular individual following his call to use violence against Clinton or her judges is statistically impossible. But we can predict that there could be a presently unknown lone wolf who hears his call and takes action in the future.

Stated differently: Trump puts out the dog whistle knowing that some dog will hear it, even though he doesn't know which dog.

Those of us who work against anti-abortion violence unfortunately know all about this. Valerie Tarico wrote about this form of terrorism following the Planned Parenthood murders in Colorado Springs last November. The pattern she noted there is 100 percent applicable to Donald Trump and his supporters right now – except that we haven't yet had the major act of violence at the end of the string. As Tarico wrote:

"1. A public figure with access to the airwaves or pulpit demonizes a person or group of persons.
2. With repetition, the targeted person or group is gradually dehumanized, depicted as loathsome and dangerous—arousing a combustible combination of fear and moral disgust.
3. Violent images and metaphors, jokes about violence, analogies to past 'purges' against reviled groups, use of righteous religious language—all of these typically stop just short of an explicit call to arms.
4. When violence erupts, the public figures who have incited the violence condemn it—claiming no one could possibly have foreseen the 'tragedy.'"

This explains Donald Trump's campaign against Hillary Clinton to a letter. He has 1) demonized her whenever he can by calling her "Crooked Hillary" and constantly degrading her; 2) organized a convention around which the central theme, repeated over and over, was that Clinton is a criminal who needs to be locked up, clearly using fear and moral disgust as motivators; and 3) is now using violent metaphors (or "jokes," if that's what you think his statements were) against her, just short of an explicit call to arms.

Now we just have to hope that #4 doesn't come about – that violence does not erupt. Though, if it does, we know exactly what Trump and his supporters will say: that they never could have foreseen this tragedy.

In the world I'm most familiar with, the world of anti-abortion violence, we see this again and again from leaders of the anti-abortion movement. Tarico's post linked above is one example. This cartoon, drawn following Dr. George Tiller's assassination in 2009 (and dug up Tuesday by Michelle Kinsey Bruns), is another perfect illustration.

Following Trump's comments, we all have to hope (and, if it's your cup of tea, pray) that it doesn't come to this – that the lone wolves out there don't read this as urging someone to take the next step in the cycle.

Because what Trump has done is clear: He has incited violence against Hillary Clinton and/or her judges, even if he doesn't know exactly who will carry that violence out."
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Hillary LIED, People Died! By Funk*Sonic*7 (August 7, 2016)
Where are the "Hillary Lied, People Died!" crowd on the left?

Iranian nuclear scientist executed. Was mentioned in Hillary''s emails that should of been classified.



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